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Thank you for playing and taking the time to give some feedback! Makes me happy to know that the game had the desired effect on somebody =)

Beautiful game =)

Thanks for the video! Glad you liked the game =D

Thank you for playing and making a video! Also nice B&W montage you got there ;)

Thank you very much for the feedback, I'm happy you liked it! =)

We're going to add more resolution options soon, specially for widescreen. Thank you for making the video, it's a hard to make videos of text heavy games, but you have a very smooth and dramatic reading voice so the video was really pleasant to watch/listen!

Replied to NWin in Blackout comments

Cool! Glad you liked it! There are many different paths, and even the order of the chapters can be different depending on how you play. This is only the first chapter, so it's a bit hard to convey that feeling hehe

Windows 10

Really nice, very faithful to the cover!

I dont quite understant what I'm supposed to do O.o

Nice and funny animation!

Very nice art! I love the animation of the slime when it swallows the character! Any reason why the chests always explode?

Cool concept and nice art, and movement feels pretty good!

That sure is a happy looking rock! Cool story =)

I almost chose this cover! Ended up with another one but also made a local multiplayer. You did a good job, very fun to play!

Works very well as a rhythm game! Good music! 

The bird looks dope! But I dont know that I'm ok with having dogs as enemies haha

Cool idea!

I really like what you have going on with the camera and the art style!

You got some cool ideas there, good job!

I like that all the itens attach to the character! Also very impressive models of the cartridge and famicon!

Man, this game looks gorgeous, congrats!

Nice aesthetics! I have to confess I died before killing the boss >.<

Cool idea, but I agree with the others that it's actually difficult!

Good job! I chose the same cover and our games could not be more different! lol

Thanks for the tip, I was having the same issue!

Nice work on the graphics! Also fuck that soda cup, killed me many times haha

Fun game, more of a puyo puyo than tetris. I just did not understand what the heart and brain icons mean.

Really like the concept, congrats!

Beautifull story! Nice art too!

Oh I thought it might be render texture, I started messing with it for the first time for the menu of my submission, which is a waaay more simple use. Thanks for explaining =)

Couldn't figure out what to do

Trippy! I like the vibe a lot! Unfortunately it crashed after I spoke with the whale

Love the goofy movement of the bee!

Neat game, I love CYOA! My favorite part was reading through all the tombstone writings, good stuff!

This reminds me of "Shower with your dad simulator", pretty funny

Unable to run here, says file is corrupted =/

Very chaotic!

This is cool and crazy, somewhat like The Stanley Parable. Loved it.

Man that burger sure flies really high

Beautiful pixel art, would be a cool gameboy game =)