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The gateway opens once a week. Tomorrow I'm going in.
Submitted by Pizzamakesgames (@pizzamakesgames) — 10 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Very well made game. I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from this jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I finally got around to playing your game!  Sorry that took so long.  Great use of animations, etc, I'm super curious how you did some of the nice transitions & effects.  Mine feels extremely static in comparison (but I think it still works for what I was going for) .  I have to admit, I suck at adventure game puzzle solving, so I just kind poked around for a bit.  I don't have the synapses to beat a game like yours!  I have read some of the comments though and it sounds like you were attempting some really ambitious stuff: congrats on a very impressive game!


I really wanted to do this famicase but chose another to do. This just oozes atmosphere. But I didn't really understand how to proceed - it now seems more of a trial and error and if repetition is the goal, the starting section in the apartment gets a bit repetitive.


Heya! I tried to mitigate the repetition a bit by randomizing the starting section but yeah, as adventure games go there's definitely a bunch of trial and error involved. I did try to keep the puzzles mostly sensible, though.


I was eager to play this since I saw it on twitter! I almost chose this cover as well, but now I'm glad I did not because I wouldn't be able to do something so cool! I love the look and vibe of the game, good job!


Loved what I've played of it so far. Will have to give it a bit more time later but I'm under time pressure today <3

Really loved the aesthetic!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Between the title, the aesthetic and the awesome tagline, this was my overall favourite famicase design. I'm glad someone chose it.

This game is super engaging. I've spent more time playing it so far than any of the other AGBIC entries. I love the randomized items, and the way that world persistence is implemented. I haven't seen anything like this in an adventure game before. It works fantastically and has a lot of potential.

I have one issue with the game and I want to describe it in detail because I think it will frustrate some players enough to walk away. The navigation in the starting area is very difficult to understand at first.

I'll try to break it down in case anyone reads this and finds it helpful. You start in a square room with four potential exits (you are the red square):

Let's say you're facing North. On the first screen, you can see the North, East and West doors. If you turn left to face West, on the next screen you will see the West door ahead (across the room) as well as the North and South doors. Instead of walking up and turning into the doorway as expected, the player seems to be hugging the back wall to keep all of the doors in view. It's counter-intuitive since nobody moves through rooms like this. The other problem is that I thought the room was rectangular (it looks a like a hallway to me) so I didn't expect to be able to see 3 doors when standing in other parts of the room. What this translated to, was that it appeared to be a huge maze of doors and hallways -- I actually thought it was some kind of labyrinth until I figured out what was going on.

I think this could be easily solved by adding one extra movement space to make the room rectangular:

The red square is the starting location, facing North with 3 doors in view (exact same as the current first screen). From this spot, the player can either move forward to the empty space, or turn around to face the exit. If they move North to the white space, they'll only see the North door in front of them. They will know from the previous view that the East and West doors are right beside them. From there, they can turn left or right to face either doorway, or turn around to face the apartment door (which would require moving back South 1 space to interact with). Either way, the player only sees what's in front of them and it makes more sense from a first-person perspective.

Hopefully this is helpful. I look forward to playing your other games!


Thank you so very much for the kind review of my little game!

I was actually never happy with the way you moved in that apartment hallway to the point where I had two versions of it and ended up using the one you had to experience in favor of progressing other parts of the game, but your suggestion is just what I've been trying to get to, so I've implemented it exactly as you suggested and updated the game with a new build.

I hope you don't mind me crediting you and using your exact words and illustration in the devlog update. <3