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I just used their shader + mesh system and the required maths to do camera + perspective projection. The source is open, and the github link is right in the build - go take a peek ;)

Yeah I'd love to at some point - I just didn't want to deal with writing a first person controller on top of all the generation for the jam haha :D camera controls in general would make exploring the generation a lot more "interactive" and is definitely on my list.

It's open source too though - so if you get inspired, a PR is welcome ;)

Thanks Alexander - I agree, and I'd love to make some changes when I get time.
This is just a prototype though - to try out the idea, for a game jam. It is currently in suspended animation.

Thanks Jupiter, saw it on twitter and made sure to share it, interested to hear what you have to say about something a bit unfinished :) thanks for all you do for jams like this!

No worries, as I see it the whole point of these jams is to end up with a heap of games to play and foster some community spirit and actually playing them is pretty important for that, haha :)

I figure for a lot of these jam entries a lot of the magic is in that kind of first "exploratory" playthrough so it being fairly linear is a good thing for efficiency if anything.

Haha, all the chests are "empty" at the moment, or more don't trigger anything more than just opening.

The item metagame stuff is partly implemented (behind the scenes) and they'll feed into that once I get a bit more time to spend on it. Sorry if that led you astray.

Stunning. I really love how this looks and feels.

Loved what I've played of it so far. Will have to give it a bit more time later but I'm under time pressure today <3

Really loved the aesthetic!

Nice. The 1 bit aesthetic worked really nicely. The storytelling was suitably vague. I'll have to give it another go sometime and see where else you can end up.

I also think i recognised the image used for the factory, which was a kind of uncanny valley I haven't experienced before, and it surprised me a little, haha.

I liked it a lot. Quirky and "just the right size".

I really liked the aesthetic of the outdoors area. The parallax worked surprisingly well. The egg animation was also good stuff 👍

If you save it out somewhere that "should" be as simple as clearing the canvas with transparent black before rendering but there's no built-in support I'm afraid!

Thanks Jupiter! Gave it a look via you getting in touch on twitter - glad the jam's got some attention at least :)

(The M from ASMB here, hi!)

It might! We've talked about it a few times but we want to be sure there's actually enough gameplay there to justify a full game! We don't want to fall into the same trap as NMS where there's an infinite universe full of nothing to do, but we're also not so hot on doing a bog-standard linear platform puzzle game either. We've had a few cunning plans but haven't had time to work on any of them yet :)

Currently the A, S and B of ASMB are working their butts off to ship Moonman by early next year as well, so there's that!

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(I'm the M of ASMB)
Yep! Folks are already doing it but we've got not problem with people making videos of it.

E: I should probably add that this doesn't stop nintendo having a problem with it. I dunno if they're particularly anal about lets players though.