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Taxi By Night

A vampire drives a taxi in the streets of New Wenders · By MiniChimera, Siebel3D

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A topic by MiniChimera created Oct 22, 2019 Views: 471
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Developer (2 edits)

Why should I buy the game now?

Probably the most appealing thing for you: it’s cheaper. As we update the game with new content, the price will also increase. Buying the game now also shows your support and helps us finish the game =)

You’ll also be able to voice your opinion and have your feedback be taken into account for the continuous improvement of the game.

What’s included in the game?

Right now there are 4 stories. In order to see all dialogue options and endings, you’d have to play them 2-4 times each.

How long is the game?

Right now, one play-through of the four stories included should take about 30 minutes. The length of the game should increase as we add new stories, naturally. Keep in mind right now the game has only about 10% of the total content planned.

Where can I report bugs or give feedback?

The best place is our discord channel. But you can also send me a message on twitter @robsonsiebel or send an email to

How will the updates work?

Regular updates will have new stories and fixes. Major updates will have new areas and new stories. As for the frequency, the idea is to update at least once a month, the next update is scheduled for November 24th, and should include 3 new stories.

What can I do to support the game?

By buying the game in early access, you are already helping a lot! Regardless of that, spreading the word is always welcome. Show the game to a friend, post it to social media. If you want to help even more, we have a set of rewards that include from simple support to having you be a character in the game. You can also donate more through itch.

How does Notoriety work?

Some actions in the game will increase the player notoriety, such as killing a victim or even feeding in a place that is not very safe.

Is there a long story arch?

Several characters appear in multiple stories, some of which may see or not, depending on your choices. Some passengers will also unlock other characters.

So there’s not a big main story exactly throughout the game, but some stories intertwine, and there are a few different endings for the taxi driver.

Why do some choices appear with question marks?

Choices that appear as “???” mean that you have another possibility of choice that is unavailable due to your Notoriety, amount of Blood, or even some other choice you made.


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