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Finally got around to finish the game. Really love how subtle the hints for some alternative options are :D
There for sure are a few more things I didn't discover yet, but I'm glad I reached the True end 1-1 ^^

Thanks for the info :D
Been looking forward to more since Project Kat and was looking forward to backing the game. I don't mind it being episodic in nature!
One thing to keep in mind with physical items for the KS is shipping if you allow global backers ^^"
Good luck :D

Turned out pretty well :D
As mentioned before it is maybe a bit too easy atm, but overall a pretty nice concept^^

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You have to set the interval after pressing start. Adding a hint for that would be nice :D

This is the news I've been waiting for!
Looking forward to play Chap. 1 and back the KS :D

Not bad, next step would be implementing crafting, right? :D

Really great job on art, VFX and audio. Looking forward to see more :D

Hey, thanks for sharing, instantly wishlisted :D

Thank you :D

Thanks :D
Glad to hear that^^

Let's see...
The "issues" with camera were already noted...

I'd probably make inventories work with mouse hover + E to move items between inventories and hover + 1~0 for hotbar and maybe as alternative drag and drop. That would speed up inventory management to some degree. Especially since you'll need to think of splitting stacks more efficiently at a later point. Right now moving stuff to a chest and back requires you to move the inventory highlight to the chest and back manually.

The ways to close menus also already were mentioned...

Jumping would be great. That way you could keep chasing eg. fallen logs or stones without needing to chop down other things. (of course it would also open up possibilities to go past barricades...)

Currently you loose stamina upon tool swings you miss. That might be a concern for some people, especially with the currently mobile game UI, it makes a missed swing weigh heavier.

Pinnable recipes would be a great QoL addition to be able to keep track of one's current project(s).

Also a little hint that you can use "equipped" ore on the smeltery would make it easier for people to notice how to get copper ingots. I was initially expecting them to have an inventory that would smelt through what is in there.

After that it's probably mostly about balancing. Amount of health(?) and stamina regained from food/crops vs. the market value vs. the time it takes to grow them. Also viability of crops vs. trees.

Good luck with further development :D

Really great demo :D Looking forward to get to know the missing characters^^

Really well done :D
Great mechanics, good amount of humor. And that elevator music XD

There only seems to be a tiny bug, or maybe is it by design? The character offsets towards the right after landing. Despite landing fine, you'll fall off short after if there is no block for support there.


Didn't know the menu was on enter, I tried esc XD

Wonderful humour, awesome music and satisfying animations :D
Since it's an early demo I also came across some bugs, which I'll mention shortly^^

Vases in the prologue area will "lock" your animation state, eg. falling or running, if you overlap them.

The "wiggly" behaviour of chains etc. sometimes  seems to go in the wrong direction (opposite of player movement, depending on the point of entry into the room, eg. first basement room) and might probably need some tweaks to be less... jittery?

chains can potentially trigger wallsliding along them (at least the long chain in main basement room)

The sign in the 7/11 is in front of the witch

Gary will already wait in the break room before you got the jump feather and will mention it.

The chains holding signs in the post office will react to the player, while the signs themself stay still.

Seems the test rooms are not working currently? (bought a bus ticket before I reached the end of the demo), only can go "back home", even if I'm already there.

Also the  with will in many cases show the "!" for interaction before transitioning to a new room, but pressing interaction doesn't do anything.

Last but not least, I'm using a QWERTZ keyboard, which makes playing indie games that use arrow keys and ZXC attacks/interactions a bit more difficult. Hope to see a key rebind option in the future^^

The game is super cute and was a lot of fun :D
Most of the minor issues I wanted to mention were already mentioned, but I have a few more^^
The first time you open the character menu (Esc) ingame, it takes a bit to generate/ load. Maybe you can preload it upon starting/Loading a game? :D

Also the Depth of Field  for post processing seems to only be "focused" in an area behind the character instead of 50:50 in front of and behind. (especially noticable with NPCs.)

Also noticed that the paper airplane card respawned when I reentered that room later^^

Good luck with further development :D

Really cool game so far :D

Only caveat is that it does not have key rebinds (yet).

