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Just played throught it and enjoyed it a lot, a cool gaming mechanic and very neat level design. The graphics were also very cool. I liked the music, however I found the quick switching between it and with the transition sound kind of disturbing, not sure, if that was intentional. Also it was a bit annoying that my right hand had to switch between the keyboard and the mouse, since the the timing of the spacebar is sometimes essential. But maybe someone with a more precise thumb won't have that problem and it also didn't interrupt the flow too much. Good job!

Look's pretty cool, but its not running on my pc. I get an error message saying "Can't create An OpenGL 3.3 Rendering Context." Does someone have an idea how to get around this?

This is pretty cool, really creative level design. It's really fun to see this old mechanics being brought to new live. However it's a tad laggy online, which made up a lot of my deaths. An offline version would be pretty cool.