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I photographed the correct creature.

It was fun. The game looks consistent and I like the different enemies' animations. The puzzles are good in the context, the difficulty of combat is appropriate and I specially like that the environment is fully open and the creature you're looking for is just somewhere inside it, accessible from the start, and technically you could just almost immediately reach it, it's just so much more cool that way to me, it's a real search.

The combat cursor can be misplaced in combat, and I think I understood how it happens in the end, I think it's when you completely enter the game then switch to full screen, in this order. Sorry if it's not that. It's really no big deal but it was confusing at first as at first it did not work, I had no idea how combat was supposed to work and simply died then I restarted and it worked and I had to try figure out what I did different because it was intriguing, I guess solving this puzzle was a cool part of my experience with the game in the end.

This is a cool and original entry, thanks for sharing.

"Score : 393" It took me a retry, although at least I did not use my previous knowledge so I don't feel that bad ;) .

This was fun to play. I like the premise of the game about temporary worlds and I like that it's materialised by a real timer. The empty tiles especially enhance the atmosphere of being lost in a nowhere part in the edge between space and something else. The game controls well, I think the two different spike trap behaviours were the best part of the gameplay but the combat works and the other puzzles were different and added variety.

Thanks for sharing.

I Escaped.

It was actually satisfying to complete this one as first before I actually reached it I was not sure there was a winning state and secondly they were multiple steps : at the beginning I had difficulties getting the hang of it, when I finally got the basic controls and identified when I could go up then I needed to apprehend the combat. Shooting using the opposite colour I immediately did but I forgot to absorb the opposite colour at first, obviously it helped me going further as before that the second or third enemies always killed me. Then I was not even sure when but I still got hit quite a bit judging by my health (I think I got shot vertically sometimes?). Then I reached the first plant thing which was almost cool in itself, wondered if I could interact with it but it seemed I could not, I went on going up, crossing other plants and then I reached the end just at the right moment when I felt I had explored enough of the game and was done with it.

I like the look of the enemies, bullets and plants, they do feel aliens. Also you do feel like you're trying to escape from some huge, oppressive, futuristic structure.

In the end the experience was cool enough, thanks for sharing.

"You stare off into the dark Void of space ..."

The game was fun, I kind of like everything about it. The little bits of story are nice, the sad ending is appropriate, but sad ... but appropriate. I like that you can defeat the Voice. The wall textures look very good and you've got some different ones, environments are detailed in the context, enemies look cool and the sound effects are catchy, I like them. In practice movement and combat went as fast I pressed the buttons which is great and I like the short-term resource management used to stay alive up to the end, combat is definitely fun, especially as the difficulty is appropriate.

Looking for minor things to complain about then after defeating the worms using an Aimed shot and Wild shot I think I would have preferred if it was not enough to kill the further enemies as well. I guess a few consumables could enhance the game as well.

This is a very cool entry, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the game. We did not make the music but made the art so I specially appreciate your comment about it.

"The End?"

I had plenty of fun playing this. First I really like your implementation of the horror+solitude themes. I enjoyed the weird "It was only a dream. Now bear's talking" ending, it's very appropriate. I think the game felt surreal at least in some parts, which given the ending was intended. I like the dialogs, for example the cat being a cat when talking about the rats, I'll deal about them if I feel like it. One thing I really liked was that the dialogs did not interrupt exploration. The 3D part is functional, there are several environments and the view is good but I love the 2D parts of the art, the portraits look great and so do all the enemies, I took some notes that I liked The Rat King and the Moon dog? but all of these really. I also really like the music as you reach the basement. I like the push-your-luck aspect of the combat, as you don't want to use your lifes too early, and in the same time the more into the game the less you want to die with remaining lifes left. I restarted twice. I think I won the game with one remaining life and was very lucky with the two last encounters so from my experience the difficulty was appropriate, which is something I highly value.

I can see the game benefit from just a few extra consumables. Tecnically I'd say movement is a bit slow but with the tight levels it was not much of a problem here.

That's a very cool and original entry, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'm glad you like the game.

I should have added an option to disable the wobbling. You got everything right about the things which could deserve additionnal feedback.

Items are indeed all placed, without any visual clue and even the feedback for getting items is only a barely noticeable sound, which should be louder, and when what you found is a weapon then a New weapon message under the Change weapon command which stays there until you use it but I should at least have put it in the middle of the screen, there was no reason not to put it there.

There's indeed a pair of teleporters which bring you forward into the corridor with a some piles of items hidden there (if you get back and also via a hidden door between the two).

