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Thanks a lot! I have added a gameplay video in the description of the game if you want to check the final boss :) The red dot on the compass gives a clue but it would be nice to explain more of this in-game!

I loved the transformation mechanic! Good job on the terrain generation also :)

I guess items have different colors based on the rarity? It would be nice to know the scale or maybe just infer from the item stats.

The amount of content and polish you have managed to do in a week is mindblowing 🤯 I also loved the relaxing vibe :) Thank you for making this game!

The wagon upgrades are awesome! Really well done :)

I am also interested in pushing a fix for a game crash and some SFX already in the game but not playing 👀

I liked the unusual perspective! Very good job on the animations :)

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Thank you so much! Programming the physics with bevy_rapier was a real struggle, we will make a post jam version in Godot for sure :) I will record a playthrough to showcase the second zone, the second boss and the last boss!


Amazing entry, I had a lot of fun finishing a run :) The animations are gorgeous and the spell slots mechanic is a good idea! I found it a bit too easy, we end up with thousands of gold and it is possible to trigger the special attacks with the right click nearly continuously ;) It was really cool to develop a strong build though! (thunder is great ⚡️)

Nice entry! I really liked the explosions and the palette, and it is always nice to see space invaders 👾

It is so creative! I loved that each level is using the game mechanics in its own way, congratulations :)

Very nice concept! I absolute adore the parallax effect and the animations feel very smooth and nice 👍 Great job

Nice little shoot’em up! I also liked the palette. I noticed some small details like sub-pixel positions, rounded borders around the text or spinning particles, so the game is not really 160x144 :( I think it would have helped giving the game a crisp look like the gameboy!

Thanks! If you want to play again try pressing S on the ship selection screen, there are different game modes (act 2/3/final boss/boss rush) :)

Impressive to see a submission using GBDK! Do you plan to keep working on it?

Congratulations for making a real .gb game! My oxygen ran out quickly after I headed south, I am not sure if there was a way to restore oxygen :(

No :( It can happen in the first few seconds but it should be fine then. Maybe try a different browser?

merci ;)

Thank you very much from all the team :)

I liked how sprites are big, it has a good gameboy feel somehow (+ good blue & orange palette) ;)

Collisions made it really hard though haha

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I find it really artistic to cut circles in the level :)

The color palette works really well, and I've had a great time finishing this game !

Congrats for making a real GB game ! The gameplay is good too, I like these kind of mechanics :)

I love the graphics, the color usage is perfect here :)

This is really impressive ! I'm really bad at this game though haha

Just open it :) You need Java installed (like Minecraft).

The art is stunning ! The parallax effect is magic.

I loved the story ! The landscapes are stunning too :)

Great job with the color palettes.