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Pretty neat idea, combining tower defense and clicker.

Switching the lanes is pretty cool, I think this game would work really well on mobile, swiping to change the lanes!

@Le6barbare Thank you! =)

A background music would definitely go a long way, wish I had time to search for one, I added sound effects on the very last minute.

Yes that is a bug, probably very easy to fix, that's what happens when you don't have time for testing hehe

Both endings you got are supposed to be bad endings, the good one is a bit trickier ;)

Thanks for playing and giving some feedback!

Great idea and very nice art, would love to see this developed into something deeper (no pun intended hehe)

Clever idea! =)

Also nice color choice!

Nice art! =)

While playing I did not understand how to not run out of water.
Now looking at the gifs seems like it has something to do with the clouds, but they seemed rare.

@Frump That's actually a really good idea, wish I had tought of that >.<
Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!

Really bummed I don't have anyone to play this with me (also no xbox controller), looks like a lot of fun! Hopefully the crew will play this on the show!

@Warmonger Thank you! =D
The initial idea was to have some power up interaction with them, but time ran out and I thought it would be funny to let them in, specially if you translate them. Two ships in a single lane is definitely a bug, sorry about that!

@bollard Thanks! I had a lot of run looking through shitgiantbombsays tumblr to find those quotes, so many good ones! Shift-tab is a great suggestion, i did not think of that! If I have the time I'll update it to add this and fix some of the bugs!

Really great art, solid mechanics, my only complain is that it's hard to tell where exactly I can walk sometimes.

jwang19 It is unfair indeed, I'll try to think of away to make them work. Sorry about the letters, I did not have time to fix that in the end, should be simple, I'll take a look into that!

Thank you for the feedback!

Nice intro!

Wish there was more to the theme (or to giantbomb even) on the gameplay itself

"Press Space to Pew" was pretty good!

Jumping and shooting feels really good, moving in general, more than a lot of commercial games I played.

Alo unable to move here, graphics look nice though

UI seems kinda fucked on my pc, not sure if it's windows 10 fault or the resolution, but some of the UI text is out of the screen, and I did not find the slingshot anywhere.

Too many good jokes in this game! I loved the idea!

Man, this looks amazing, loved the neon! Some really good jokes, and all very polished. Congratz, this is incredible for the amount of time you had!

Btw, how did you make the neon effects?

This plays really well!

My only complain is that the drones are kinda hard to hit, and the jump could be a little bit faster. Great ending also!

Nice character art, also appreciate that every character has its own song!

Really nice graphics and cool concept, wish the gameplay had something else to it though.

Very neat idea!

Also, best hashtag so far!

Thank you Aska! =D

3 Hiragana Ships per game sounds about right!

haha yeah I did hit tab myself by instinct during testing so I decided to put it in! More words are easy to add, it's just that I was so tired by the end (I had only 5 days because I was busy before), that I was out of ideas for more words, might update it later on, if you had any ideas let me know =)

This is my favorite entry so far, pretty good stuff, loved the friendly ghost.

Could not beat the clown game though, waaaay too hard >.<

I killed No Man's Sky, the kerfuffe is over, shut it down!

Pretty cool, but I had problems turning the cannon, tried controller (PS4) and keyboard but ir would not rotate =(

Sorry about that, it's a bug.

There are supposed to be hiragana ships, but they should be same speed as the others (speed varies depending on the lane), and also not very frequent at all =/

Tried using the PS4 joystick and the camera spins nonstop, so I'm unable to play. A shame because it looks pretty cool!

Having problems on windows 10, I open the game and all I see is a white screen and a music playing =(

Snap Quiz is a fast paced quiz featuring more than a hundred questions from 11 categories including movies, books, video games, geography, music, famous quotes and more!

If you have any suggestions for themes or questions, let me know!

The game is also available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 =)

There are 2 words in japanese, so they are not supposed to come by very often. It's kind of a joke really, there's no way to stop those unless you have a japanese keyboard. Initially I was gonna have one of the power ups destroy all ships to use in this situation, but I had no time to do it >.<

Thanks for the feedback =)