The fourth floor is a bit of a difficulty spike. There's one more floor after this one. 

I like our similar implementation of the themes. Azerty is a curse when making games, there's always something I'm doing wrong.

I escaped!

I had to play through it twice because only thanks to position of the trap opposite to where the boss starts I eventually realised I could push the enemies, I very likely already did it but did not notice. The game was much more fun after that.

The game was fun in the end, the view is good and it controls well. I really like the music.

I dont think I like the dex bar that much. The dex upgrades stopped working, I think,  after I died during my first playthrough, the extra dots were still visible but only the 3 first ones refilled.

The game is cool, thanks for sharing.

"Emerald Collected : 26

Game completed

Score : 24520000"

I highly enjoyed the game. It controls well, the different levels are different enough and the environments are quite interactive in the context, they're plenty of traps and hidden doors. The infinity passage is quite good, the crates being the exact right hints to me. The difficulty is right on point and the design of the different enemies (the robot, the big head guy but I think also the demon although I only briefly saw it once) is cool. Increasing volume as things happen closer to you was very appreciated here.  Music is nice.

I guess this game could benefit from strafing as you're fighting against the environment in real-time.

This is a very fun entry, thanks for sharing.

I don't think it's crazy, but I've completed the game, although I died once.

This game made me feel dumb, like really dumb. Yes, I stepped into the spikes after I was told to.

It was fun discovering the Smash and Stab attack (I wonder if there's more) by chance by drawing random patterns. I think I've got a bit lucky finding the 4 spirits (or there are extra ones?) as my exploration was a bit chaotic, I've not explored the full dungeon and I think they're levers I've stumbled upon but never pushed.

The premise of the game is cool and you feel it when playing the game through the visuals and texts, the game is atmospheric and the notes are cool. The game looks good, I really like the look of the eye enemy and it's pretty cool that all the gfx were created during the jam. The game controls good, movement feels good. 

Combat system is cool with the caveat below, I really liked that some enemy (I think it's the spirits?) took different damage from the Stab and Smash attacks and as already mentioned discovering the patterns was cool (and if there are more patterns it's even more cool but I wouldn't know). Rise in power is satisfying.

My only concern is that I think that combat is much too slow.

This is a cool entry, thanks for sharing.

I reached the area with an enemy and two doors, if I understood your comments then I think I played what's accessible in the current version, thrice actually.

I have to say movement feels specially good in this one, that I won't switch to instant movement is telling. It looks great and consistent and you've got quite some functional systems. I really like the transparency of the illusionary wall, it's perfect. Combat which is there is good enough, I like that the enemies don't take too much time to defeat.

I actually really like gaining XP for visiting a new tile. What I think though, as it seems you'll work further on the game, is that you could add an option to disable displaying it, and possibly some other feedback popping-up as well but specially this one. I have no strong opinion either way about it myself but I think some people will enjoy the arcade-ish feel it adds while some other persons will feel it breaks immersion. 

I don't know if you thought about it and maybe it's just me but this kind of real-time combat system shines and feels satisfying to me as soon as enemies can fall into holes, get onto spike traps or on the way of fireball traps (also if I can close doors onto their head but as doors fill a wall and not a tile in your game then it's likely not relevant here).

The game's promising, thanks for sharing, I'm going to play the fixed the version after the jam.

"I love you Dear!" "And I love you ... Dear!"

I had to restart after getting the Bad End. At very first I thought of not killing enemies or a least not eating them then realised that was dumb and that there are plenty of hints everywhere (in particular in the description of the game) about what you actually need to do that should click after you watched the Bad End. I guess at first my mind would not admit that was what the "Good" End was going to be, I did not want to eat the animals ;) .

I loved the game from start to finish.

The visuals are cool. Sure after several hours playing the game I got bored of the one tune but it's good. Instant movement is great (and super important here given three of the four last levels are huge, and you're going to replay the game to reach the Good End). The game is super smooth and snappy and very pleasant to control, it controls perfectly. The instant, turn-based combat and the encounters are excellent, the different enemies are fun to deal with. The upgrades are cool. The game is not easy and it even gets hard as you're going for the Good End and need to cope with 1 tile-range attacks. The pacing is good, the story is cool and reaching the Good End is satisfying, the Good End itself is too. The icing of the cake is that it's also a very good implementation of the theme. Given the number of levels, the two endings, quite functional enemy behaviours and a decent amount of mechanics I'd say the game is quite ambitious so it's remarkable that it works perfectly with no noticeable bug.

