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Submitted by Tobias V. Langhoff (@Spug) — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Level Design#403.1823.182
Color Usage#443.5453.545

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It's awesome you made it for the original GB! 

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but even beating the levels (and the level counter is changing++), the level is still the same:

I wish the map change, cause it seem one of those puzzles I would play a lot.

Orverall, good job!

Developer (2 edits)

Hmm, what emulator are you using? That looks like what happens if the random number generator doesn't work: All the random numbers are 1! That can happen if the emulator doesn't accurately emulate the Game Boy's initial state, which I use as a seed for randomization. I recommend the emulator BGB, which gets this right, but there might be others too! And thanks :D


Oh, I was using GBE+, I'll try with BGB, thanks! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

After I understood the logic the game was pretty fun to play! Just missed any sound at all.

If you wish, try the games I did music to. They are:
Dys Alexia -
Wizard Bubble -


Yeah, I wanted to do music, but didn't learn how to do it in time!


Next time count me in =)

Developer (2 edits)

That's very nice! I'll make sure to let you know. Although I assume you haven't made much music for an actual Game Boy game before? Or have you?? I'll keep you in mind for more general stuff though! Sound has always been the crucial missing part of my games.

The Bubble Wizard theme is great! Sounds exactly like an alchemy puzzle tune should sound like.


Very cool that you did an actual gameboy game; I wanted to do the same but I knew I wouldn't have time to do what I wanted. 

I dind't really understand the game mechanics though  😅 


Congrats for making a real GB game ! The gameplay is good too, I like these kind of mechanics :)




Cool little game, and great to see more people getting into Gameboy dev. Are you just using straight up uninitialised memory for the random values, or are you using it as a seed for some PRNG (like I do here:

The other RNG approach I see a lot of games take (most infamously pokemon) is just sampling the DIV register (a fast counter), and relying on the variance in players' input timing to provide the randomness.

Developer (2 edits)

All of the above! I admit I didn't do much research on the matter; I'm basically just using a routine I found on It looks a lot like yours and is probably an LFSR. I'm using uninitialized memory as a seed for PRNG, mixing it with DIV and also calling it every time there's player input: (the stuff afterwards is just mapping the random byte from $00-$FF to 0-28). Don't judge my newbie code too much, haha.

I wanted to make the game playable in the browser, but I actually couldn't find a JS emulator that emulated random uninitialized memory! I didn't have time to look very closely, but it looked to me as all of them just initialized with $00. It looks like you're using GameboyOnline? Does it actually have random memory? If so I screwed up, hehe.


> Does it actually have random memory?

Probably not. As you may have noticed, I couldn't even get sound working. I just figured that anything at all was better than nothing.

Also I'm not actually using RNG for very much, just bat movement, which looks "random enough" even if the seed ends up consistent. I'm also advancing the RNG each frame so it's also somewhat dependent on player input.