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D4 Dungeon is now available on our website store too, where it will remain free forever in celebration of our 400th blog post.

Can you survive in the deep darkness of D4 Dungeon!?

The pyramid of Krug lies in the deep mists of the Valley of Bones, drifting in and out of reality as the tides of magic ebb and rise. Four determined tomb robbers have climbed the pyramid’s many black steps to reach the ancient tomb’s pinnacle, and the great door of bone.

Beyond the grim door’s threshold lie the many mysteries and horrors of the pyramid. Those who overcome them may discover great treasures, or a horrible end. Beware, for the pyramid’s power will work for and against you.

Find out more on the D4 Dungeon page.

D4 Dungeon was created as part of the A Game by its Cover Game Jam and to celebrate the 400th post on our blog.

And We're Live!
You can now download and play D4 Dungeon!
We'd love your feedback!
Good luck in the dark depths of the dungeon!

Sneak Peek Time!

Here's a sample monster from the dungeon, one of the mini bosses. Champions like the Aethermancer are never encountered alone and make things tough for the Tomb Robbers with their special abilities. Stats are super simple for monsters too, because you'll be encountering masses of them.

Aethermancer from D4 Dungeon

Awesome suggestions @Gold_Ninja! We'll add them in!

We're looking for community contributions!

  1. Check out the characters above.
  2. Describe a power for a character.
  3. We'll build mechanics for the power and add them to the list of community contributed powers, along with your name.

Because we'll be publishing this, we reserve the right to reject anything we don't think is appropriate for our audience. Also, by contributing you've got to be okay with us publishing your power and name, without expecting anything in return. That's the fine print. :-D

D4 Dungeon Logo

A logo for the game, with MOAR SKULLS!!!

Suitably retro game bits for our #AGBIC dungeon crawl RPG, D4 Dungeon, below. Art by Jack Badashski of Stinky Goblin.

The game will be free to celebrate the 400th post on our blog!

I love the #AGBIC game jam. I think this is our third year participating. This year I was inspired by a bunch of games, but Not Quite Dead Yet by Joaquin Schwarz suggests some interesting mechanics that I'm keen to tackle.

Good luck everyone!

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The Grimdark Pamphlet suggests rules additions and changes for the fifth edition ruleset to allow you to play grimmer adventures with morally ambiguous characters in a fantasy world beset on all sides by dire powers. In this world, life is brutal and short, victory is never assured, and madness and corruption threaten even the most resolute and steadfast.

The Grimdark Pamphlet

Inside You'll Find:

  1. New Abilities and an Ability-focused Alignment system
  2. New Skills for gritty games
  3. Madness and Injuries, and how to cure them
  4. Rules for Active AC
  5. Suggestions for making magic rarer in your games
  6. New Melee Weapons and Firearms
  7. Grimmer Feats
  8. And a growing sense of impending doom!

You can find it here: The Grimdark Pamphlet

A Dark Night For Russia

In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian government decommissioned several publicly hidden research facilities devoted to ‘arcane science,’ chief among them, PERM Laboratory 37. Recently, due to several strange energy emissions, the location of the PERM 37 facility has been discovered by various parties with an interest in the lab’s inventory of eldritch artifacts.

Nightscape: Red Terrors Cover

You’re an agent of one of these factions on your way through driving sleet to the facility. Dusk is falling as you pass through the broken security gate…

“The line between magic and science disappeared in the utopianism of the early Soviet period. Hopes formerly invested in religion and magic were transferred to technology and science. Stalinist political culture utilized ideas taken from the occult elements in its attempt to inflence the masses.” — B.G. Rosenthal

In Nightscape: Red Terrors you play an Operative of Integrand General — an extra-governmental non-profit established to research the arcane sciences — fighting your way through the PERM 37 facility. You will be opposed by the horrific forces at the disposal of the Director. Modern weapons have little power against the most powerful horrors you’ll face, but a host of creatures do bleed. Arm yourself well and expect the unexpected.

Nightscape: Red Terrors includes everything you need to play, except for a few 20-sided dice and a group of friends.

Get Nightscape: Red Terrors

Horde is a hack and slash tabletop game for 1–4 players. Stand against masses of enemies without lucky dice rolls to save you. Horde’s rules emphasize the need for clever tactics to stay alive long enough to defeat waves of deadly foes.

