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The game is super cute and was a lot of fun :D
Most of the minor issues I wanted to mention were already mentioned, but I have a few more^^
The first time you open the character menu (Esc) ingame, it takes a bit to generate/ load. Maybe you can preload it upon starting/Loading a game? :D

Also the Depth of Field  for post processing seems to only be "focused" in an area behind the character instead of 50:50 in front of and behind. (especially noticable with NPCs.)

Also noticed that the paper airplane card respawned when I reentered that room later^^

Good luck with further development :D


Hey thanks again! Yup there s alot of things trying to find references when you first open the pause menu. Will certainly be looking into that. I have also been trying to get a good feel for the Depth of Field, but I notice it reacts very differently depending on the resolution of the screen... Still trying to figure that out :)