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Ok, it worked when I did two things : changed the Regional Format to US and launched the game as an administrator, not sure which of the two things did the trick but one of the two probably did.

Yes, it's weird. I took a screenshot the second time : The last time I got bugs which were hard to reproduce it was because my Regional Format was not US (nor UK ...), I may try to do a run this way when I have some time.

The game seems to freeze whenever I manage to hit any part of Ray, King of Cretins. I reached it twice and each time the game got stuck after I finally hit a part (not killed, just hit once) on the damage text, the music is still running but pressing a key or the mouse button does nothing.

Finished with a power of 1125, the game is very good. I missed at least one Jack'o'lantern (found only 1) and 2 snow balls (found only 1 snowman) for sure, and probably several other things. I did all the maps once, never redid any.

The maps are excellent, very pleasantly varied with some unique feature here and there, and so are the customization system and the related resource management.

The story is on point, despite the premise it manages to never get too melodramatic and stays on a right spot between cool and melancolic, I liked it, it really felt appropriate.

The set of units is very cool (especially the kitty) and mechanically it's good enough, some skills like the object animating one of the poltergeist sure are cool.

It's pretty cool to have several different sprites of the same unit depending on the killed ones, like the zombie cook and the two different Phantom Armors.

I was happy I could eventually buy ectoplasm especially (and then as much happy that I could not before, it would have been a shame, the part where you can't and must do with what you have is good too, it came in the right time), since redoing some maps felt like it was going against the need to  manage resource (no problem that it's possible as long as it's optional).

I took the time to break most objects and such, and playing this way I felt like overall the game was a bit easy, I rarely got any close to being defeated and it was really only during the first fights where I defeated Cecil or possibly some other neutral unit. Not sure if you consider this a problem or not, if you do then I think the enemies could open unlocked doors and triggering zones of groups of enemies could overlap so that you're always under pressure, being able to rearrange (heal too, although I never overdid it, I always walked forward while doing so) my 6 units to fights disconnected and waiting tiny groups of 2 was really the only thing that made the game too easy.

Very good job, big thanks for sharing.

Yes, kudos for managing to produce anything in these dark times, hope you stay safe.

This was pretty fun, I'm going to play the sequel too.

Are you still working on a party-based sequel to Characternik?

Gave the ring to the school, the game was fun.

I don't know if there's a way to destroy it, didn't deal with the wereslime and did nothing with the broken dagger (these two are linked?), also not sure you can press the button in Castle Stodthon.

I think the Wizard's cape and Mera's shroud are bugged, they significantly lower the MPs. Also when you talk to the Archmage you must be careful that your following characters are behind you and not on the left or on the right, otherwise the pumpkin guys can't come and the game is stuck. Finally I could swear the guy in the swamp did not give me the 5000g he said he did. I've not investigated any of these deeper though, maybe I'm inaccurate.

The game is very polished anyway, with all those characters which come or have new things to say (with a reward) as you've accomplished things, and a little story choice here and there.

I played the game because of full party creation, I'm always ready to play one more game with full party creation. The open world is a big + too, the game would not be half as good without it.

Combat is fun, balance is on point and, on top of getting aside the road in the beginning to fight monsters which would drop much better pieces of equipment that what you currently have or can buy, there are quite several powerful unique items which are satisfying to find. You definitely have a bit of different choices of equipment at the end, there's more than just one obvious choice.

Good job, thanks for sharing.

I played the two parts, fun games.

I completed the game, it was very fun.

I was not certain before starting so I was happy it was a full length game with at least a bit of everything.

Finding the third key was satisfying after visiting the castle first and searching there for a time. The last hint got me at first, dark river and stones made me think of the mine in the fishing town, but then there were not that many other places to try so I found the place eventually.

Action Points are the right addition to an Ultima-inspired game, and the exploration part probably hits the right spot for people who want to have to pay attention to what people say without having to take pages of notes.

Good job.

This was cool, pretty atmospheric with satisfying exploration mostly due to the second ending, I got the true ending after restarting (I had killed the gatekeeper before finding the girl the first time), I'm glad you kept motivation to finish it despite exceeding the submission date.

Thanks for the fix, got back to kill ant mum.

Thanks for sharing the new version, I think it is still just a bit slow but it is completely playable and fun now. Are you planning to add more levels?


Thanks, fast and snappy movement and combat are one of the reasons why I enjoyed your game too.


We built the game without an automap in mind, especially there's not too much backtracking involved so when you find the next point of interest (the next map, typically) you should not have to get back and fourth too much, it's not too sprawling, while an automap or a compass might work a bit again dungeon mechanics (spinners ...) . With that said one specific late part might require a pencil and the corner of a piece of paper to manage to get out of it.