The short dialogs interrupting your exploration can get annoying as you're dying and they lock you again everytime for a couple of seconds (I'm thinking of looking for the flower in the last outdoor level with short range attacks). Also I understand that you need some room for the fights given how they work and with instant movement it really does not matter as much but the huge level with huge rooms and empty area just before the boss one is not my favourite kind of levels.

I lowered my mapping ambition as it went out of the sheet in each direction, the levels after the bottom one you really don't need to map anyway.

This in an excellent entry, congratulations !

Michael, Preston and Nathan safely made it home.

The game was fun. The view is perfect, the two environments look cool, I like the enemies' animation and portraits and the UI part meshes well enough with it. Instant movement is perfect, I like the command of the second character to interact with the environment, touching the statue was better than nothing. Combat controls well too and I think you can get rid of it fast, or at very least the enemies die fast, I actually waited a bit to heal a few times but you probably don't have too.

This was a cool entry, thanks for sharing.

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"And then the cycle repeated. Like it has always done. And always will."

I really enjoyed that. The game looks and sounds good and consistent. The game makes very good use of the horror+endless(+solitude) themes as it's slightly more than just narrative. The checkpoints, including getting your items back, were welcomed addition. 

Finally the game is very fun to play as the puzzles are varied and very organically integrated into the game. The narrative, which is atmospheric and nice, and puzzles really mesh very well with each other. The game is not hard but there were definitely some moments of what's happening?/what did I do wrong?/what should I do next? so the game was quite interesting to play.

Overall the game feels at least a little bit unique.

This is a very cool entry, thanks for sharing.

I burnt the idol.

What's there is good. The overall presentation is consistent and works very well, there are actually quite several detailed environments, the game sounds good, the story and its tone are engaging. Movement feels mostly good although sometimes I wish I could walked quicker. The detective gameplay is fun, I like the part where knowledge helps you fight againt the fear of the idol.

Thanks for sharing.

Finally! I am free! ... Or am I?

The game was very fun, I don't think I've ever played a game which works exactly like that, just replaying a little piece of time inside falling ruins, it was very original among my own experience. I think you can say most games in the jam feature "Ancient ruins" but now you've got a cool way to implement it in a mechanical way (not only ancient ruins but rather ancient ruin+endless of course). I love jam games fully based on one original gimmick which is fun to deal with and this was one.

I think getting through the end of this one without dying and retrying quite a bit is delusional? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind at all but can see how opinion may differ. In my case I like trying the full range of the timer to get the following path while I was actually inside a dead end, that's fun to me. I like getting further and further each time.

Also one thing I really like is as you advance you get much more time that you need as you follow the route you've been planning better and better so the further into the game the more you can take some time to observe, analyse, plan and possibly explore the dead ends and get back. This is great because the further you are the longer it takes to replay up to where you died, which is not exactly the more exciting part of the game. The very last sequence on the roof I actually passed through on my first try because of that, when I got there my timer was on 5, I owned 15 orbs and could see just going 3 to 5 to 3 to 5 ... (which is probably close to what you have to do but how close I could not tell as no platform ever moved during my walk through the roof, also this part of the text is hilarious if none of these platforms actually ever move) would get me to the opposite side without having to die and retry there, that was actually super satisfying too.

From my own experience the one piece of level design which could be done a bit differently is that you could have to mandatorily use a platform to get you upwards sooner into the game because by the time I had to do it I already tried a couple of times and always died so I totally thought it was not possible and would not deliberately try again, I went upwards only by chance and was actually surprised it did not kill me.

This is a very cool game, thanks for sharing.

Thanks! Feedback and UI could indeed be better, I'm glad you like the style. I wanted to implement the theme(s) with some real gimmick but party size going down is a bit weird and backwards so I wasn't sure and I'm really happy people seem to enjoy the redshirt mechanics anyway.

I spent quite some time on the game. Sorry the comment is a bit loose, I'm going to bed right now :).

I had plenty of fun playing the game. It looks and sounds great, the environment is detailed with quite some moving, alien flesh things which move, the atmosphere is very alien and unique and I love it. The game is smooth, snappy and very pleasant to control, the view is unusual but works perfectly, movement feels good, environment is interactive, stunning the enemy feels good, the duration of the stun is right like the overall difficulty of the game and I enjoyed exploring the different sequences. 

I did not even realise the game was endless (that explains why I never reached the end while at least on one instance going quite far, crossing several Exit doors) and featured some generation, and now I also wonder if after dying in the same game you get the exact same sequences or not, I think rather yes than no as in the game where I went on several time after dying I never got the plating, for example, and I got it after restarting. There are probably sequences I have not seen but the ones I've seen are varied and overall can be quite interesting as you're chased by an enemy and need to do all the tooth things and such.

