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That's super kind of you, thanks a lot.

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This makes perfect sense, I checked your game from the LD and combat is indeed cool.

With a fresh mind I beat the game in hardcore. I've started exploring the other games in the series, playing the 4th one right now and it's pretty fun too.


Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Your feedback about the sound is appreciated, it's certainly something we're not in ease with both on a technical level (last dev day was fixing sfx bugs) and on a what-volume-to-put-for-each-thing-level so any comment about volumes which feels wrong is useful for our future games.

The game is super cool, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the updates.

The game is super fun, I'm glad I managed to play it just a few minutes before the end of the jam.

The game makes a very unique and ambitious use of the theme, and it works very well. The different upgrades are satisfying and the controls feel good as you start to get it.

Very nice entry, thanks for sharing.

I beat it eventually.

The character you play looks super good, and the fight is fun enough to learn and execute properly.

Nice work, thanks for sharing.

I did 67.

I like the silliness, think it would benefit from speeding up as you play and of one item you don't want to get (gives a score malus or even kills you immediately) .

Thanks for sharing.

My best score has been 2200 so far.

The take on the theme is really unique and ambitious, and the game is fun, I'm very bad at it too.

Cool entry, thanks for sharing.

This is cool, the control system is interesting, and the game definitely gets fun as enemies start to appear, grazing for ammo becomes harder than it sounds when you want to do it fast, although I often manage to die when I can take my time too.

Nice entry, thanks for sharing.

I like the visuals effects and sound effects in this one, controls feel good too.

Not ton of it but what's there works, the controls feel good, laser gameplay is satisfying, I can easily see this become something cool.

My best score has been 2833 so far.

The game makes good use of the theme and works pretty well, it looks unique, controls well and the different kinds of enemies you could expect are all there. The game's brutal from the start, which is good, that makes playing several games in a row much more enjoyable.

Well done, thanks for sharing.

Only level 10 yet to beat. I am a big fan of the difficulty spike there, the opposite would have been a bit disappointing.

Anything with bugs is worthy of interest anyway but the game is super fun, I love it. The 10 levels are very distinct, make very good use of the color swapping mechanics, and they're all super fun to solve. The difficulty among the game is perfect.

Super cool entry, I've a lot of fun playing it.

I made a few attempts, got closer each time but would still need quite more attempts to get any close to winning, maybe when the jam is finished.

The game is very good, it looks and sounds good, it controls well and the theme implementation is very fun to use, the jumps being an interesting part of it which makes it quite unique. The different enemy waves are pretty fun to deal with too, the difficulty of the game seems perfect although I've not seen the full game yet.

Very cool game, thanks for sharing.

This is just some simple arcade-ish frantic fun, I like it.

Piracy is illegal.

The game is super fun, it looks and sounds great, and the boomerang cannonball mechanics not only fits the theme well but it's also very well implemented and super fun to use.

Well done !


I completed the dungeon in 8:14.

The game is cool, I like the music, the limited attack range, you've got some very cool boss fights and the difficulty is fine.

Well done.

It took me a couple of retries to eventually beat the game, and I stopped playing when I reached 9-1.

I like the animation of the enemies, they could probably be slightly more discernible from the background but it's fine, you quickly get to have aboslutely no problem distinguish them. The game controls well, the different upgrades are really satisfying, and the difficulty of the game is right on point, I like that it ramps up in the second biome compared to the first one.

Cool game, thanks for sharing.

I completed the game.

It is fine, I like the helicopter animation, the bullet patterns are nice and fun to deal with and with the power-ups the difficulty feels right.

I think some of the enemies stopped attacking after a while.

Cool game, thanks for sharing.

I did it!

I really like the craziness of this, the game is super fun and dynamic. Controls are as they should be, the game is not super easy to control and is not meant to be, that even was a nice change of pace compared to other entries. Difficulty was kind of right, I guess it could have been slightly harder but it was fine really.

Very cool game, thanks for sharing.


Funny that this game with an intentional time pressure also has another unintentional one with the lag at the end ;) .

The character's animation is super nice, the music is excellent and I really like the bullet pattern progression, it feels really good. The game controls well, the freezing ability of the special attack is cool.

Very fun game, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I am glad you like it.

I completed the game in hard.

