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I love that I'm learning more about the mechanics on subsequent playthroughs. I appreciate the nuance behind the initially simple gameplay loop; I had no idea that the battery pack also drained when running, or that battery power dictates your health!

I love the use of pixelation with 3D visuals; it really produces a striking and distinct image and I found myself occasionally stopping in awe of how naturally it coupled with the procedural architecture and environment could create a stunning scene! The sound design too compliments the flow gameplay and the game's mood and atmosphere.

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- Sometimes you will slide down inclines when standing still, especially with stairs.

- Trying to run while still controlling the camera is awkward with the current button layout. The placement of the jump and run buttons also feels a bit strange. Configurable controls would be appreciated.

- The camera can get quite finnicky when it catches on ceilings or other terrain.

- Frame rate can get quite choppy.

- The Drones' area of visibility is quite unclear; if possible it would be nice to have an indicator of where they can see you, such as a red spotlight or something, or to modify the area of sight so that it's less based on mere proximity since they'll often "spot" you even though they're looking in the opposite direction. Their gunfire is also so inaccurate that they don't feel all that dangerous. They can also get stuck firing at you while you are behind cover leaving them completely unable to damage you while you remain still.

- "Resuce" typo in the ending text

I hope this doesn't come off as prodding or whiny; these are just the observations I made while playing, and I still had a great time regardless. Nothing noted here detracted enough that I wasn't still enraptured with the visuals and pacing of the game. I commend you wholeheartedly for producing such a compelling experience in so little time!

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This is a really neat concept! I'd love to see it expanded on at some point. Also, every other game in existence is lesser now for their lack of GAY LASER BEAMS!