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Outrun this thread

A topic by Rising Phoenix Games created Aug 01, 2018 Views: 845 Replies: 10
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We're writing Outrun, a game inspired by Rushing Drive, the amazing cover by Philip Summers.

And it's a table-top RPG.

And it's solo.

Our first devlog is on our blog. I'll be posting updates twice a week, so watch this space.

I had so much fun building Rusty Blade last year for AGBIC jam 2017, it's great to be back again!

If you're a music composer and into outrun synth music, and you'd like to contribute to the project, please let us know. We're planning something special.

Driving Beats
Driving mechanics and mechanics using music, in the latest devlog:

Very cool. The universe needs more solo RPGs. 

Looking forward to seeing how the mechanics develop. 

Thanks @Ramifactor. What are you up to? Got anything on the go for this jam?

Trying to find time to participate this year. I didn't pick the same cart as you again, so I won't hijack your thread!

I'll probably post a few updates in the Discord until I have something up and running.

LOL, cool cool. 
Looking forward to whatever you do do.

Devlog 3 is up!
Fair warning: this one's about funding your game dev, and I know lots of people might freak out at any mention of the dreaded budget, but it had to come up some time. There are links to some of our products in the post, and if people feel like dropping money, that's cool, but don't feel compelled to.
I hope you find the update interesting.

Devlog 4 is here, with a bare-bones playable version of the game.

This game's coming together. Hopefully I'll be able to share the first version of the full game within a day or so, vroom, vroom, vroooooom!

Devlog 5 - The Alpha Playtest version is here, test drive your copy today!

The Beta Playtest version is here. I've added some very experimental rules and I'm keen to hear if they work out for you or not. Give the game a try and let me know what you thought.

The AGBIC game jam was loads of fun, thanks everyone who followed our progress or shared our posts, we really appreciate it!