The game is very well rounded, the presentation, both visuals and music, is nice, I like the very smooth movement of everything, it's dynamic and fun, the levels are different and are fun to apprehend, the speed of the obstacles feels right and with the difficulty levels the difficulty level is as you see fit which means it's consequently right on point.

Very cool game. It could for sure be developped into something bigger too.

OK that game's super cool.

The presentation is very nice, including for example stacking enemy schedule and the meeting voice sound, and I love placing the different enemies on a schedule, that's a really fun idea. The shooting part is pretty on point too, the speed of the characters and bullets feels right, controls feel good and the different bullet patterns are fun to deal with.

Very fun and somewhat unique game, thanks for sharing.

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I won eventually, although I did not deliver a lot of crates during that one run, probably have not even picked a lot.

I have not played the original game so it took me some time to get it.

The game is very fun, it's super fast and dynamic, the visual effects are nice, the different enemies are fun to deal with and the diving gameplay really enhances the game. I like the different upgrades. The difficulty is right on point, the speeds of everything are fair and feel right, and the third line is just long enough that it's satisfying to beat the game.

Super cool game, thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot, I'm very happy you like it.

I have a clue, it might be that you did not unzip the folder and tried to launch it directly from inside the zip, I tried and the result seems to be exactly that.

We managed to play at 2 players, very cool of you to share a 2 player game.

The game is very fun, it reminded us of action puzzle games we're found of. It looks clean and sounds good, controls pretty well, the speeds of the protagonists and bullets feel right and sending several attacks at once onto your opponent's screen is satisfying.

Very cool project, well done.

Now this game is brutal. I actually did not manage to beat the third level with 100 lifes.

The game is cool, it looks and sound good, the controls work, I notably like the two types of attacks and the different enemies, enemy waves and especially the bosses seem super cool, although I won't say I really managed to apprehend most of the game, actually only the non-boss part of the second stage went quite alright. The light limited to bullets is a very nice use of the theme too.

Fun game, thanks for sharing. I might revisit the game in the future to try to play a bit better this time.

I saved the day !

The game is fun, it looks and sound good, controls well, the grazing for mana mechanics is a good implementation of the theme and is fun to deal with especially since the roster of enemies seems adapted to it, the speed of the character and bullets feel right, the different bullet patterns and enemy waves are good and the challenge feels right too.

The volume of the music almost feels slightly too low. Also I feel like the waves where the enemies all just stand there without moving feel a bit less dynamic, maybe because they are not animated (which is fine) either, but I don't know maybe it's just me. These are details anyway of course.

Solid entry, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, yes I beat the game and the Rambo frog was delightfully ridiculous.

I'm using Java to make games so I should really look for how to make Linux builds someday, I know during a previous jam someone mentioned a game I made worked under Wine so this one probably does too but that's as far as I could help.

This was fun, took me 2 tries.

I like the artsyle and look of the character and love the music. Multi-phase bosses are cool and the controls feel good, the bullet patterns are good and distinct, the speed of the character and bullets feel right and the game offers a moderate yet fun challenge.

Cool game, thanks for sharing.


The game is cool, the bullet patterns are nice and the tools you get to deal with those are appropriate and fun to use, cutting through lasers is satisfying. The length and the difficulty of the game feel right.

I feel like a very last tool which you'd use once to kill the lich would have made for a cool ending.

Nice entry, thanks for sharing.

I always wanted to be king of nothing.

The game seemed worth the installation process. Turns out it was not. Joke aside, I love the game. The presentation is super cool, both visuals and sounds as well as the king's comments, and it's really entertaining and dynamic, the different enemies and screens are super fun to deal with and the difficulty is perfect, it was satisfying to beat. No weak part, the game is very well-rounded.

Super cool game, I had ton of fun playing it, thanks for sharing.

I cleared 5 floors.

The game looks, sounds and feels good, the speed of both the visuals effects and the gameplay elements (protagonist movement, bullets) feels right. I like that you put some power-ups there, and even keycards (the door opening effect is nice) are a nice addition.

The variety of turrets which are there is fine, I like the mix between fixed shots, changing shots and targetted shots. Some moving enemies would enhance the game.

Cool game, thanks for sharing.

I scored 26 at best (so I've seen two kinds of enemies).

I think the game makes a good use of limiting ammo, and the result is an arcade loop which works pretty well, it definitely gets harder and more tense as you play yet the better you play the less it does.

The game is quite fun, thanks for sharing.