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I dig the aesthetic and vibe. It's a cool little world I'd like to learn more about. The use of mannequins instead of live characters gives it an interesting feel... almost as if it's not the actual crime scene, but a reconstruction of it, or maybe a simulation or a test of some kind. 

I'd love to see this developed further, with more interactivity within each car, maybe some puzzle elements, hidden items/notes, etc.

Nice work!

Very well done! One of my favs from this jam. 

I really like the menu implementation, where you type the actual words to navigate through the options. 

The combat is great, but there is one bit that I found frustrating. The long final word that you write to execute an attack does not require you to hit space or enter to submit it. Multiple times, I would type the attack word and subconsciously hit enter right after (because the other parts of the game work like that), and this would cause me to fail the first word of the next round. It took me a while to get used to this, and even when consciously thinking about not doing it, I still slipped a few times.

Two possible solutions: 1) require space/enter to submit the attack word, or 2) ignore one space/enter input if it is typed right after the attack word is completed.

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun with this one. 

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Thanks for playing and taking the time to share your thoughts! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. More than anything else, feedback from players is what helps us improve our games. With only a minute to try each game, your videos certainly highlight the importance of making a strong first impression.  Good luck on the rest of your AGBIC journey!

This deserves a lot of attention.

There are a lot of memorable scenes in this game, and it's well worth the few minutes it takes to experience it.

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This is great. Love the clean and colourful aesthetic, and we seem to share an affinity for silly walks!

It's the small details that really make this one shine, like the wacky arms interacting with the environment dynamically, and the character clumsily climbing over all the props. In most games, being able to walk up and down the sides of a tent would be immersion breaking, but here it just makes me smile. And that idle sad face gets me every damn time. Clearly this little guy is struggling with an addiction. While it can feel like wasted effort, these are the kinds of things that turn a tech demo into a memorable experience.

Aside from minor camera issues, one real critique I have is on how the music is implemented. It's interesting that the tempo increases and decreases based on the character's movement speed, but the end result is a bit offputting to the ear. Since the dungeon is quite precarious to navigate, most of the player's time is spent moving about slowly or bumping into walls, with bursts of speed to avoid traps. This means the music is always dramatically shifting from super slow to full speed. I like the idea behind it, which is that the character wants to be running around hoarding items and not standing still. I think an improvement would be to have music with a constant tempo, but multiple channels -- perhaps just a muffled bass line when standing still, and fade in drums and melody as the movement speed increases. 

Overall, excellent work!

Thank you for taking the time to make the video and share your critique. It's immensely helpful.

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Between the title, the aesthetic and the awesome tagline, this was my overall favourite famicase design. I'm glad someone chose it.

This game is super engaging. I've spent more time playing it so far than any of the other AGBIC entries. I love the randomized items, and the way that world persistence is implemented. I haven't seen anything like this in an adventure game before. It works fantastically and has a lot of potential.

I have one issue with the game and I want to describe it in detail because I think it will frustrate some players enough to walk away. The navigation in the starting area is very difficult to understand at first.

I'll try to break it down in case anyone reads this and finds it helpful. You start in a square room with four potential exits (you are the red square):

Let's say you're facing North. On the first screen, you can see the North, East and West doors. If you turn left to face West, on the next screen you will see the West door ahead (across the room) as well as the North and South doors. Instead of walking up and turning into the doorway as expected, the player seems to be hugging the back wall to keep all of the doors in view. It's counter-intuitive since nobody moves through rooms like this. The other problem is that I thought the room was rectangular (it looks a like a hallway to me) so I didn't expect to be able to see 3 doors when standing in other parts of the room. What this translated to, was that it appeared to be a huge maze of doors and hallways -- I actually thought it was some kind of labyrinth until I figured out what was going on.

I think this could be easily solved by adding one extra movement space to make the room rectangular:

The red square is the starting location, facing North with 3 doors in view (exact same as the current first screen). From this spot, the player can either move forward to the empty space, or turn around to face the exit. If they move North to the white space, they'll only see the North door in front of them. They will know from the previous view that the East and West doors are right beside them. From there, they can turn left or right to face either doorway, or turn around to face the apartment door (which would require moving back South 1 space to interact with). Either way, the player only sees what's in front of them and it makes more sense from a first-person perspective.

Hopefully this is helpful. I look forward to playing your other games!

It's a game about eggs that has a firearms advisor on staff. That's all you need to know.

Now, go forth and scramble thy progeny.

I was hoping that there would be multiple versions of Rusty Blade so I could see where others took the concept. This is well done. You did a great job of creating engaging RPG gameplay with just 2 buttons. There are no menus to navigate through, and no world maps to traverse -- either of which would have taken away from the experience in this case. Instead, everything is distilled into binary choices, and the game is able to get its point across quickly. Nice work!

glitch lyfe! There are a couple of small bugs like that, which I decided to leave in for the diversifier. Having the dog open the door to get in/out seemed equally unrealistic so I just had him run through. Maybe I'll add a doggy door and a sound effect later so that it makes more sense.

In my next DevLog I'll probably post a couple of the funny bugs that I left in the game and let others comment if they find anything else (hopefully nothing game breaking). 

My favourite one is what happens when you throw the bone and pick it up before the dog gets to it.

Glad you like it! It was made entirely in GameMaker Studio, including the sprite creation and level editing. Some of the art was done in paint.NET

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Last official update here, and moving forward I'll post all fixes / changes in the game DevLog.

A couple of people advised me that the download was not working. It seemed to be an issue with the zip archive (probably the settings I used). I re-upped as a single executable. 

