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Yeah the mobile version worked for me :)

Wont run for me neither in Firefox or Edge. I get a bunch of errors in the browser console:

This is really cool :D Thought I was almost done and then I was here :/

That's why the paid version has a secret ending ;)

It's all mouse controlled. You click and some times click and drag on things. Part of the game is figuring out what you can and cannot do :)

I'm playing with mouse+kbd on windows if that helps the search.

This is really neat! I got stuck somewhere around figuring out what to do with the hoop and the rolls of... tape?

My main gripe is the control of the camera, it's very shaky and jittering for me, especially when flapping the umbrella. But it's really cool to just mess around with the physics and try things out :)

Awesome mood!

Carrots and Cream v1.2!

I knocked some rust off my old jam game for a laugh.  Carrots and cream is a very short little experience about the violence of nutrition. Perhaps it's a horror game? Not sure.

Fixed bugs, updated graphics and now has a paid version that includes a secret ending and achievements!

And you get a Steam key if you need those sweet, sweet achievements on Steam too.

Web version has bugfixes and updated graphics and is still free!

Powerful stuff!

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Very nice! The game locked up on me though in the [Spoiler?] second room you talk to the shop owner. I brought an item from the shop and the whole thing locked when I showed that to her,  she didn't say anything and I couldn't get out of the state again, tried pressing everything.

Will give it another shot later on I really dig the mood!

I think this is the strangest reaction to my game yet. Well done!

oh no! The web version?
I'd like to know which browser and operating system you're on. And any errors it may be giving you. Perhaps I can work it out!

This seems really cool!

I got stuck after talking to the tv-watchers in the woods, though. The character was just walking in place and no input responding, not even the menu or anything. Lost about an hours progress would have loved some autosaving :/

Thanks for the comment! Yeah the sound bug will be fixed when I upload an overhaul of the game (hopefully) soon. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment for an iOS port :(

But... should you? 

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing! Always nice to hear when my weird little things make an impression :)

Hmm not really, you're supposed to keep going to complete the game. But I guess if it feels like a glitch it could be better :)

Hopefully not for real! It's supposed to be disturbing, but fun-disturbing. Funsturbing...?

Thanks for the nice words :)

Thanks for playing and sharing!

Most welcome :)

I see. I'm afraid that's not supported :/ I don't think web builds run well on an iPad browser and unfortunately I don't have the equipment to build an iOS app.

And if you're playing on a computer let me know if it's the browser version or the downloaded one :)

You mean with a touchscreen on a computer? Or on Android?

It should work with just tapping and dragging your finger around, but I don't think I've tested it on a PC touch screen. I'll give it a try when I get the chance.

Thanks for playing! ☺️ 🐛

Oh no!

It's strange that neither the download or the browser version works for you. Do you see the menu? The game does start with a blank screen and just audio for a few seconds so maybe you just need to wait a bit?

But the crash shouldn't happen. I'd like to know what OS and browser you're using if you don't mind and I'll look into it. :)

quick response! Will give it another try later :)

Looks very cool! But I could really use an "invert" setting for the camera :)

Goddamn 😱
Best cosmic horror of any medium I've experienced for years.

Wow, that emoji got huge for some reason...

Very cool experience. Made me really uncomfortable at first for some reason, so if that's the intention, well done! ;)

I really dig the way it opens up and shows you a bigger and bigger weird world as you progress. Gives a really good feeling of more understanding and control over the situation even though it's so abstract.

I did have some issues reading the text, it was often very hard to find the right angle for the blur to sharpen without the text clipping through something. Not sure if the effect is dependant on screen resolution or aspect ratio, when I compare with the screenshots here my play-through seemed much more blurry 🤔

Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :)

Nice <3

I'll add that comment as a journal entry in the game I think.

And composer Andreas has already insisted the game needs some sky/star watchers on the rooftops. I hope to add more little lookout points as the city grows :)

Hey! Not sure if you still have this issue, I found this thread by looking for a solution myself.

I fixed the "mixed active content" error by switching to UnityWebRequest instead off the WWW class I was using. Seems the WWW thing defaulted to http regardless of what you wrote in the URL. At the same time I forced my server to only accept https, I did these at the same time so I'm not sure if the force https thing is needed. Hope it makes sense :)

(And check out my thing here if you want ;-) )

Thanks for playing! I plan to tighten it up and add some more city to explore during the next month or so.

Wow this is definitely one of the most impressive Bitsy games I've played. Doing some interesting things with the engine and the writing and graphics are really good.

(It did completely bring my browser to its knees, though. Maxing out the CPU so it pretty much locked up Firefox all the while it was playing. I'm guessing some of the mods for Bitsy don't play too well with Firefox. Didn't break anything though and the game itself seemed to play fine :)

This is really good! Very sad and poetic experience. I also seemed to get stuck at the pool stage, though. It didn't seem like a bad place to stop, and just wandering around until giving up felt sort of appropriate I guess.
There was one lounge chair that said 'sit down' when I moved near it, but nothing happened so that made me worry I may have missed something.

Very effective and cool experience. Some very nice details too :)