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Looks great so far, might need a bit of balancing with the more expensive potions lateron, depending on what else you would be able to buy in the actual game :D
I found a few bugs you might want to look into for the demo (sadly not the butterfly kind^^")

The BGM does not loop, it will only restart the next day.

Big trees have no colission

Doors are not quite sure what to do, if you change your mind halfway through and turn around. (They might try to open the other way and phase through the player)

The menus that are built like the one to feed Ellie/the animals can bug out, if you unhover the item tab, and rehover, before it finishes sliding down. It will flicker between expanded and retracted state.

The "crop is growing" messages should maybe appear after the "game saved" when waking up, else only one will appear and vanish too quick to read. Or you generalize it :D

Double digit numbers end up a bit too far right in the Brewing ingredient UI, overlapping with "/".

There is a flicker in the blinking animations, most noticeable for chicken and the owl, but present for all.

The confirmation sound for planting a seed (feeding Ellie) only plays once if the tab stays hovered over and you plant multiple in a row.

Good luck with fixing and further development :D


Thank you for the detailed feedback! I definitely have a few things to fix in the game, I hope you still enjoyed playing  :)

I'll do my best to fix these for the next version!

Yeah, it was fun :D

Maybe a bit confusing that only one "day" a week is "night", but that might just be a world building thing that will be more clear lateron^^(or because day/night cycle/time was not implemented yet :D)