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Fun little game! Best to avoid enemies while seeking shields / swords early on.

w00t w00t! Can't wait to give it a try!

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I dunno... I kind of like the idea that holding the up arrow should instead be used for the character to tilt its head back and shoot a beam of white light into the sky, causing mushrooms to sprout on the ground around it while will-o-the-wisps fill the air.

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I couldn't share the player version of this b/c it's garbled, but the gif still shows off a little farm I made on a bridge in the sky. : )

You actually can make false floors by holding shift and clicking the tile after you've placed it. : )

Occasionally, I see what should appear in the "empty" tiles in the tileset. (I know I can select and place them to see some of the future sprites and such, but in the editor they appear empty while in the player they actually show up as they should.) Is this intentional? Just an issue of version management?

For that matter, it would be nice to see in the interface what version I'm looking at, including ensuring I'm seeing the correct images somehow. : D

Again, not sure if this is due to rotation or what, but this dungeon looked like this screenshot before I tried it in the player. : P

I know it's isometric, but I remember loving the artwork of Four Crystals of Trazere. I grabbed it for DOS Box, need to give it another go...

Wow, not sure what happened, but it appears that when I started to rotate tiles on my later maps, the tiles went CRAZY. : P

What's funny is the blocking vs. non-blocking elements seem to persist, but it's obvious once you start climbing back up from the fall down the waterfall things go awry. Current version here.

Oh, and since I'm posting in the bug thread, I should add that touching the bottom of the map through a non-blocking tile wraps you around to the top screen in the map even if it is blocking. Had that happen with the pool at the bottom of my waterfall before I changed it to the linked version.

Oh, and I guess it wasn't clear to me how to get to the playable version of my game as the creator... figured out I had to just click to share it and open that URL in a new tab myself.

Also, I think a button for triggering the load from the uploaded file would be wise. The magic load right now is jarring, and it then didn't seem to let me reload from a saved image once I'd edited the loaded level.

woot woot! Making progress. Took me a while to figure out what was going on here, so yeah... maybe I'll help contribute to those docs. : D

The biggest challenges for me were understanding player placement, that there is no "goal" marker, what in the world that key is (do I even understand it now?), and why my player couldn't move anywhere ... that owing to the empty blocked tile. : P

Also, I'm guessing signs just don't work yet? Otherwise, add that to the list of things I don't understand.

Work in progress that'll have ya traverse back up the waterfall is here.