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Blackout: The Darkest Night

Hello all!

My name is Robson, I am half of MiniChimera Game Studio, and we are working on an interactive fiction game (or Choose Your Own Adventure) if you want to be more specific called Blackout: The Darkest Night.

The game is coming out soon and you can already pre-order it on itch with a discount. There's also a preview version that you can check out! =)

The gif  has been replaced by a temporary one. Thanks again for the bringing it to my attention!


I've been meaning to replace that gif for a while now, thanks for reminding me, will try to get to it today!

There's no such thing inside the game =)

I know the meaning, I speak portuguese, just curious why you used them.

This looks incredible, how did you achieve the pixelated look?
With more sound effects this could be really scary!

Nice to see a Godot game! =D
I really loved this game, my favorite so far, looks very unassuming from the screenshots. I was very surprised.

Good job with the art and the concept, getting the ball back from the scary neighbor is a very relatable experience for me

Heavy stuff, very poetic, well done. Like what you did with the endings.

I can't get passed the second screen, am I missing something or that's as far as you've done it?
 Really enjoy the sfx and graphics though!

What's up with the portuguese words/sentences?

Really interested in this, the minimalist style is super well done!

Solid runner, really loved the art style, cute and spooky!

Very cool choose your own adventure game! I had to turn off sound because the noise of the letters appearing was too high and became annoying quickly

Good job making the graphics yourself, I've been trying to do it as well, it's pretty hard! I found it a bit hard to play due to the darkness, I know this was the idea of the game but I think many games did this and I never liked it as a mechanic.

Really lovely art and clever idea for the game, congrats!

Wow, you did a lot in such a small amount of time! I really enjoy the dismemberment, specially when the heads go flying.

Fantastic art with a simplistic style. Would definitely play a longer story based game with this vibe! Congrats!

It turned out to be darker than I expected (for one of the endings at least). I like the background image  and how you played with it. Maybe the only thing I could critique is that the 14 year old does not sound like a kid when he speaks.

thanks, will check it!

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Hello again!

July was a bit of a short month for me in terms of gamedev. I took a 9 day vacation since my brother was visiting me, it was very hot and we went to some nice places around Greece. Also spending 9 days away from my computer did wonders for my tendinitis =)

So in the end I managed to dedicate only about 10 hours to Blackout (half the time I usually work on it in a month). I've been trying to increase this time but my life has been a bit chaotic, and also sometimes is very hard to find the strength to work extra hours when you already have a 8h/day programming job. And what did I do with these 10 hours? I almost finished the text revision! In fact, as of writing this, I already did, so I decided (right now as I write this) to change the focus of the post and talk about the revision instead of the CYOA framework I'm using, like I promised on the previous post. I want to do a detailed post about the framework, that's gonna take some time, and the text revision is fresh on my mind since I finished this weekend.

The Revision

It took me almost 50 hours to go through the whole text (around 65k words), making changes in almost every single one of the 600+ passages and also writing a bunch of new ones. I also "translated" the text to twine, as I mentioned in the previous post, separating every chapter as a single twine story, in order to be easier to visualize it.

The so called "chapters" is another point I'd like to talk about. After handwriting the first draft of the story, years ago, I first put it into google docs, and as it still felt convoluted (with things like big numbers "Go to passage 534" or similar passages with weird numeration "Go to passage 41.2"), I decided to divide the story in Chapters. Well it seemed very easy and straightforward to do that, since the story spreads across several different locations I could simply make every location a different chapter: Alley, Taxi, Hospital...

All good.

The Problem

But what about the names of the chapters? I had kept the location itself as the name at first, but as we approached the preview version release, I tried to come up with better names. It proved to be a very hard task, first because what the character does in each chapter can vary a lot. If you played the preview (The Alley), you probably know you can have an encounter with cops (which can go many different ways); you can find some weird stuff in the alley; you can also see none of that and just leave.

The second thing is I can't do numbered chapters either, because the order of the chapter changes depending on your choices, so it would be kind of weird if one person's chapter 2 was the hospital, and other's was the taxi.

So when we released the preview version, this is what the "chapter select" screen looked like.

