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The Forgotten JadeView game page

Submitted by yopox, ThronoCrigger (@CriggerThrono) — 1 day, 6 hours before the deadline
Rated by 3 people so far
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Successful or Incomplete?


Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week?


Is your game a roguelike?




Roguelike Elements
We have kepy many points from the Berlin interpretation: Random environment generation, Permadeath, Non-modal, Resource management, Hack'n'slash, Exploration, Single player, "ASCII", Dungeon, Numbers



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What an amazing project! The graphic style is tremendously good. The sprites used are very beautiful and intuitive. We are looking at a different kind of roguelike, I would categorize it as an "action" one since there are no turns but a frenetic game loop based on dodging with dashes and killing everything that appears on the screen using different attacks.

My favorite is the character that uses a "sword strike" to attack. Being able to dash and position yourself correctly in front of the enemy to destroy them with your sword feels very good and satisfying. The 8-bit and chiptune style music is very catchy, and the visual aspect has been successfully achieved with that palette of soft colors and good contrast.

I would like to see if the creator continues with this project, expanding it to add more starting classes, power-ups, and content. Perhaps different final bosses would make it, if possible, even more fun.

In summary, a very good delivery where all the main sections (gameplay, style, music, etc.) have been perfectly developed. Many congratulations on the work!


Wow, what a polished game! Beautiful style, great “feel” to the different attacks, nice enemy diversity. Dash feels great. I had a fun time doing “alpha strikes” with the archer, timing my projectiles to hit all at once on an enemy and knock it out without it attacking me much. I wasn’t quite clear on my meta objective beyond leveling up. I see in the comments there is a boss somewhere, but I didn’t encounter it.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks a lot! I have added a gameplay video in the description of the game if you want to check the final boss :) The red dot on the compass gives a clue but it would be nice to explain more of this in-game!


Oooh, this is very fun. Twin stick shooters are my favorite genre (Robotron 2084 being my favorite classic arcade cabinet), and this is scratching that itch. Item / ability activation is always going to be hard on a keyboard vs. a gamepad, but I think I've got the hang of it and will give it a few more runs before rating. Really enjoying it, especially with the great soundtrack / effects and the interesting combos of monsters - always sucks to get caught in a crossfire.  ^_^


Alrighty, landed my first victory! Definitely going to go for completion as the warrior and wizard. This felt incredibly tight overall, a fun concept executed very well within the 7 day time limit. After a certain amount of leveling, you aren't really concerned by regular monsters, though the boss was hard enough. For future expansion, would love to see more dungeons and / or big bosses.  😄

Congratulations on a great entry! And that music... 🤌🏼


This game is a lof of fun! The combat is simple but challenging and it's fun to shoot and hit enemies. The music and sound effects are great too and give the game a lot of forward momentum. The graphics are simple but effective and work really well for this type of game. My only complaints are that it times it can be a bit too hard, and the meele attack has a very long cool down for how vulnerable you are while using it. Other then that really good job!


The Jade Is Mine!

This is a fun dual stick shooter, the music is engaging, I like the different enemies and items, the boss fight is cool and the difficulty is fine too, the reason why I managed to win is that I took my sweet time inside the first map, not really following the compass and eventually checking the game description to see if there were even any progression, was happy there was. In no way was I able to dodge the attacks from the boss but my 20 levels, 4 potions and 2 ankhs helped me bruteforcing my way through the fight.

Thanks for sharing.