When I went far into the dungeon I ended up going out of the bounds of the dungeon (in the air) a couple of time. Besides the only time I got the plating I got it through black doors I could walk through without opening them. Also after I died the life bar did not display properly, it was all black, and after just loading a new game I see it can also happen the first time you load a game too, from dying I am quite confident it is actually functional and it's only a displaying issue. Sometimes when I need to switch to teeth I end up definitely losing the gun. I think the part where you get the boots is a bit weird as I had the impression the lava? there deals no damage regardless of whether you own the boots or not. Finally the position of the enemies is or can get weird, I don't know if it's intended or not but sometimes (always?) an enemy is out of the grid and there's some way to shoot it but you don't really know how. If you think some of these things are wrong then just ignore them, I took some brief notes but clearly did not dig deep and might have totally understood wrong what happened. I realise it's a big list but none of these things really matters, it's a bit confusing at worst.

That's a super cool game, thanks for sharing.

I played only a bit this one.

No hot take from me, the statues coming to life are cool, shooting one with magic is satisfying and I like the idea ofusing efficiently some rare magic items I can find while only fleeing otherwise from many more enemies that'll get items. The environment and view are good and the only problem of movement is the speed.

Movement is too slow especially as the rooms are quite big (although in theory I like more compact dungeons they probably need to be big for this one to work so I don't think it's inherently a problem).

Thanks for sharing.

I completed the game (in normal mode).

This was super fun, I liked everything about the game. I love the comic style2D part of the visuals and the view is good and the environment and enemies look good enough. The sound effects work pretty well. The game plays smooth and controls well, movement feels good and the inventory and combat control are perfect. Not only the Void part is a good implementation of the Cosmic horror theme, it's also super fun to deal with, especially as you reach the last levels and staying inside it will get you harassed by eyes monsters so you don't want to (but also want to of course). I really liked that the exit was just behind me, that was great at all and also a great conclusion to a narrative based on an endless cycle. Combat is plenty based on resource management and especially limited use weapons including some dealing with multiple enemies at once if they're here which is quite fun.

I briefly tried Challenge mode because the game is so fun, died on cycle 1005 (I think you then restart from the first level but with all your items or something like that, I'm not even certain and am just mentioning it in case it's true and you're not aware, it does not really matter).

Sometimes I want to enter the Void mode but open the menu instead, not sure what I'm exactly doing wrong. Also enemies can occasionally end up on the same time as the player. These are very minor laments, the game is quite polished overall.

This is an excellent entry, thanks for sharing.


The game is engaging. Movement and view are good enough and the instant combat as well as managing the ranges and your resource are pretty fun with different enough enemies to deal with a different way. As I needed a few retries then just a little bit of randomness so I was not strictly doing the same thing each time was probably a good thing and I really like the last part after you picked the cup when enemies (I think they were the remaining ones + an extra one who popped near the beginning/end but nevermind) all rush to attack you from everywhere but you also deal one more damage point was cool.

This was fun, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and its gimmick. The game would definitely benefit from all these things starting with an audio feedback for losing a party member.

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it, yes you can only complete the game with only one character left, or maybe there's a way to get through this but then it'd be unintentional ;) .

I win.

pom pom pom pom popopom pom

I like the crafted feel of this. Perspective is good.

I dislike the lack of keyboard controls but putting that aspect aside then in normal mode the controls feel good, it's fast and snappy, super responsive. However in that mode I don't like that you're invicible and don't have to press the buttons.

In hard mode I don't like that your low speed makes the game so slow to control but I like that you can die and have to press the buttons although I've yet to figure out the colour button puzzles, that there are two green ones seems like an hint that you're not just mean to just press the button in rainbow colour order.

I wish I could play a mix between the two versions, and was not so dumb and could figure out the last puzzle ;) .

Overall that was fun, thanks for sharing.


I had a lot of fun playing this.

The game looks good, I really like the pixel characters and enemies (for some reason I think pixel Trim looks a bit worse than everything else in the game), I like the portraits and the their alternative expression in dialogs and the environments, typically shops, are distinguishable and detailed enough. I like that when you integrated stock assets generally used in top down games into the environment then they fit well, I'm mentioning that because that's a problem some first person RPG makers have, with these weird big chests and so on (I know you've got one big chest or something resembling a chest but first nevermind and secondly I thought it was alright here and not exactly the same for some reason). The distinct artstyles mesh alright together. The sound feedbacks during fights are satisfying.