Thanks, judging by the different comments it seems incontestable that we took the confusing darkness too far one way or another.

Granted I understood right and you can't use the Steel Key to open the Gate, I think I found most of what the game has to offer (I tried to bump onto every wall but I still may have missed some hidden doors, leave alone buttons and such).

Overall I greatly enjoyed my time with the game.

I mapped the full town then found the map and explored all the caves using it.

You went with a big scope, variety of combat might be slightly limited but overall many aspects are polished. The caves are just different enough that they don't feel like bloat.

I love that you use instant movement, I'm a bit sad when I'm walking on a grid while not being able to walk as fast as I click.

However for the same reason I'm not sure about the use of cooldowns instead of turns, since you don't use real time otherwise (while Dungeon Master needs real time for plenty of puzzles and such).

Nonetheless presentation and exploration are top notch, easily on par with some commercial games, good job.

It was the entrance floor of the area with green walls which is the closest to where you rest, I think it is indeed the temple but I preferred to describe it because I might mix names.

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It was in D:\Téléchargements\It-Came-from-the-Forest-0.9\It-Came-from-the-Forest , now it's in C:\It-Came-from-the-Forest .

I wonder if it's the é, or the . or something.

Thanks, it was something like that, it works now.

I'm trying things related to that, I did not have a setting.cfg at all at first, only the save file (possibly related to Quit to desktop instead of passing through main menu, or maybe too long paths (I was in download at first) ).

It's weird , the file is in the folder but I can't seem to be able to reload my save, the button is disabled in the inn, and I assume I should be able to reload from the main screen (at least after restarting, based on the previous comments) but there's no command either.

This was fun.

I thought the game was overall a bit slow, I did not like the small steps, cooldowns could have bit slower or later weapons (or all weapons, enemies too) more lethal, recharging energy maybe faster ...

However multiple details reveal a good level of polish, the code you could miss is double-hinted (searching and typing codes was cool, anyway), the maps on the wall are definitely cool, there are the damage on the helmet and probably more things.

Good job.

OK I understood the picture below completed the game, it was fun.

I don't think you can equip the Legendary shield, also I went out of the map once, and since there were things about seeing in the dark I didn't immediately realize it was likely a bug and not a feature, then the game crashed when I tried a stairs there or something I think. Really nothing.

The scope is right. The big open structure covering a large part of the game is cool.

I really like that you can get equipment from some catched enemies.

Most of all there are more dungeon mechanics than in most games in the jam, so as someone who associates crawlers of this kind with dungeon mechanics first and foremost that makes it a game more than worthy of interest, with small dungeons ressembling proper dungeons and a big overall dungeon working as a good, non-linear enough, dungeon in my book.

I mapped the game by the way, when I realized there was an automap, about halfway in, I decided it was more fun to map it anyway, mapping places with inverted gravity parts was some cool brain stimulating challenge, first time I've ever done that.

Good job.

The game generally crashes after a battle so it's obviously not easy to explore. Besides, I don't like the tiny steps, they make mapping needlessly more complicated.

I would have investigated further if the game did not crash that much and/or if I was sure there's much more that what I visited, I found 3 hidden doors, not sure if there's more, if any key can open the door in front of the entrance I did not find it (and the door does not seem it can be picked). I like the writing, having a description for most rooms sure is pretty cool, party creation, combat, shopping, hidden doors and the presentation is alright, the game is rough at this point but there's still plenty of things to like, I like what you wanted to make and some of the basics work.

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Got it thanks to the dev of Robots and Zombies, change your regional format to UK or US and it'll work.

Thanks a lot for the regional format trick, it made this other game which did not work for me, Beneath Mournstead, work too. Will comment later on the game.

"Gurg has risen!"

I'm glad you managed to make a game into the jam, I had a particular interest in the game since I did not know your editor existed up to now while except for this jam I've only been making Bard's Tale inspired (or precisely more like Dragon Wars and Wasteland, regarding features, balance around smaller numbers, less linear world structure ...), I even made a game using only my own editor which is pretty much a BTCS thing (no coding during the jam) to create my entry for the jam of last year. Therefore I was intrigued by your own implementation of it.

It's pretty cool, I really feel like the "lag" after a fight or at the end of a round is unnecessary, except for these things the game can pretty much be played as fast as you press buttons, which I love, so I think the game would be better without these, but opinions may differ.

Regarding the game itself, I like the setting, felt the scope was pretty appropriate in the context, some non linear treasure hunt ending in putting all things together is pretty much as good as you can get, structure-wise.