Also might have encountered a bug? 
When I played on hard, lost in the first fight and clicked start story from beginning, I got the walls that narrow down the arena very soon after starting the match. Is the timer not resetting under these conditions?
(I probably also died in the "normal" phase)
Looking forward to see more^^

Really cool game so far :D
Only got to 470 Score XD
There are 2 bugs though:
#1 the vertical fence pieces will lock your vertical movement, if you are too close (or horizontal movement at the T intersections)
#2 Zombies seem to spawn even where collisions are (eg. in fences, houses, the trees at the room border)

Cute little game :3
The 30th is a bit weird, because the bars come in again right when the timer runs out.
Also nice to see you included the pet rock^^

Works now, thanks for fixing :D

Nice style, maybe a bit too slow paced (could need a sprint key). Also there are some gaps in the level design where you can pass between a car and a wall and walk out of bounds.
Aiming on the head does not always work. After one shot the red dot will not appear on the head again until you aim somewhere else first.
Good luck with further development :D

Yeah, it was fun :D

Maybe a bit confusing that only one "day" a week is "night", but that might just be a world building thing that will be more clear lateron^^(or because day/night cycle/time was not implemented yet :D)

Looks great so far, might need a bit of balancing with the more expensive potions lateron, depending on what else you would be able to buy in the actual game :D
I found a few bugs you might want to look into for the demo (sadly not the butterfly kind^^")

The BGM does not loop, it will only restart the next day.

Big trees have no colission

Doors are not quite sure what to do, if you change your mind halfway through and turn around. (They might try to open the other way and phase through the player)

The menus that are built like the one to feed Ellie/the animals can bug out, if you unhover the item tab, and rehover, before it finishes sliding down. It will flicker between expanded and retracted state.

The "crop is growing" messages should maybe appear after the "game saved" when waking up, else only one will appear and vanish too quick to read. Or you generalize it :D

Double digit numbers end up a bit too far right in the Brewing ingredient UI, overlapping with "/".

There is a flicker in the blinking animations, most noticeable for chicken and the owl, but present for all.

The confirmation sound for planting a seed (feeding Ellie) only plays once if the tab stays hovered over and you plant multiple in a row.

Good luck with fixing and further development :D

Cool concept :D
Only one minor bug I found so far^^
If oyu happen to dig away the dirt until the bottom of the screen, you can't open the LMB menu anymore at that spot. Not like someone would dig away all dirt, but it is a potential hazard :D

A few things you could improve on:
Allow only one item in a mortar at a time. Might also look into how to handle the pestle better, having it in your inventory is kind of weird, you can't just put it back either.

Using the cliffs from the coal/sulfur mining site you can go past the invisible walls/rocks at the lake and furtheron jump off the island and fall forever (until everything turns grey.)

Could turn out to be petty interesting, if you add some more content :D

Where can I get that earlobe addon...? o.o
Really interesting concept, cute visuals and lovely music <3

Pretty well done :D
The best single scene in terms of impact is probably the one with the sirens.
Also interesting to see how the same scene can feel completely different depending on light, sound, effects and post processing.

Has potential :D

Didn't get too far, because of some bugs though^^

That skeleton protector that adds/refills health filled up to 5 heart (I had taken some damage at that point) but I died at the boss with 2 hearts left. 

Also I got stuck with some electro effect on my dice. I could not use any regular attack, only throw that (AC/Dice?) it only ended to be bugged once I used another ultimate after rerolling(death/respawn), the electro effect was stuck on the dice though (and the buzzing sound won't even stop when the game was paused).
 Good luck with further development :D

Really awesome :D

Didn't get to finish it yet, but I love the VN sections so far^^

Since it's a demo it comes with a few minor bugs:

The mirror image in the first scene with Quentin starts with the wrong sprite for her.

Even if you are already on the same floor, pressing the button will start the elevator again. (necessary, because it's unloading when entering the elevator?)
If you exit the elevator and then reenter and press the button of the same floor you're on, you'll end up at the "next" floor.
The colors for the white and black button are flipped inside the elevator compared to the elevator button UI

Using the menu while standing in front of the elevator (and maybe in other interactable places) will actually interact with things (like make you step into the elevator.)

