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Submitted by Jay (@raisedbywoes), Zugai89 (@Zugai89), Calined (@calinedmusic) — 17 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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this game is 🍦 ❄️ 🌬️ ⛄ CHILL ⛄ 🌬️ ❄️ 🍦

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A creative 3D platformer with unique (and tricky) gameplay, wonderfully cute and detailed graphics, upbeat music and fitting sound effects to top it all up!

Although I did run into a little issue...I have a 360-type controller and the analog stick seems to be a bit mixed up. Pressing up (/down) moves the pot to the right (/left) while pressing right (/left) makes the pot run up (/down). It kind of swaps the x- and y-axis. However, jumping and kicking works as intended. Maybe I just have an outdated controller that isn't supported by default, but I thought I should mention it.

Still, it's really an outstanding entry and a well-deserved top spot at the game jam overview!


Thanks a lot for playing^^
We've mostly tested with keyboard, so we missed out on that bug, thanks for reporting :D
Going to get it fixed shortly^^


This turned out great! I would've liked the controls to be a bit more responsive, but then again, it's a big heavy pot -- I suppose it makes sense that it handles like one. 

Visuals and music are top notch. Nice work!


Thanks for playing :D
The pot controls like a ball and also responds like one in physics interaction, because that was the base for the leg animations^^


Slightly annoying controls but fun none the less


I don't feel like "King Geoffrey", but thanks for playing XD

Sure thing! It's a new channel so please do explore the other vids on this channel as well, would really help me out :D


The visuals and animations are really nice! I like how a lot of things are interactive. The game is a bit difficult, but it's fun to just wander around.


Thank you :D

We were debating, if it might be too easy/too hard. It sure has a learning curve to remember where the items and NPCs are, but once you got that figured (and don't mess up too often) you can theoreticall play forever.


Super cute, well made game! I included it in my A Game By It’s Cover 2018 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks so much :D


Very cute and delicious game! The life of a pot sure is challenging. I liked how the different characters eat whatever you feed them - I could never collect exactly what they wanted.


Yeah, it takes some skill to avoid getting marshmallows by accident, or a double dose of coffee XD
In my test plays I always found the chef at the restaurant to be the most dangerous.
Thanks for playing^^