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Hey looks awesome! Can you please tick the (windows) platform check box in the uploads section so that the installer can see it? (Weird request I know.)Thanks in advance!

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Hey! Keen to check it out. Can you tick the Windows box in the upload section so I can install via the launcher? It doesn't work without it! Thanks in advance!

Just installed it now! Thanks!

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Hmm iirc I wonder if you just need to select "executable" and ticked the Windows box on the game's dashboard? I seem to recall having a similar issue elsewhere and something as simple as this being the fix idk.

Actually, looking at your profile page, the games listed with the windows symbol showing will install but the ones without (including this one) will not. This might be it!

I too cannot install this game using the itch app. There is no install file (as @benzoht mentions). Iirc, I think there is an option or something that the developer needs to check when uploading? Anyway, would be great to have this install through the launcher if possible.

Thanks for the update! And good luck with ep III!

I've done it! Nice that you have the save function so I could restart the room. (Didn't much like that I solved some of puzzles by jumping into the void, though, so again my position was reset but the blocks weren't.) Otherwise fabulous!

Hey! I think I actually just got stuck! Am I missing something?

woof woof!

Hi! Love the atmosphere (and really *really* wanted to hear/see a ship approaching) but just dropped in to say "rescue" is mistyped in the end text.

Nice +1

Love the art style. Very Samorost. Did I trap myself though?

A very good game. Thanks for making it!

I helped a turtle!

(Please embed these in the browser. So lovely!)

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Yeah it's GameMaker so no, not easily. I might be able to try using its other compiler when I get the chance but this will require some fiddling about. Thanks for stopping by!

Haha if you're being serious you might be able to fix this by changing compatibility settings (right-click on the .exe). If it's a blackscreen on startup, try this. Pressing F4 to toggle fullscreen whilst running might also work. Otherwise, upgrade :)

If it's going to be in a launcher (and probably with customised controller) fullscreen is probably best.  Not that I know for sure; just passing by. Ribbit.

Thanks icepotato! Yeah I love the overworld map impression you get from the level thumbnails. Hence the idea. Glad you like it!

Hey in the itch desktop app it says "Not available on Windows".