Also, you might need to consider tweaking combat a bit. I'll focus on Quentin's world and the combat there for this example:

As far I see, if your time top left hit's rock bottom, you start a 10 second timer to get back up, before you lose. Your time is reduced both with inverted Quentin cards and by "redrawing" your hand. Redrawing might be necessary, because the main skill of the enemies is to permanently lock your hand cards from being used. But you of course can't redraw, if the time is already at 3 and the 10 second countdown is ticking. You're basically done for at that point. When playing normally you might avoid using the inverted cards, because of course it would be bad to loose time, even if you can regain it with the one or other right oriented card. I lost maybe 7 matches (including a reload from autosave) and won 2 or 3 by playing "regularly" with just Leroy's and Quentin's cards.

But then I figured out a way that completely breaks combat, which you might want to consider "fixing": Press all arrow keys at once at the start of the battle and keep them pressed: You'll automatically use all cards, no matter what they are, hold or regular. It is impossible for monsters to "lock" card slots that are empty (because cards come in one at a time), even if you end up at the final countdown, chances are, you still have enough cards coming in to get the time boost you need (I rarely fell that far down though), or if they lock, you have enough time left to unlock them again via redraw and then boost back up. Similarly the battle with Primadonna, the one slot from which you played the inverted bomb stays "unlocked"so you can just play until you get a regular bomb to unlock all slots again.

Both cards have a synergy, since Quentin would need the unlocks and Primadonna would need the extra time, but this "easy" workaround right now makes it obsolete.

It might be a bit harder to find the right balance there, but maybe if you actually locked the slots instead of the cards that would help with some things. Also, maybe I missed it, you could hint at the necessity for Leroy to go "explore on his own" to return to the hub, so people are guided to meeting all characters/getting all types of cards first, before tackling the more intense fights.

Good luck with further development :D

The first time it was pretty weird. I stepped into the trigger and the camera moved all over the map to the group of monsters I befriended, the cutscene played out normally, but I didn't see the camera "returning" to me. I guess I glitched through the wall, like with the crushing teddy or so, because after the cutscene it was just pitch black (also many of my skeletons died, but that could have been something else). Any other replay of the "same" level worked fine so far.

Run into  a bug, where the cutscene of meeting Betty in "Path of Righteous Light" would trigger far away from the actual location. 

The ellipsoid barriers you, enemies and your skeletons sometimes get are positioned a bit too far up relative to the upright character model.

When facing a wall and using the Crushing Teddy skill you can get sucked through the wall and fall eternally.

Another (minor) issue: When using the Crushing Teddy in the homebase, the lovely slime girl Gucha might get stuck halfway in the floor^^"

In some (rare) cases the camera would zoom in and then get stuck in the zoomed position.

Still got some optional levels to beat, but it was mostly fun so far, despite some frustrating deaths every now and then XD

NonVR playthrough:

The leaves fall a bit too slowly.
Since it might take some time to actually notice the shed, you could have a noise set on a tigger/timer, that shifts the player's attention on the shed.
While you hear a windchime, it is nowhere to be seen, which could break immersion you need to build at the beginning.
Similarly the clock in the kitchen and livingroom could be animated (and if the second hand is just "stuck" flicking at the same location, indicating low battery)
An unlock/close sound for the door would also be great.
Inside the house, the moths wouldn't fly around the lamps, as long they off.
Upstair wardrobe door clips into the racks and clothes behind when opening, same for the door in the attic leading to the narrow corridor. 
Sound attenuation of the sound recorder upstairs needs adjustment, since looking around might mute it.
Overall really great atmosphere and very enjoyable :D

Great :D

Not sure, if it's only temporarily, but your trailer comes up with Internal server error^^"

Really well done so far. The whole ambience and the sounds are great :D
Also love the effects and what you did with that number lock there.
Only minor issues with the 1.2 build: The pause menu seems to "lose focus" and neither mouse nor keyboard allow input (Windows 10), which upon finishing the game and then pressing esc led to a crash.

Was pretty nice in terms of ambience. Missed sound effects for the planks and the candles and sometimes books would glitch through the floor, when dropped (on other things), but overall pretty enjoyable experience :D

Wish I could experience the whole thing, it is pretty intense, but it crashes short after ending up on the chessboard D:
I blame my gfx card... (AMD Radeon R9-360)