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Hello! The game should be on sale during Christmas :) 

Hi there, I have added the .apk! It's more like the PC version than the mobile one, so let me know if you encounter any issues.

Also, sorry for taking such a long time to do this, the project is old and there are some things no longer supported on the engine, so it took some time until I was able to properly look into it!

Thank you for the kind commend :)

Sure, I'll add an apk to the store listing as soon as I can. This could take some time as the project is old and I have not touched it in a while! I'll let you know when it´s up :) 

Thank you! Hope you like it :)

Blackout is a non-linear interactive fiction game set in a dark modern universe, influenced by White Wolf’s World of DarknessH.P. Lovecraft and weird shows like Twin Peaks.

You play as a man who finds himself lost in a dark street somewhere in the city of New Wenders. It doesn’t take long before you start having flashbacks and regaining your memory. Something terrible happened, and you were part of it. This event somehow opened your eyes to a whole new world that has been hiding beneath the shadows.

The game is launching at 10% discount, both regular and deluxe versions!

Launch Trailer:

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-=How long is the game?=-

Movie length. Expect 1.5 to 2 hours for the first playthrough.

-=How many different endings does it have?=-


-=Is there a good or canonical ending?=-


-=Can I die in the game?=-

No. There is no game over, you will always get one of the five endings each time you play.

-=What do I gain by playing it again?=-

Besides trying to achieve different endings, the paths to get there can vary a lot. Items you pick up or the order in which you visit the different locations will affect possible paths, as well as your attributes.

-=How many chapters/locations does the game have?=-

There are 10 different locations (or chapters) that you can visit, the order will vary depending on your choices. There is also an Epilogue, so in total there are 11 chapters.

-=Will I be able to visit all locations in one playthrough?=-

No. Some locations are optional, and some are mutually exclusive. That said, some locations are obligatory so you will always see the main part of the story on a playthrough.

haha thank you (L)

Please send an email to saying what platform you can test on (Windows, Mac or Linux) and I will send you a key and instructions for the beta =)


haha I can see the resemblance. That's a pretty good short, I had never seen it, even though the name sounds familiar.

Thank you! (L)


I would like to add my game to the bundle, if possible:

Congrats on the awesome initiative! (L)

Nice to see so many godot games! You did a very good job overall, I like the graphic style (plague doctor specially). And the quotes add a lot to the mood. Also, found if pretty funny that the doctors fall REALLY fast.

Thank you! You don't really have to leave it alone, it just doesn't cause a game over =)

That's really cool, I love the design of the Alots and that they each have their own name, super cute. Nice word playing also!

Pretty cool mechanics and nice shadow effect. I would like for the momentum to build up a bit quicker, making the sessions shorter. Congrats!

So peaceful. Thank you.

Thank you! The cat pawn was the only easter egg I had time to add, and almost made me miss the deadline hehe 

I am working on a touch version now =)

Neat idea, very intuitive. The character art looks pretty good, wish you had had the time to make the background as well, I'm sure it would look dope!

Cool idea! Wish the flies were a bit bigger because the art looks nice. Maybe slower too, the way it is now just spamming the cannons works.

Simple idea but well executed. Plays well and looks nice!

Really great mood, the super long arms are really creepy. The thing that bothered me was the UI, very polluted and hard to read, but that's a hard thing to do in such a small time, especially with that much info. Great job overall!

It's could get harder as times passes, it's a bit too easy as it is!

It shall remain forever in the humid depths of to die in obscurity =)

Oh that's a nice touch given the context of the virus, neat!

High quality cat sfx right here!

Really cool idea, totally worth it for the TP part xD

Really liked the theme. Gets hard real quick though!

That's really good and super polished for a jam game! Congratz!

Pretty good! I LOVE the title! At some point I found an exploit that allowed me ti get as many deer as I wanted from the middle of area, so I ended up catching 388 deer and.... that's a lot of deer!


We just launched our new game, Taxi By Night, on early access here on itch! In the game you are a vampire taxi driver, and can decide if your passengers are going to have a save journey or if you'll feed on them.

The game was born from vampirejam, and we decided to expand it and turn into a commercial game. Right now the game has 4 stories with different paths to choose from, and more will be added with every update. 

Taxi By Night is 10% off for the Halloween Sale. Also, we launched the game at a reduced price, as an incentive for people who want to get in while in early access. The price will increase with every major update. There's a detailed F.A.Q.where you can learn more about it.

Thank you!

Taxi By Night community · Created a new topic F.A.Q
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Why should I buy the game now?

Probably the most appealing thing for you: it’s cheaper. As we update the game with new content, the price will also increase. Buying the game now also shows your support and helps us finish the game =)

You’ll also be able to voice your opinion and have your feedback be taken into account for the continuous improvement of the game.

What’s included in the game?

Right now there are 4 stories. In order to see all dialogue options and endings, you’d have to play them 2-4 times each.

How long is the game?

Right now, one play-through of the four stories included should take about 30 minutes. The length of the game should increase as we add new stories, naturally. Keep in mind right now the game has only about 10% of the total content planned.

Where can I report bugs or give feedback?

The best place is our discord channel. But you can also send me a message on twitter @robsonsiebel or send an email to

How will the updates work?

Regular updates will have new stories and fixes. Major updates will have new areas and new stories. As for the frequency, the idea is to update at least once a month, the next update is scheduled for November 24th, and should include 3 new stories.

What can I do to support the game?

By buying the game in early access, you are already helping a lot! Regardless of that, spreading the word is always welcome. Show the game to a friend, post it to social media. If you want to help even more, we have a set of rewards that include from simple support to having you be a character in the game. You can also donate more through itch.

How does Notoriety work?

Some actions in the game will increase the player notoriety, such as killing a victim or even feeding in a place that is not very safe.

Is there a long story arch?

Several characters appear in multiple stories, some of which may see or not, depending on your choices. Some passengers will also unlock other characters.

So there’s not a big main story exactly throughout the game, but some stories intertwine, and there are a few different endings for the taxi driver.

Why do some choices appear with question marks?

Choices that appear as “???” mean that you have another possibility of choice that is unavailable due to your Notoriety, amount of Blood, or even some other choice you made.


If your question is not answered here, get in touch through or one of the alternatives below:



Thank you :B

Are you using the launcher? What is the OS?
I've had problems with the launcher before, I would suggest trying to download the game from the game page directly and running to see if that's the case.

Thank you! Unfortunately it was all I had time for in the game jam period, but I am working on additional stories to add soon. If you follow the game I think you'll see it in your feed when I make the update =)

Thank you! There are a few branches, and 3 different endings with small changes. I had 4 different stories in mind but only managed to finish 1, will add them later, and probably continue developing this game once I finish my current project.

Was really expecting some party music! I like you can push the tables around.
Does it go on forever? For some reason I didn't take any damage.
Animations also look nice.

Glad to see a godot game =D
Tried using enter to bypess the blobs because of the collision bug, but still did not manage to get very far, some doors were acting weird as well. Will wait for the update you mentioned and try again.