The hints were clear, maybe all classes should be able to use the trap, for someone who'd already be overwhelmed by the interface it might not be clear that unlike other key items it's meant to be equipped and used if their character currently carrying it is not a shaman. That's really a detail though'.

Also the game crashes whenever the skeletal dragon tries to make an action, I had to reload a couple of times to kill it before it acts since you must kill it before ever levelling up (or maybe you can actually level up and I just never entered the chieftain's hut twice before that?). Whatever, fun game, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the extensive feedback,

I don't know if we'll work further on the game, what is plausible is that we reuse the same system in another game, in which case with more time we'd definitely add an alternative mouse control with tool-tips, and then we would retroactively implement it in this game too.

Not certain we will though', the thing is that for bigger games I prefer bigger parties, and what I liked here with picking 3 among 4 is that every single combination (of 2 and 3) can have its own unique action, if you get to pick 7 among 12 or whatever (with also the possibility to use the same class more than once) it becomes impossible to fit every possible combination with a totally unique action so the purpose is a bit lost, it's not as cool.

This is fun and unique, I like that you put more than one interesting system here.

The part system is cool, both looking for mine and dismembering enemies part by part, pretty satisfying.

Battles are an enjoyable mess, I like seeing bullets fly from every direction. Movement feels a bit slow but I understand how this is more fun if you play by the same rules as every other unit.

I can't get past the main menu either, kind of sad as people suggest the game includes party creation, I love party creation.

I guess there's nothing more after you kill the two mechs? Not that there's not already quite enough in the context.

I enjoyed the game, I'm always in for a turn-based shooter, and this one is competent, "Stuck" mid air bullets are cool, the game looks good and plays nice, the dithering in both the intro and in the sky is pretty gorgeous, I grinded a bit and cheesed a lot, a satisfying moment.

I completed the game, had about 10 Throwing axes left to fight against the Demon Lord, which was probably a good thing, I did not do the maths but the Master Sword and the Healing Tome might or might not be enough, that's fine either way, either way would have its pros and cons. I like the perpetual renewal/neverending story ending (although I did not discarded the World ender before leaving so I'll never be sure whether there's another ending if you do).

The game has by far the best combat system of the games of the jams I played so far (I played about 3/4 of them), it reminded me of Helen's Mysterious Castle but it's likely not the only game with this single character CT-based system where managing CT and parrying is the key. That combined with very good resource management make it puzzlish the right way.

I mapped the parts I visited (I probably skipped about one half ot the dungeon), the quality of the fixed treasures is on point, these treasures are worth finding but not to the point where visiting every single tile to be sure you would not miss one is mandatory. Difficulty is on point too by the way, I think difficulty which does not increase but rather in a sense decreases (but never gets braindead) as you go further (with the Master Sword, among other things) is a good compromise to make for this sort of jam games with permadeath, it's satisfying to beat the game (and see all its content) while in the context there's a good chance someone who would die during the second part of the game won't try again.

Good job, one of the strongest entries for sure.

By the way I simply avoided to walk in the same time as an enemy and completed the game, it's pretty well exectued, I like that you're using stamina instead of long cooldowns, the context, art and advanced layout of rooms are immersive and the choice of how to spend your experience is always a plus.

OK, I found the golden sword and shield and then killed the ogre. It was probably a good thing I missed exactly one key to reach it (although to be fair there was more than one door left in the area so I may have used an extra key on another door) to reach it before exploring the green castle and coming back because it could have smashed me. 

Overall things mesh very well, the environment looks super good and its palette and the music fit perfectly like you're playing an upgraded 8bit or Spectrum game. It was fun exploring this big map. I can't say I was super impressed by the combat but it really never unduly annoyed me either since you can kill enemies pretty fast and you're never flooded with enemies.

The game delivers simple, traditional crawling with strong presentation and I greatly enjoyed it.

Thanks, I like Java and as long as all I'm doing is displaying a bunch of fixed 2D sprites on top of each other I don't feel like switching to something else.

Kinda, both WASD and ZQSD (azerty), and arrows too by the way, are setup, which means both A and Q turns you left while only D turns you right (E does nothing), hence the possible confusion.

Thanks for the feedback.

I don't know if it was only a coincidence but when I run the game with Google Chrome I reached the end with all area always loading (while I got plenty of area not loading with Firefox, which becomes a problem when it's not the first one).

The game was probably a little too serious for my taste but it was still fun overall.

Combat was nothing to talk about but the presentation as well as the movement (fast and feels great) sure were great.

It's not incredibly furnished but I like what's in the game.