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easiest thing to do is use a virtual machine (VM)... download a Linux ISO such as Ubuntu, install VirtualBox, and then use it to setup Linux in a VM. Guide here:

perhaps with blocking, the first few times you get hit you can flash up a "B to block" hint on the screen. The first few ghouls could be really easy and you just ramp up slowly with the sword-wielding enemies being the first real challenge.

Nice little demo with lots of potential, some feedback below. Please don't take any of it negatively, it's just suggestions/bugs for a demo I enjoyed.

- It's too hard, others will argue it isn't, but it is. When you think it's ridiculously easy you'll have it just right for a start area

- The path through the woods to each area would benefit from being made more obvious, also make it more obvious when that path is locked

- If you approach your guide slightly to one side and stand right next to him you'll perform an attack when pressing V rather than initiating a chat

- It's very hard to tell when an enemy is dead, and with the bigger enemies I was caught out a couple of times because they were just stunned but looked dead. Perhaps their colour could drain slightly when they are dead as a visual hint the fight is over?

- When you don't have a sword your punches sound like sword hits rather than the meaty punch sound effect I expected to hear

- It would be nice to have an enemy lock-on, but not essential. That's just a personal preference of mine so feel free to ignore.

- Is there a way to heal? If there is I didn't spot it

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I have absolutely no idea what to do. Am I missing some instructions somewhere? Clearly lots of people do understand the gameplay from the comments below, but I'd appreciate a bit of guidance beyond what the skull says so I can play.

I see there is an arrow pointing at the silver box, so I stood on the box and nothing happened. I tried chanting and a yellow box appeared, but it doesn't seem to be usable, just shoots across the screen and if I try to create another one the first disappears.

I triggered a message to appear on screen then moved away from the object before dismissing it with X. The message remained permanently on the screen after that. Had to refresh the browser to get rid of it and start over.

Nice use of hand-drawn, animated tiles, and the jump sounds if a good choice as it doesn't get annoying. I'd like a few more pointers on where to go, but this is a great start. Well done, keep developing!

This game is great! Just the right difficulty level to make you cautious. I'd like it if the coins and potions didn't end up landing on the spikes sometimes as it means I can't collect them. But other than that, nice little game tommy.

Thanks for the interesting game. I encountered a crash bug where I was standing in the corner of a building, rotated the camera to look at myself so the camera was actually inside my characters head, then pressed ESC key to bring up the menu. Game stalled out at that point.