Also, in chasing down an issue that was causing a black screen when going fullscreen (Alt-Enter), I managed to get the game to run at an excessive CPU load. I found that I had enabled both vsync and the "alternate vsync method" in GameMaker. Turned out only vsync was needed to correct the fullscreen issue. The alternate sync method was tripling / quadrupling the CPU load. The more you know...

In any case, it appears to be working as intended now. 

Good luck to everyone else!

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Now that I have a bit of time, here's a quick breakdown of the major progress made since the last update:

Menu System:

This being an RPG (or at least, a satire of one), it needed a menu. 

When you first run the game, it shows a Launcher window for the game-within-the-game (complete with a sinister-sounding fictional developer):

Once you're logged in, press B1 to open up the menu:

As you can see, it's all nonsense since the numbers and equipment don't actually matter. The Quest Journal and Messages tabs do give some background on what's going on in the game world, and hints at some things that happened a very long time ago. 


  • Once you figure out what you "should" be doing, it's up to you to decide what you want to do.
  • To get to max level, all you have to do is complete your current quest to get the experience, but is that really what you want?
  • Maybe you prefer to relax by the fire! Press B2 (action / attack button) with the mug equipped to take a warm sip of coffee.
  • Or just hang out with your doggo. Play fetch with Garth by picking up and throwing the bone in the backyard 
    • Hint: doing this might help advance the game -- if that's what you want to do...


  • Finally got around to adding a fire in the fireplace. Just a quick 5-frame sprite that I freehanded. Not sure why it ended up as 5 frames, but I stopped when I was happy with it. Added orange and red lighting with some step code to expand and shrink the radius so it has a nice warm glow.
  • Flushed out the animations, including adding a running animation for Garth (as seen above).
  • Added some furniture, and a window on the upper floor.


Thanks to the deadline extension, I was able to greatly improve the game's audio.

All SFX came from freesound.org and was chopped up & edited in Audacity. Everything came out great, but it was a lot of work to get done.

The background audio has some code to adjust the gain based on the player's location:

  • The noise of the crackling fire gets louder as the player approaches the fireplace.
  • The outside noise fades in and out as the player transitions from inside to outside the cabin.

Beyond this, the only part that was a chore to get working right was the footstep audio. I used timelines to sync the sounds up with the animations, and step code in the character object to switch to different footstep sounds for stone / wood / snow. 

There is one music track which appears at the end of the game: Stars in Her Skies by Scott Buckley (www.scottbuckley.com.au). 

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Way too many updates to even talk about.  

Who cares. It's done! 


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I've been scrambling to get mine done this weekend as I'm leaving town tomorrow. I had a chance to try yours out when I took a break this evening and it's very cool. Looking forward to seeing it develop further!

Replied to Gonzalo in Rusty Blade
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Thanks! The gameplay definitely has that LucasArts adventure vibe

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I drew up a tile set for some tree trunks and snowy branches    

frankensteined them together to make 2 tiled background layers:

added a moon

watched a tutorial on parallax scrolling, and voila:

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Lots of progress. 

  • Cleaned up the cabin tiles and added some layering in the rafters & railings
  • Added a second floor & butchered together some code to make the stairs work
  • Added a lighting surface for better atmosphere, and drew up some lanterns 

  • Recolored the player character for a bit higher saturation and warmer palette
  • Was planning to recolor Garth, but decided he looks good as is
  • Our retiree now holds a steaming coffee mug as he putters around the cabin
    • Yes, it switches hands when he changes direction -- glitch lyfe
  • Basic item / environment interactions (doors, item chest, stairs) with up / down arrow indicators
  • Set up the camera object to track the player smoothly, as well as view & zoom controls
  • Basic UI is done 
    • Health/mana/stamina 
    • A "compass"
    • Exp bar -- just a sliver away from the arduous L99
  • Some other things that are secret

Looks something like this now:

Animations are coming along. 

Walk cycles are for people who know what they're doing -- instead, we have this majestic stride:

And last but most important, you can pet your doggy:

Replied to MiniBobbo in Rusty Blade

Thanks! I guess one of the benefits of having no idea what you're doing is that you come up with interesting ways to get things done. For me, this is my first attempt at something that resembles pixel art so I went as small as possible to keep it simple. The idea being to build the scene up with small blocks as opposed to drawing larger areas with pixels (which I'm terrible at). 

I blew up the tiles so they are easier to see, but the actual size in GameMaker is just 4x4 pixels per tile:    

I'm very happy with how it came out, especially considering the file size is 488 bytes. I haven't used all of the tiles either, so I have room to add some more variety if needed (and if I have time).

Please do! Would be cool to see different takes in the same thread

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What was once a mighty blade, fit for kings and for kingslayers

               now lies rotting at the bottom of a moldy trunk        

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First mock up

Needs some cleanup but I'm happy with the look. 

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Once a proud warrior, now a grizzled recluse.

         and with him as always is Garth  

Cabin and snow tile set (4x4 - 36 tiles):

              palette (12 colors): 

We'll see how this turns out...

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Make sure your tetanus shots are up to date boys and girls, because it's time for

Rusty Blade

(Cartridge design by Daniel Ponce / Chiwis Games - Used with Permission)

"After 30 years, an old adventurer comes out of retirement to gain one last level, the arduous level 99. As the dust falls off the rusty blade thoughts of regret and awakened wonderment of what is to come begin to seep in..."

Diversifiers Targeted:

  • Fuck This Jam - the game takes place inside a fictional, grindy MMO. I hate grindy MMOs.
  • glitch lyfe - Two silly bugs were left in (that I know about)
  • Remember to FLOSS! - Once I figure out how to do this, I will release the source code after the jam is over.