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Wonderful humour, awesome music and satisfying animations :D
Since it's an early demo I also came across some bugs, which I'll mention shortly^^

Vases in the prologue area will "lock" your animation state, eg. falling or running, if you overlap them.

The "wiggly" behaviour of chains etc. sometimes  seems to go in the wrong direction (opposite of player movement, depending on the point of entry into the room, eg. first basement room) and might probably need some tweaks to be less... jittery?

chains can potentially trigger wallsliding along them (at least the long chain in main basement room)

The sign in the 7/11 is in front of the witch

Gary will already wait in the break room before you got the jump feather and will mention it.

The chains holding signs in the post office will react to the player, while the signs themself stay still.

Seems the test rooms are not working currently? (bought a bus ticket before I reached the end of the demo), only can go "back home", even if I'm already there.

Also the  with will in many cases show the "!" for interaction before transitioning to a new room, but pressing interaction doesn't do anything.

Last but not least, I'm using a QWERTZ keyboard, which makes playing indie games that use arrow keys and ZXC attacks/interactions a bit more difficult. Hope to see a key rebind option in the future^^

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Thanks for the compliments and thanks for noting all the bugs! :) I'm actually also using a QWERTZ keyboard (you're from germany?), I just changed the keys in the control config (you can open the menu by pressing "enter"), then you can just play it with the intended layout.


Didn't know the menu was on enter, I tried esc XD


I hadn't considered escape for opening the menu - I should add that thank you for the feedback and I'll on that fixing the test rooms