The Solution

So, how to solve this? I've come to realize that most of the times in game development, we're the ones who create the problems, specially when it's something related to the design of the game.

What is the problem? Chapters.

Who said we need to have chapters? Well, I did.

And what if we just... get rid of them? But... Ahm... Actually, that might work!

As simple as that. I created the chapters to organize the text, but the game itself does not benefit from it. The game is designed to be played in a single sitting, it does not need long break points. Also, we have a map inside the game, that will take care of conveying the transition of the character through the locations (and also show the stats for how many passages the player visited in that determined location)

Of course the decision might not be as easy in every game, but I've come to this realization recently while working on another game with a friend (still in early design state), most of the problems we tended to dwell on were arbitrary rules that were either created by ourselves or by other games of the genre, once we learned to break our own rules the design work started to flow and the game became much more interesting

That's it for today! I'll be taking 2 weeks of vacations this month to go to Brazil, so next month's post will probably be mostly about the blackout framework.



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Monthly report - June.

Between E32018 and the World Cup, June has been a month full of distractions, specially since I make my  makes on my free time.

Despite that, I still managed to get a good amount done, and a very important part of Blackout, even though it might not be the most exciting: text revision. It has been a long time since I wrote it, and some of the later chapters have never undergone a true revision.

In order to make this task easier I decided to change  the tool I was using to keep the text, which wasn't really a IF tool, it was just google docs, which is better than what I used  when I originally wrote the story:  two small notebooks.

So I decided to move the story from google docs to Twine, even though I'm not using twine for the game implementation itself (I'm using my own framework, which I'll go into more detail on next month's post) making it easier to have a good overview of the flow of each chapter, easier to find a passage and also easier to test.


This chapter has almost 8k words, if you're the type that is interested in numbers, this is the average for most chapters, some are bigger and some are smaller. If you played through the preview that is currently up, you saw that the writing style is very simple and direct, I want the player to move fast through the story, and do this several times over, so it can't be some Tolkienesque thing where I describe every small rock on the way.

The revision is taking a long time because I'm changing almost every single passage, fixing errors, adding and removing stuff here and there. Bus I should be done with it soon!

That's it for this month, next month I'll go into the framework I've built (and am still building) for Blackout.



The labels remaining on the screen is the main idea, after a while the screen get's full and makes the game harder

Art style is nice and trippy! Controls are a bit floaty and I was very lost.

Cool idea! Grabbing controls could use some tweaking, even something simple as remapping the key would help I thinkg.

Congrats on your first Godot project, you did an amazing polished game for such a small amount of time!

As someone who is obsessed with looking at the weather forecast and temperature, this game is basically made for me (L)

Cool game, just imagine how crazy it would get with one of those 6 rings stove.


That's a great idea, if I get the right color palette it's gonna look real cool! 

I actually used text because at first I thought about doing something with multiple languages, to make it somewhat like a learning tool, but when I tried leaving the text on screen I thought it was an interesting mechanic and changed direction.

Congrats on your first godot game! You got the match-3 mechanics working pretty well, the path idea is interesting!

One of the best ideas I've seen on the jam, such a relatable experience! It was very hard though, and I did not manage to shower >.<

Amazing graphics and sound effects. The whole idea is really neat, I think this has a lot of potential!

Very hard to control the sun and the bowl at the same time haha

The whole art style is completely insane, a bunch of different styles thrown together, there's even a soccer ball. I love it!

A shame I don't have a controller with me, this looks cool. (But I found out if I press the UP key on the keyboard the snowball get's bigger hehe)

You really nailed the graphic style, pretty cool effects with the thermal images!

Very impressive work for such a small amount of time, congrats!

My  game ended in a sort of a draw because both me and the opponent ran out of cards in the deck haha

Congrats on your first Godot project!

Pretty cool game, reminds me of Gauntlet!

Congrats on your first godot project!

Cool idea, I like the the slow motion effect, and the physics are pretty good!

Thank you! I did not have a lot of time so aimed for something very simple, which was nice because I managed to do it at a slow pace  and had time for music and sfx, different from how it usually goes for me.

Great name and concept! Animation looked pretty funny.  Congrats!

Gameplay is quite simple  but graphics are incredible. It's a shame you lost the sourcecode.