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Getting this error when trying to open the game for the first time

I'm using windows 10 (64 bits), and my resolution is 1366x768

Edit: that was the 64 bit version, the x86 version worked for me, thank you for this amazing game =)

Thank you for the video, I'm happy you enjoyed it! It was very cool to see you react to what was going on, you also read it very well which makes the video a pleasure to watch, I would love to see you play more once the game is complete =)

And thanks for pointing out some of the typos and errors as well, the final version will go through proofreading before being published.

This is a project I have been working on and off for years on my free time, but now it's finally shaping up to be a "real" game and I feel motivated to finish it.

Blackout is a Choose Your Own Adventure game that takes place in the 90's, with a mood that takes inspiration from whitewolf's World of Darkness (yes I played a lot of Vampire RPG), Lovecraft stories and weird series like Twin Peaks.

This was the most important change on the last update, we rebuilt the whole UI to make it PC friendly (the project started as mobile, but recently shifted to PC).

If you want to reach out, you can find me on twitter @robsonsiebel.

You can check out the current version of Blackout here. It's only the first chapter so far, the whole game has 10. Depending on your choices, finishing the first chapter can take 2 minutes, or 20 minutes.

Beautiful art and cool concept! I also like that the humans become zombies. Also a cool thing that the map is random, I got an easier one on the second try hehe. Music and sound effect also very good, overall pretty impressive for a one man army, very polished, good job!

My first time with Godot, I loved it! A lot of godot love on this jame! =)

The platforming controls are good, but I did not manage to use the glove, I always die after getting it, I cant grab the sponge. And then the glove is gone forever it seems.

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Really cool cracked screen effect, kinda similar to what we did in our game, limiting the screen real state. Good job!

Oh and the name is great! haha

Good job, it's ok not to have a "finished" game, it's a game jam after all. It ends up serving as a good exercise of defining scope, so even if the next time you don't have a team you know you should aim a bit smaller if your goal is to get something more complete =)

Pretty cool game, I like the music quite a bit! And running out of the map after I secured my lead was pretty fun!

The mechanics are good, but I feel like it could be harder, I never felt like I was close to running out of time. Also felt a bit disoriented when the "player" disappeared for a few seconds.

Oh no, I tried several times and died fairly quickly haha

Oh wow, the graphics are so fuckin cool! Very hard though, I didn't manage to survive long >.<

The shooting is really good, it's very satisfying to hit enemies from the air mid-jump! Why does it say "sorry" on the game over screen?

This is a really cool idea and I could easily see it expanded into a full game! The first time I was lost and did not understand what was going on, but on the second time it became clear. That said, even if you know what you're doing, things can go to hell pretty quick! Congrats!

Really interesting art style, and the character attack animation is really funny. I did not understand how to interact with some things, like for instance a water/syringe thing that definitely looked like I could do something with.

I did not, I died several times before I was finally able to leave the starting point haha Then I had 2 good runs, don't know how long it is but I guess I did not go very far

Ok got to play now, my bad for not reading the game page's description. I like the art and animations a lot, specially the splash when the enemies are killed. Controlling with the mouse was interesting (and I guess that was also a kind of scarcity, controls), but it made it very hard to shoot down because when I moved the mouse to the shoot button it would turn the character to the side. Pretty cool overall =)

Played the original jam version. I really like the concept of bringing back the flowers! And the animations for the main character are pretty good! The window pop ups were a bit annoying though, they seemed like a windows error.

This is very hard, the fuel is indeed scarce!

same error here =/

I love the character design! The whole package is pretty interesting really, I think this could become a full featured game.

I like the idea and the mood, but I wanted to have some visual way to see the resources like food for instance. And the grey font with white outline is very hard to read.

I can't move it seems, stuck on the main menu. The only button that does something is the ESC key O.o

Great job with the pixel art! I love how the bugs go spinning away when you hit them. And the soft music ads a nice touch.

I love the art, such beautiful colors! The only thing that bothered me was that when jumping it felt like the character was falling super fast.

It's really hard to play with all the darkness, and I know that was the point, but it does not make it fun at all. But I did find out that if you press ESC when you die you can explore the dungeon with the light on haha

The art is pretty nice, specially the opening sequence!

Great graphics, I love the mixture of 2d and 3d! The lighting mechanic is super clever!

Good gameplay and nice graphics, congrats!

Great music! 

I had some trouble moving around, even when moving things out of the way. And never found any food, only a music box.

Very clever idea!

Yeah we didn't have time to balance it, specially trading with the merchants takes too long. Thanks for the feedback!

Damn, you're right. Added now, thanks for letting me know!

Very good music! I don't feel the food was scarce though, if that was the idea, maybe for my children because I never managed to get back to them haha

Tried running it again several times and it's always the same. I'm on windows 10, 64bits, not sure if that would be any help. Will try on my laptop later and see if it works

Congrats on your first game jam, hope you had fun! =)

Cool game! I was a bit confused in the beginning because I thought I would dig horizontally on the screen

As a recent cat owner, I can attest to the veracity of this game. 

Your art is very cute and I'm sure Charlie is adorable.

Nice graphics, and the music is very pleasant, the game is very relaxing.

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Did you put it on full screen?

edit: Ok, tested now, I uploaded a new version by mistake last night when I uploaded linux and mac builds. We were having this issue with fullscreen during testing in one monitor. I uploaded the previous build which is windowed! Sorry about that!

So far the best game I played from the jam. I love the art style, and it was hard but still fun and rewarding. Managed to beat it but almost gave up on the Victory Road.

I think the movement could be a bit better, the character seems to accelerate super quickly, I died several times when trying to just get one step closer to the edge.