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Very cool style! The time-skip animation works really well. I was honestly a little confused if the different choices were KrZ 'your choices make reality' style or if there was somehow right and wrong answers. I guess I'll have to try it a few more times :)

Unfortunately you need both Apple hardware and money to put stuff on the App Store, so as long as I'm not selling the game I wont be putting it on there. Sorry :)

Sorry. No.

Very cool! I enjoyed just trying things out to see what happened, but naturally I'm not sure if I discovered everything.
It did, unfortunately, run quite slow on my PC (i5, GTX950) , but it didn't affect the sound so it was alright :)

Very nice, gentle experience.  Bitsy and poetry go well together :)

Very neat mechanic!

Nice. Like a little sci-fi poem :)

A sad and angry game.

Well done :)

Very cool :)

Amazing :)


Cool! Awesome colors and ambience :)


Thanks! :)

So many cool details and variations. A strange mix of calm and spookyness, a great little late-night discovery :)

Such a moving story! :')

Awesome :)

Very nice! I like the mechanic of losing light if you continue conversations :) And the rare shifts in perspective (zoom) gave a dramatic effect to the flat graphics style.


Very nice! Lots of atmosphere and the animations are really good :)

I dig it :) 

I was just playing Elasto Mania recently and was wondering where that type of game went. This could be one answer! And the name is awesome.

It was perhaps just a little bit too hard. But maybe if it just took longer for the difficulty to go up I wouldn't get so frustrated ;)

Really cool! :)

I dig your style.

Ah that's too bad. I have no way to test a Chromebook :/ Do you know if you've played other Unity Web games on it?

Thanks for sharing! And don't worry, you're never too late to the creepy carrot party.

That's no good! Mind telling me what browser and operating system you're on? And you have sound in other html5 games? :)

Oh no, did you mean the browser version?

I'd like to know which browser/operating system you're on, if you don't mind :)

Really nice! Would be cool to have the stories read to you while you explored the place, but I know that's not a small task :)

This was really challenging! Felt like each level taught me something new about the mechanics. Well done :)

Very atmospheric little experience. And really unique looking, (though it's a little buggy). Looks like it's made with some sort of photoscan thing?

Could work for a longer experience/game I think :)

This is very, very silly. Please make more.

Very inventive! 
Awesome mood and animations :)


Sweet :)

Really good! Very inventive

Very cool! Lots of neat little details, like the fading colors and shifting perspective from the balcony :)

Very lovely little experience! I kept wanting to take a screenshot, but still images really don't do it justice :)

Also a little technical tip, you can delete the two .pdb files from the build and it'll be a much smaller download. They're not used for anything, but some earlier version of Unity didn't delete them after building the game for some reason.

Cute and rather sad. In a good way I suppose :)

Awesome mood and style! Looking forward to more :)