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What's certain is that I "open"ed the door and it opened before I removed the tile where the blue lock is.

I don't know if the door was always unlocked from the start or not.

I don't know if I owned the blue key or not at that moment.

I don't know if I ever used the blue key or not on the spot (before revealing it), it's possible that I did.

Don't bother with the hook, I mentioned the hook because the bar with the hook is what helps you get the bottle where the hint about the location of the blue lock and I didn't have this hook (nor the hint then) when I opened the door.

The game is excellent, I loved every part of it, the gfx, the music, the atmosphere, the story and the puzzles. 

Game really bring the oppressing part of those Mac-Venture games, I love these games because they are essentially dungeon crawlers with actually great dungeons where you're checking for loose tiles and such and this game excels at being that, it's not exclusively about death and being alone even if these things are important too.

I think the difficulty is fairly on point, with double hints used with parcimony and in the right places.

Not sure I really used the blue key to the door where you're meant to, I only found the spot at the very end (I missed to pick the hook) and the door was already opened for a very long time. Also examining the genie's choices gave me "Exam Fail 2" message.

The game is very fun.


Thanks for sharing.

I'm likely going to use heavy metal version of your sprites ( in my game unless you provide any objection (it goes without saying I'll provide full credits in the game as well as anywhere I may share infos about the game).

Thanks, the game was fun.

I think there's some weird behaviour when picking the claws after cutting those. "Take claw" as well as directly using the interface of Quest didn't work and the game reacted liked I tried to pick directly from the animal's feet, for some reason "take cla" worked though'.

Sure, I just sent it.

Thanks a lot for your help.

It's kind of immediate, here is a screenshot : (the "cancel" button becomes a "close the program button" afterwards).

I got some other crashes but I've no precise idea when, the one when I use the stairs is consistent (happens everytime).

I get my character sprite turned into a @ sometimes (maybe it's just after a possession), not really a problem and maybe it's not even a bug but just in case it's a bug and it's linked.


I am playing the demo and the game crashes with typical "Possession Demo.exe has stopped working " Windows message whenever I try to go upstairs.

I am using Windows 7, the only thing I tried was running the game as an admin.

Do you have an idea what could cause the error and/or do you want more info?

The game seems to be quite fun by the way.

The game is fun, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your answer, it solved my issue, I didn't have connected speakers, I plugged speakers into the pc and now it works.

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I can't manage to launch the game. I'm using Windows 7. Maybe I miss some required directx or something.

Here's the content of my command prompt : 

init heap
loading configuration
loading sprites
loading sounds
loading tiles
loading items
loading classes
post init
libpng warning: Interlace handling should be turned on when using png_read_image

bad: show: XAudio2: Couldn't create mastering voice

Stack Trace:
FIXME: implement stack_trace
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

It makes sense, thanks for the detailed answer.


I completed the game and it was a fun ride.

I have got one suggestion, I think bumping onto an enemy could make the character attack it.

Willy World community · Created a new topic Very fun game

Thanks for sharing!

Very fun game, thanks.

Just in case, I had to reload after defeating Bobby because nothing happened the first time I beat it, and the same happened after defeating Corruption and after defeating Core.

The game certainly scratches my Amiga itch.

Thanks for the comment.

The game is very compact and your ragged hobos quickly become heavily armored gods making most fights change from hard to trivial. Only the final fight requires some particularly good (and appropriate) equipment.

By the way is a downlodable version inconceviable? I would play it.

Very fun games, can't wait to play the 3rd one.


Fun game, delivering nice open-world exploration.

The world is well crafted. It's not too small nor too big. Here and there you solve a puzzle, find a more or less hidden new weapon, some water or ammo supplies or some tool unlocking a couple of locked area,  dying a lot in the process to radiations, mines and various enemies.

As you find notes and alien artifacts you uncover the story of the world while also uncovering your past and crafting your own story.

The game is fun from start to finish ; note that it is also very stable.

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I really liked this game.

Are you still working on Spirit Quest?

Voidspire Tactics is one of the best RPGs of recent years.

The character system is open and very deep with a lot of useful options, the equipement is well balanced and the crafting system is interesting for once. Every fight is fun from start to finish, with very varied groups of enemies.

Exploration is fluid, the world is fully open with a lot of secret places to discover and monstrous, weird and rewarding hidden bosses.

Very good piece of work.

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Very solid RPG. The game is rich in content (you'll probably need more than 40 hours to reach the end) and delivers some particularly interesting exploration.

Character creation and customization are free, the world is open and big, the towns and dungeons all provide their dose of unique characters, key items, tool and/or equipement. Inside combat like outside combat you'll be able to cast spells, sing songs and use tools and consumables. The equipement is varied.

Every character you meet will be involved in your quest one way or another, providing you a new item, spell, song, important keyword or hint which will help you in one of the numerous subquests slowly carrying you to the final goal.

The dialog system is well used, you'll need to ask people the good questions in order to progress through the story. Moreover you'll meet a lot of charming characters and it's pleasant to talk with them.

The game is definitely not easy, it doesn't hold your hand, which is part of its charm. However the mandatory puzzles are logical and you'll certainly reach the end if you take the time to visit the world and pay attention to what people say.

Besides the game is polished, there are a lot of secrets and you'll probably not discover all of them. There are also some nice little things like seasons which change over time, which is not only cosmetic since during winter shallow water turns to ice and is easier to distinguish.

Overall it's a very enjoyable game.

No problem, thanks for your answer.

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The game is fun.

Do you know a way to play with a controller (JoyToKey doesn't seem to work)?