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Are you using the launcher? What is the OS?
I've had problems with the launcher before, I would suggest trying to download the game from the game page directly and running to see if that's the case.

Thank you! Unfortunately it was all I had time for in the game jam period, but I am working on additional stories to add soon. If you follow the game I think you'll see it in your feed when I make the update =)

Thank you! There are a few branches, and 3 different endings with small changes. I had 4 different stories in mind but only managed to finish 1, will add them later, and probably continue developing this game once I finish my current project.

Was really expecting some party music! I like you can push the tables around.
Does it go on forever? For some reason I didn't take any damage.
Animations also look nice.

Glad to see a godot game =D
Tried using enter to bypess the blobs because of the collision bug, but still did not manage to get very far, some doors were acting weird as well. Will wait for the update you mentioned and try again.

I ate the ice cream and I died, deveral times, but it was worth it. Glad to see you're gonna keep working on this, I'm curious about how it will shape out!

Sad I never watched Jojo's, it would probably make me enjoy this even more. It was still funny though, and having it save a picture in the end was a great touch!

I am not a big fan of adventure games where you have to change the verb on a menu like this (I imagine you used an engine for this?), but man, the idea for this game is so good! I would really like to see a therapy session. I never managed to open the window, soon after I saw the "that's all I did" message.  Also good job with the art!

Very good! The art is amazing and controls are good overall, I didn't think the jumping felt very good, a bit stiff, but maybe it makes sense since the character wears a dress.

This seems really interesting, but I couldn't really play it. After relaunching the game many times on different resolutions I finally managed to find one where the drag & drop would work, but then the "play" button never did anything.

Great art style, and good job recreating some places from the original bloodlines! Also appreciate you managed to wrap the story nicely.

Very nice! You did a good job choosing the backgrounds, they add a lot to the mood. It's a shame they don't match the character portraits (I would prefer not having the portraits in this case). But I understand time was short, so it's ok.

Very good writing!

Nice graphics, love the death animation! Controls feel fine overall, just had a problem with it constantly grabbing wall/platforms automatically and the having to jump to the side. Died many times because of this hehe

Very nice! I'm impressed with the amount you wrote, and not only that, but maintaining good quality throughout!

Very well written! 

Very good! The idea of a vampire expressing his feelings through painting is neat!

This looks so weird  and psicodelic! I loved it! (The art of the enemies specially) Felt a bit too hard, or maybe I didn't grasp the mechanics well enough, was finding a bit hard to absorb/kill the cells.

Really good! I thought that the sentences changing worked really well most of  the time, but when they were in the middle of another sentence it was a bit disorienting because it was hard to know exactly what was the text inserted. Maybe if it was in italic it would help.

Cool puzzles, even though they are easy the dialogues make up for it, very humorous!

Love the graphics and style! Good job! I admit I had to watch the video because I did figure out I could drag the box haha But one time I managed to exit the room without it, just flying over the wall, probably a glitch.

Had a good laugh when the fortune telled showed up! Very good humour overall. I got good end 1 =) 

Such a great idea! When I saw the name I thought it was going to be more about the challenge of trying to grow vegetables at night or something, but the arms/legs thing (and specially the smoothies) surprised me. Only down side for me was that I found a bit hard to know the exact position to harvest.

Yes I kinda had the same issue, in the beginning I wanted to make a webgl build, but then I decided to focus more on how the game would look (specially lighting), so I had to do it standalone.

Thank you! I had plans to add several victims/fares, but ran out of time. Will see about expanding the game later to add it =)

Oh I have to click on that thing to use the hook! I saw on the tutorial on the menu, but was trying to click anywhere on screen, thought that round thing was a collectible!

Not sure why you did not put screenshots on the page, the game looks really nice! Also, great name! As someone else said, the text is too fast to read. Also, I did no manage to light the candles. What am I missing?

Good job with the character design, and that sudden end game screen was actually funny hehe

Great job with the voice acting! Overall super polished entry, the art looks beautiful as well, and the mechanic is very interesting!

It's a great idea really, much more interesting than the usual. Even more so on a game about vampires, where  there's a lot of smoke and mirrors in every conversation.

I really like the idea of a vampire that hurts himself when trying to attack others. The whole description on the game page is superb, great humor!

Coudn't really figure out how to control P2 (using keyboard)

Fantastic writing. Got ending 2 on the first try, and then 4 on the second. Having the reasoning change rather than the dialog itself was interesting!

Thank you! Had this idea for a long time (the vampire taxi driver actually appears in another game I'm releasing soon), and always wanted to try it out. Too bad I did not have time to write the other characters planned, might make an expanded version indeed!

The game over song is perfect! Managed to finally beat it after 3 tries, got a bit confused by the camera control. Cool that you use Houdini, I want to try it sometime, looks super useful!
Also, really like the screenshot with the blood gushing from the guy's neck, and the cover art too, I think the game could use more dark/light contrast like it shows on the cover!

haha the thing I get the most for making this pun is "why isn't the song in the game?"

Blackout: The Darkest Night

Hello all!

My name is Robson, I am half of MiniChimera Game Studio, and we are working on an interactive fiction game (or Choose Your Own Adventure) if you want to be more specific called Blackout: The Darkest Night.

The game is coming out soon and you can already pre-order it on itch with a discount. There's also a preview version that you can check out! =)

The gif  has been replaced by a temporary one. Thanks again for the bringing it to my attention!


I've been meaning to replace that gif for a while now, thanks for reminding me, will try to get to it today!

There's no such thing inside the game =)