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Great :D

Not sure, if it's only temporarily, but your trailer comes up with Internal server error^^"

Really well done so far. The whole ambience and the sounds are great :D
Also love the effects and what you did with that number lock there.
Only minor issues with the 1.2 build: The pause menu seems to "lose focus" and neither mouse nor keyboard allow input (Windows 10), which upon finishing the game and then pressing esc led to a crash.

Was pretty nice in terms of ambience. Missed sound effects for the planks and the candles and sometimes books would glitch through the floor, when dropped (on other things), but overall pretty enjoyable experience :D

Wish I could experience the whole thing, it is pretty intense, but it crashes short after ending up on the chessboard D:
I blame my gfx card... (AMD Radeon R9-360)

Thanks a lot for playing^^
We've mostly tested with keyboard, so we missed out on that bug, thanks for reporting :D
Going to get it fixed shortly^^

Very hard indeed
Never got past the third sickle guy XD
(I'm really bad at hectic games with unusual key bindings)
There seems to be a bug with the BGM stopping when you die at certain timepoints though. It would only continue/restart when you die another time.

Thanks for playing :D
The pot controls like a ball and also responds like one in physics interaction, because that was the base for the leg animations^^

I don't feel like "King Geoffrey", but thanks for playing XD

A really wonderful game so far :D
Kind of sad it "ends" so abruptly without any hints on " to be continued" or "follow us on twitter" or wherever. Hope you'Re still actively working on it :D

Thank you :D

We were debating, if it might be too easy/too hard. It sure has a learning curve to remember where the items and NPCs are, but once you got that figured (and don't mess up too often) you can theoreticall play forever.

Thanks so much :D

Yeah, it takes some skill to avoid getting marshmallows by accident, or a double dose of coffee XD
In my test plays I always found the chef at the restaurant to be the most dangerous.
Thanks for playing^^

Really cool :D
Just a few things to point out: A "skip dialogue" button would be great, if you end up replaying for example the tutorial level. The Magebolt attack does not quite hit where it was aimed, but rather higher/further away, not sure, if that is intended. The hub has the dungeon loot spawn a bit weirdly in some cases: gallon of milk is sunk into the shelf, Trumpet and Magical Sword spawn in the same spot. In rare occasions it might happen that an enemy, upon death, ends up "stuck" inside a table (eg. body below, and head above). Adding the options menu in the pause screen ingame would also be nice, especially for adjusting controls. The axis inversion with the double arrow symbols is maybe not an intuitive choice, especially since inverting mouse horizontal/vertical doesn't seem to have any effect? Also a Tooltip or hint on the side could help, (or a classic inversion tick box).
Good luck with that final stretch :D

Fun and tricky, a lot of potential for additional puzzles/enemies :D
Also really lovely animation^^

A few typos here and there, but else really nice :D

Yeah, I guess I should have ignored some sections and sorted the inventory by value, since it decays from the back and doesn't drop the actual items XD

Very interesting take on the topic. Attempting to actively forget will only make you remember what has been and could have been.
Really well done^^
The only thing the game could need is a "restart" button :D

Really cool game, just some sections are incredibly hard XD
Sadly lost all the things I collected halfway through at one of those fork switch gates.

Pretty interesting concept and lots of potential for more complexity^^

Really cool :D

Only thing this game could profit from was a better contrast between not highlit button/text^^
Some pretty interesting exam sheets XD

It's fun :D, maybe a little bit buggy (coins not counting, despite being rendered after being attacked, able to get "infinite" coins by attacking a goblin during it's death animation, in some cases very low amount of chest spawning in unreachable areas (pockets at the very top or at the very bottom and instantly covered in lava. Goblins seem to miss one or two sprites and turn invisible in combat at times. It is possible to "fall out of the map" at the sides, delivering the coins is finicky, would probably be a bit easier, if the time machine would attract the coins on short range.)
Still pretty nice :D

This is pretty awesome! Would love to see more of this. Great use of pixel normal maps, good choice of ambience and an interesting interpretation of the topic and use of the torch for puzzles.

Only thing I noticed so far, was that the text in the menu is hard to read (white on pale green) and also the "Press R to ready"text would improve in readability with a frame :D
It looks really good, maybe I get to play it with someone else later^^

A hand full of things you could consider, if you plan on fixing/patching :D

If you read the note before checking the door, you are reminded to read it, to be able to get out.
The arrows on the attacking shards at the village are not always oriented correctly towards the screen.
Ending the fight close to where your grandfather is afterwards might make it impossible to read what he has to say.
There is one typo in the text with the bird at the colorful wood with bolts. "ou're" instead of "You're".
It won't register more than 2 key inputs at once, so moving diagonally and jumping is not possible.
The lower ring in the cave renders above the bars.
Other than that it is really wonderful <3

Still needs a few bugfixes :D
You can charge your shield even when the energy is depleted. (Energy allows for negative values?) Any energy pickup you then collect will not replenish enough of the bar to be able to shoot again.
Else pretty enjoyable for what it is XD
Only made it to wave 8, but with proper energy management it should be possible to get a bit further^^