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Thanks for adding an English version!

Cool D&D gameplay, with skill checks, open-ended events and stat-based turn-based combat, thanks for sharing.

The game was excellent.

Very good enemy roster with Ancient caves being the apotheosis on that front, each area is unique enough, a cool and organic puzzle or secret here and there, music is nice, gfx are sometimes simple but always clean, diverse and inspiring enough, the game is big, difficulty is on point with, in particular, always the right length of sequences between two save points, I like that several sequences are just as hard as boss fights instead of the difficulty being restriced to boss fights.

I guess even the 5 seconds of dialogs before fighting a boss could be skippable so you can retry quicker, and a matter of taste but the best parts being the hard area you can access early but will probably not manage to beat right away, like this one in Electric city, I sometimes felt the game could be even slightly more nonlinear.

Anyway, I loved every second of the game, thanks for sharing, I'll follow whatever you'll come with next in the case you intend to release more games.

Very cool to see the game getting further development.

I was replaying it just a few days ago and thought it was clearly one of the games from the jam which, rather than a vertical slice of something bigger, already felt the best like a small, replayable, fun, full game I could pick from time to time with a full gameplay loop and a full length, which could totally be in early access as is and could just benefit, from there, from a little bit more content in the various departments (a couple of monsters with different effects like directly dispelling buffs or targetting consumables or targetting hunger, a couple more consumables with different effects too like possibly a blink effect which teleports you in a random place or such, possibly non-monster events with the same kinds of effects ...).

Anyway, I disgress, good luck, I'm going to follow the development of the game.

I had to map a bit of the dark area using pen & paper to eventually find the end, the game is great, congratulations, and by the way I also played Pandemonium Buster to the end and it is great too.

I did not, but a cool feature that people won't use is an even more cool feature.

I think I'm simply going to describe most features :) but what I liked is solving puzzles using various spells (real spells like magic wands), and that there are clearly some cool puzzle sequences (the entire truffle thing, for example). I liked the big inventory which eventually contains many items at the same time. I liked that a real part of the world is available from the start and that the world opens as you play (no self-contained chapters). I've not looked in depth, of course, but it never seemed to me that I had to solve one puzzle after another and I felt that the order was quite open. The flexibility with allocating stats and spending your gold is cool, and the multiple ways to solve some puzzles and defeat some enemies is certainly the mark of a refined game.

I just completed the game the day before yesterday, it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the challenge there, I can't wait to play the 2nd part or whatever party-based dungeon crawler you're going to work on.


I reached the end, had a lot of fun with the game.

The game is fun, thanks for sharing.

It crashes whenever I die in combat with my weapon, then immediately reload, then try to move to any other location. It's reproducible, it always happens, I think, it is really when you try to move to another location after the sequence I described :

I think there's a specific error when trying to use the circlet here (it does not seem to happen anywhere else) :

Cool, thanks for the update.

I think I managed to enter a still closed elevator (on level 3?) and I can't leave it.

Do you intend to work further on the game? Everything (environment gfx, UI, gameplay) is already in an advanced state, I like the responsiveness, movement is fast (and feedback is good) and combat goes as fast as you click, big bonus for working perfectly on my very poor pc.

Cool, the game's getting there.

The tutorial used to be serviceable, now it's also elegant. I think the last screen is still a pop-up which is a bit of a shame (, don't hesitate to use the same inteface instead of a pop-up for the Victory screen as well.

I think it's still possible to get stuck behind an empty tile, it was in the entrance room of an area so it was not a case of being in the limit between two areas. By the way in most cases it does not matter but the transition between different parts can be annoying when you can't see a monster above while you're fighting against it.

I got this bug twice more or less at the same time and in the same place (and never otherwise) :

I think the only thing which is not that fun is that you can simply put your item on the floor then hide behind it, using it as a barricade, and the enemies can't do anything and will just wait to be killed. I'm not sure what the good solution is but I think that items not blocking the enemies at all would at very least not be worse.

Good job, I hope my points are decipherable enough.

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I played up to the end, the game does feel complete now and it's very fun.

I hope you'll continue working on the game, I like the item management and it's so cool to play a game without any loading time and with real turn-based gameplay which goes as fast as you press the buttons inside as outside of combat.

I'd certainly play a big, commercial version.

I wonder if 90° turning with Q/E would be completely pointless.

When I die I keep my upgrades and still get 2 extra points to spend :) .

I had ton of fun playing the games, and will be paying attention to future updates.

Thanks a lot, I guess the game is confusing for some bad and some not so bad reasons.

I had to complete the game before commenting because it's probably my very favourite game in the jam.

I loved the combat system, Xp spending, the item roster, the maze and this central eye enemy, that you might miss an item if you're not paying attention.

Furthermore that the UI, gfx, sounds, settings and highly detailed and at least a bit interactive environment are all high points sure is an extra bonus, the game is very detailed and polished on top of being very fun.

Finally I would have said I thought the balance was very good at first, I'm not completely certain anymore, some parts may be both a bit hard if you don't abuse healing at all and easy if you do, but that's really just a detail, I had ton of fun with the game and think it's excellent.

I eventually found a pc where I could play the game. I really enjoyed it, the combat system does work, overall balance and length were on point to me, I liked that the game uses a food mechanics and I liked the dungeon, with a good layout and a cool puzzle (good partly due to the food pressure), any respectable dungeon needs a good puzzle.

I liked the timer and the various involved resource.

Wow, Dungeon Master/Legend of Grimrock engine on steroids is not what I expected before booting the game. I've not completed the game yet but this is a pretty strong entry.

OK, I don't regret persevering and completing the game, it was fun enough to eventually manage to reach the end.

Is it possible that the parchments are not always on the tables or something? That confused me a couple of times when restarting.

Strong presentation here, with the commands drawn on the wall and even better the map on the wall, this is cool.

The intro is awesome.

Although the game does not run well on my poor pc so I can't really navigate through the traps and eventually I did not do more than killing a bunch of enemies, I totally like that the dungeon is full of traps.

A good idea and pefect scope and execution. The game was very fun.

The game is very well executed, it's clean, smooth and fun.

Very solid game with already a bit of everything, I killed the beast and returned to the village and now I want more, obviously.

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This game is notably fun, the gameplay is very solid, good job.

The game is smooth, looks and sounds good and is kind of fun as is.

Thanks. To be fair I did reuse many old mechanics, for the jam I only put content together.

It would have been fun to publicly release my crawler editor so that, in theory at least, anybody who'd want to could start from there too (in practice it'll probably always be too much of a mess), but it's currently miles away from a releasable state, for the jam I did not directly code any content and all content was made with the editor but I had to fix quite a lot of bugs as they came.

Simple but everything's there does work.

Nice presentation, the gameplay is very simple but the game still feels complete in the context, with hp regeneration allowing to play better or worse.

Thanks (and thanks for persevering :) ).

Thanks, I get your point.

The game is fun and already contains fairly detailed enemies' animation and such.

I hope you'll work further on this.

I really like that you went with control of a full party here, and the current version already contains a good amount of content.

I hope you'll continue to work on the game, I want to see where it goes with more combat variation and such, the foundation is solid.

Cool concept.

No problem, don't worry, I asked just in case I was obviously doing something wrong and/or there was some obvious thing I could do but it's probably the old rig indeed, no need to dig further (for the record I'm using Windows 7 and my graphics cars is a both old and poor NVIDIA Geforce 405). .

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Thanks for your help.

What happens is that as I enter the dungeon the view seems to turns up from this :

to this (and then stays this way) :

Turning left or right gives this :

EDIT : replaced the images with link.