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Fun idea and I like the design and feel of the guns. Ditto on the mobile version :)

Very nice minimalist, moody little experience! The music changing with the view is really cool, and I liked the ending :)

Nice mood and music :)

Very nice! This puzzle mechanic could definitely be expanded upon :)

Very cool style and music. It was a bit too hard for me, but I dig the mood in the strange rusty world.

Very nice! 

At first I thought it was a shame that I couldn't jump off the boat and explore the islands on foot, but it made sense after a while, and I like how there's a little more to the game than appears at first glance :)

Really cool style! I love the atmosphere and the audio is amazing. I would really have liked some subtitles, though. The voice over seems really central to the experience and I feel like I missed a lot since I couldn't make out half of what was said :/

This is really well done! A definite AitD flashback :) Crazy story and the animations are hilarious.

Easy to understand, simple to play and a nice little challenge. Well done :)

Super simple, but I kinda like it. Even if I'm too impatient to get a high score.

This worked really well. Wasn't too hard to figure out and managed to make sense and be a little challenging even with just one input button.

Cool idea and really challenging! I only got a few levels, will try again later.

I agree that the idea with different manuals for different difficulties worked really well.

This is really hard! But easy to understand and control. And challenging! I think my record was two disarmed bombs :D

I wanted to give this a try, but I really suck at Morse code. I tried writing it down, but it was too fast for me. :/

So I didn't think it was fair to give you a rating.

This seems really cool! I liked the part of story I could get to, but at some point the messages were not long enough, I would expect each block to be exactly 15 'beeps' either short or long, but some of them were only 12 or 13.

I had to guess which passage I was meant to go to, which meant reading parts of them to figure out if they made sense :/ Great idea though, and good use of the manual together with the game.

Hehe, all these games are so hard! This was really well made. Easy to get what was going on, but I had a hard time figuring out a strategy that didn't either get me killed or lost once I found another sub. It's entirely possible I just suck at it, though :)

Very cool! Took me a while to get what was going on, but once it clicked I managed a handful of levels. The last few ones were too hard for me, though. But I may return to it later!

Seems like a good idea, but I was a little unsure of how well I was doing, how do I tell the difference between succeeding and failing for instance? Doesn't the screen just turn black either way?

Great idea! I'm not sure I understood how it worked, though. I left the app open for about 10 minutes and it only got 'strong red' a few times and still seemed to run forever :/ I figured the strong red color meant I made too much noise, but the time doesn't add up...

A very strange little game, but I really liked the style! Especially the characters and the audio. The story was unusual and a little confusing, but mostly in a good way :)

Hehehe, this was really funny. I loved the fight sequences!

Awesome game and interesting story. I liked the shift in play style in the two parts. Would be cool if the second part even had a typing interface like old school text adventures :)

I got that error as well. Just rename either the folder or the executable so they match up :)

This is awesome :) The music, animations and colours all give a really cool mood. Felt perfect when playing in the dark late at night. Looking forward to the full game!

Hah, very cute :) I love all the little cat-jokes. Looking forward to chapter 2!

That was quick! Thanks for sharing.

I really like the art style and mood in this game :) And I think I could relate to a lot of the commentary (if that's what it is). I got stuck though, and somehow got in a loop where going through an exit would teleport me back to the previous room after a moment.

Thanks for sharing the video! Happy you enjoyed it. Or at least had a reaction to it :)

How come? And it's just a year old...

This game is perfect. Thanks!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)


Cool idea with rewards! Instead of people mailing in you can add exclusive content under game settings that will only show to people donating above a certain amount.

Go to Edit -> More -> Exclusive content :)

I gave up trying to finish the story and rushed to get something up that worked last night. You can try my first attempt at a pixel platformer here. You can walk and jump, press down to look up at the sky and have some weird fragments of conversations.

I think I have all the graphics and code I want, I just need to add the rest of the story and a few level elements, so I hope to do that during the week :)

The Godot engine is really cool once you get the hang of the basics so I'll definitely try to use it again in the future.

It was fun to try something completely different!

I'm still struggling with Godot, but with a lot of googling and a little code cut and paste (shh), I have something that almost works :)

That's supposed to be me leaving my apartment. I'm not really happy with the colours, but I think I have too much to do to really worry about details.

weird. If I click your link, copy the address and paste it in it looks like this:

nb!: press return after you paste it in and you'll see the image in the editor.

I just pasted a direct url to the gif I think

I've never made a platformer, never used pixel art, and never used a personal story as inspiration. Instead of Unity I'm trying out Godot. So I'm trying to make a pixel art platformer game about the time I walked down to the harbour to watch a meteor shower in the middle of the night (about a month ago), and the strangers I met there.

It's 2 am, I'm trying to learn a new engine and scripting language, I'm running out of beer and I have no idea what I'm doing...

Hope to see more and show more tomorrow! :)

If I have the time to participate I'll try to make something with the Godot engine. I think it's time I try something other than Unity and this seems weird and cool, and open source too :)

And found a bunch of tutorials I hope will be helpful here:

I've really enjoyed this game so far! But I seem to be stuck because of a bug (I assume) :/

I'm at the top of the ziggurat and the arrow seems to be pointing down in the ground. I realize this is the sort of thing to expect on an 'anti-adventure' but I hope you can help!