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Escape a procedurally generated city. Survive the Backland · By Bcubedlabs

Official Bug/Issue Thread Sticky

A topic by Bcubedlabs created Jul 12, 2019 Views: 494 Replies: 17
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Official Bug/Issue Thread

Looks very cool! But I could really use an "invert" setting for the camera :)


Thanks, a lot of people are asking for this! I will be putting it in soon.


Just dropped a new build. Added option to invert the camera y axis in the pause menu. :)

quick response! Will give it another try later :)

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- Sometimes you will slide down inclines when standing still, especially with stairs.

- Trying to run while still controlling the camera is awkward with the current button layout. The placement of the jump and run buttons also feels a bit strange. Configurable controls would be appreciated.

- The camera can get quite finnicky when it catches on ceilings or other terrain.

- Frame rate can get quite choppy.

- The Drones' area of visibility is quite unclear; if possible it would be nice to have an indicator of where they can see you, such as a red spotlight or something, or to modify the area of sight so that it's less based on mere proximity since they'll often "spot" you even though they're looking in the opposite direction. Their gunfire is also so inaccurate that they don't feel all that dangerous. They can also get stuck firing at you while you are behind cover leaving them completely unable to damage you while you remain still.

- "Resuce" typo in the ending text

I hope this doesn't come off as prodding or whiny; these are just the observations I made while playing, and I still had a great time regardless. Nothing noted here detracted enough that I wasn't still enraptured with the visuals and pacing of the game. I commend you wholeheartedly for producing such a compelling experience in so little time!

Thanks for the interesting game. I encountered a crash bug where I was standing in the corner of a building, rotated the camera to look at myself so the camera was actually inside my characters head, then pressed ESC key to bring up the menu. Game stalled out at that point.

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Awesome game. However, it's quite easy to fall through the floor of the map when hiding under low hanging ceilings. It ended one of my runs :/

Hi! Love the atmosphere (and really *really* wanted to hear/see a ship approaching) but just dropped in to say "rescue" is mistyped in the end text.

Hey, the game looks great, but I could not start it. I downloaded the file. It contains an app alright, but it refuses to start, and gives no information. Decent Mac here, running the latest OS version of the time (Catalina). Missing anything here?


Hi, can you walk through the steps your doing to install the app?


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Sure, thank you.

  1. I downloaded the archive from the site.
  2. Unzipped the archive, which creates a folder Mac in which is.
  3. Double clicked the app, leading an unhelpful "The application “” can’t be opened.".

I also tried the CLI command "open", right clicking and choosing open from the menu (which offers alternatives sometimes). Last, I also put the app in the Applications folder, but no change.

Running on the latest MacOS to date (Catalina). The app was compiled in July last year, and the OS released a few months later (not sure). Would that be related?


Definitely could be the Catalina release. I don't have a mac to test with. Not sure if mac has a run in older version mode like windows. I can refund you if you want.

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Not aware about recent ways to do that. In the past there was, but it was a long time ago, and Apple has never cared about backward compatibility (like since they exist).

Anyway I could help to build the Catalina version? No idea how to do that without access to the source code, unfortunately.

No need to refund. I could not enjoy your work, but I like what I saw. Far Blade looks good too. If it works on Catalina, perhaps an exchange? If not possible, all good.

By the way, it may help to edit the game page, to state support for Mac up to the OS version of last year (10.14, I can't remember the name).


Thank you, DM me on twitter and I will send you a free key for Far Blade!

very nice. glad to get this & support.

problem with macOS controller support [using xbox one controller]. can use look around, but only works with up & down that then helps the player look left & right. triggers help with up & down with looking, but after using totally bugger the view & makes it unplayable.

XYAB buttons do not work at all.

movement is completely fine

the driver im using for macOS controller support is:

i will try without just incase & post back if its ok or not

no the game does not work without. i just wanted tno make double sure. but with that driver it does, but still has all those problems

any news?