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HellView game page

point & click / walking simulator in Hell
Submitted by ahintoflime (@ahintoflime) — 2 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline

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Fuck This Jam

I've made a game in a genre I hate and told Rami on twitter about it


I've made rms proud and released my projects' source code under a free license

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Very mysterious game. I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from this jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Awesome!  You rock Jupiter.


Pretty weird stuff. Cool graphics and gotta hate clowns!


Personally I'm neutral on clowns.  Thanks for playing!


Really nice graphics! Did you use real pictures as base or drew them from scratch? Love the mood of the game also!


Yes!  The 'scenes' were made from photographs which I altered digitally.  I used a mixture of photos I had taken and public domain stuff from the New York Public Library's digital archives--- it was  great resource.  I did tweak them by hand and draw in some stuff, but I'm not a good enough artist to draw so much!  Thanks so much for playing.


There are a lot of memorable scenes in this game, and it's well worth the few minutes it takes to experience it.


Thank you very much Ramifactor!


Didn't really 'get it', but I dig the style :)


Nice. The 1 bit aesthetic worked really nicely. The storytelling was suitably vague. I'll have to give it another go sometime and see where else you can end up.

I also think i recognised the image used for the factory, which was a kind of uncanny valley I haven't experienced before, and it surprised me a little, haha.


Thanks for playing!  There's a small split in the middle but it's fairly linear.  Certain things tweak certain dialog also.

You probably do recognize the factory from a photo-- that was one of the public domain photos I acquired from the NYPL digital archives! It proved a great resource for this game.    Again, thanks for playing!


No worries, as I see it the whole point of these jams is to end up with a heap of games to play and foster some community spirit and actually playing them is pretty important for that, haha :)

I figure for a lot of these jam entries a lot of the magic is in that kind of first "exploratory" playthrough so it being fairly linear is a good thing for efficiency if anything.


You should have seen my notes!  I had it mapped out at one point so there were 4 different paths through the game, then later realized that meant way more work for me and parts of the game would never be seen by players.  And when you're doing a game jam, you can't expect to necessarily get a lot of time dedicated by the player.  I then almost straightened the whole thing out to be 100% linear, but I liked keeping a little split so that you can play it a little differently if you feel compelled to play a second time.  


Hey, this game looks pretty similar to the one I made, rad! We're like inadvertant jam siblings now.


The windows build is even the same size!! Now we're like monozygotic jam twins!


You weren't kidding-- now that's just eerie!  

Looking foward to giving yours a play.  Likely a better "game" than mine (it's pretty short & linear & pointless lol)


Playing yours right now and can confirm that it's already much more interesting than playing my own one as A: I have no idea what's gonna happen next and B: can gather lots of inspiration for how to possibly do things differently than how I would make them work intuitively. In short: I'm having a lot of fun playing your game over here!