Horde includes two modes: Defender, for a shorter game, and Dungeon, for a full dungeon crawl through caverns teeming with enemies.

Download Horde Now.

By donating you help support the development of this game.

Fun! I was a little confused about the patterns at first, and I think some kind of tip or glowing blocks might help the player know if they have a good combo or not.

Horde is inspired by the Youkai Project famicase cover art done by Yowan Langlais.

Glad to be back for the third year running!

You can find out more about Horde, and see the cover, on our blog: The Horde is Coming — Take a Sneak Peek

The Beta Playtest version is here. I've added some very experimental rules and I'm keen to hear if they work out for you or not. Give the game a try and let me know what you thought.

The AGBIC game jam was loads of fun, thanks everyone who followed our progress or shared our posts, we really appreciate it!

Devlog 5 - The Alpha Playtest version is here, test drive your copy today!

This game's coming together. Hopefully I'll be able to share the first version of the full game within a day or so, vroom, vroom, vroooooom!

Devlog 4 is here, with a bare-bones playable version of the game.

Devlog 3 is up!
Fair warning: this one's about funding your game dev, and I know lots of people might freak out at any mention of the dreaded budget, but it had to come up some time. There are links to some of our products in the post, and if people feel like dropping money, that's cool, but don't feel compelled to.
I hope you find the update interesting.

LOL, cool cool. 
Looking forward to whatever you do do.

Thanks @Ramifactor. What are you up to? Got anything on the go for this jam?

Driving Beats
Driving mechanics and mechanics using music, in the latest devlog:

We're writing Outrun, a game inspired by Rushing Drive, the amazing cover by Philip Summers.

And it's a table-top RPG.

And it's solo.

Our first devlog is on our blog. I'll be posting updates twice a week, so watch this space.

I had so much fun building Rusty Blade last year for AGBIC jam 2017, it's great to be back again!

If you're a music composer and into outrun synth music, and you'd like to contribute to the project, please let us know. We're planning something special.

I'm looking for a musician, but for a very specific type of music. What kind of music do you make and do you have any examples online?

Nice story and plenty of variation in game play — it's like 4 games in one.
I liked the music, and the sound effects were brutal but appropriate.
The art was great and really added to the story you set out to tell.

I found one set of spikes that didn't do any damage (level 2, somewhere in the NE section of the map). There was a spelling mistake on that level too, I think the word was "remember." 

The chase sequence was cool, but it wasn't clear to me what I needed to do until I'd failed it. Maybe that could be clearer, with a character saying "catch him" or something.

The combat menu for the final fight was generally easy to use, but I suggest disabling the item button unless the character has an item, and also clearly indicating how to go through the menu. My initial thought was that the item menu was broken and I did like having to press Esc to back out, because I thought I might lose my game.

Overall, a fun little game with an interesting story, and well worth a play.

Haha, I'm really, really glad you got through the goblins. Thanks for the support!

Thanks! That was one of my favorite parts too!

That's awesome feedback! Thank you!

Amazing art, well done!

Almost wish we had time to turn some of the bugs into achievements...
"Achievement Unlocked - Doggie Door"...
Or something :-)

I'm a fan.
I also made a version of Rusty Blade, and it was very interesting comparing the vastly different outcomes. You did a really great job on this, well done!

It works for me. I think I found a bug though... the dog runs through the closed door.

Really well done. I'm enjoying reading through all the messages in his inbox and figuring out what's happening.
What did you build the game in?

How are you going with your game JDam?

I've been thinking about adding sprites too. Here are some initial ideas.
Rusty Blade Character Concept

Rusty Blade Character Concept
You can find my version of Rusty Blade here.
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A new version is up!

See our dev log for more.

Looks really amazing @JDam. My game's a lot simpler, but here's a screenshot...

I think a bit of context might be nice. I was a little confused by the spacey menu screen and then being a dude with a gun in a hole.


Was cool, especially the run at the end. Well done on having at least 2 (that I could find) game modes (camera smashing and alley roll).

Some of the dialogue buttons don't detect the Enter key, and it would be nice to be able to just use the keyboard.
The "that was close" dialogue fires again if you roll around the house, and I couldn't figure out how to go to sleep, but otherwise didn't notice any bugs.

Love the sword!