The story and dialogs are cool. I specially enjoyed the cliché yet unexpected conclusion of the boss' monologue after you defeat it, it could directly come from one of the Discworld books involving cosmic horror, except to be precise it's inverted (this ones are always about consumerism and people fashioning about this one last thing before the main characters discover the responsible was some horror from another world, here it's a bit of the opposite as you eventually discover there's nothing like that) or from an episode of South Park. Everything about Larry was cool, Larry's cool.

The game controls pretty well. Movement feels good and I actually like that the enemies walk in turn-based mode, I like that the game is always turn-based as a result, that would not change much but it's more cool, also they must walk very organically because I did not even notice they walked in turn-based mode at first, which is even better.

The combat system works pretty well, I like that fights are very short and lethal, and during early parts the game is not exactly easy (it's not hard either, let's not get ahead of ourselves) which is great. The shopping cart attack in the beginning of a fight is great. I like that you won't find a resting fountain in every corner (unless you're abusing the generation tool) and then get to use your consumables, there was some good resource management here, including different ways to spend your money. I liked the various "utility" pieces of equipment (double money, double XP) that you may notice or not notice in shops. The rise in power is satisfying, I was certainly overprepared for the ending part. 

The dungeon parts are nothing to talk about but I really like randomly stumbling upon a specific shop and I enjoy the structure where you deal with the ending part when you think you're ready, especially with manual saving so you don't have to spend extra time preparing just to be sure you won't have to restart from the beginning, which can be a problem with such a structure when the game does not feature manual saving.

At some point I wish I could collect carts which all make an attack at the beginning of a fight then be really sad when I would sell them all at once because I needed some cash.

This is a super cool entry, thanks for sharing.

I guess I'm just going to repeat what everyone else said, so feel free to skip through the text ;).

Well, I like that the intro can be skipped. I guess if nitpicking the low res torch clashes a bit with the other parts although it looks pretty good out of context but overall the visuals are consistent, the sounds fit too and you've got the atmosphere right. 

I actually don't mind that the combat is button mashing, I think with this kind of real-time systems it's one way to make it fast. I think the attack animation could suggest it's how it works by simply restarting each time you press the button.

The steps are too small and there's a big delay after pressing Space to the point I hit Space, and other buttons, but still had to look for the page to know Space was the one button which did something.

Overall I don't like dialogs that you don't advance at your own pace. Opinions will certainly differ on this one but I'm not fan of seeing the player character during cutscenes, I mean I don't like cutscenes that much to begin with ;) .

Thanks for sharing!

The artstyle is ambitious and consistent, I really like the chest, including the various associated sounds, which fit, and this ranged weapon is super cool. They create an interesting atmosphere. Although movement is slower than I generally like it controls so smoothly in this one that it did not bother me.

I'm not sure if melee works and I guess what crashes the game is kiling the enemy with the range weapon? Just fix that and you've got a fun little game.

Thanks for sharing.

I found the comet and the spirit was banished.

What's there is good. Movement feels good, perspective feels right too. I don't think they all mesh perfectly well together but I really like the environment and I like the enemy and bullet art. This short part is actually kind of fun to play, reaching the end was satisfying.

Thanks for sharing!

The capsule rocketed into space.

This was engaging. I like the crafted art and the different sound effects. The game controls perfectly, you're not flooded with ammo and must be a little bit cautious when spending those. Finally the game concludes with a satisfying boss fight, emptying your barrel hoping you've got enough ammo left, I did because the 3 enemies before the boss I sneaked through instead of shooting.

This is a cool little game, thanks for sharing!

I defeated the boss.

The game is fun. Overall it controls well, movement feels good although not perfect as you start to try to mash the buttons. The game sounds and looks good with at least some details in the environments and the boss is interesting both mechanically and visually.

This was cool, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, and your first line made me super happy.

Don't worry you criticisms are all more than fair and the game would highly benefit from extra feedback on multiple places when there's even any feedback to begin with. You don't have any problem with playing that kind of games ;) .

I phrased the character things in a "no longer" way and I should have phrased the soldier as "used to deal" (I think it was too long) as he's the one dealing more damage, as is it's confusing.

The sound for picking any item should be louder and the text for getting a new weapon more visible, it should simply be in the middle of the screen instead of below the command, and I realise that only as you mention it. Too bad you never switched to other weapons as a result, you get to find much more powerful ones almost from the start, and you need them as your party melts and the enemies get slightly stronger as well.

A sound for the death of a character is the first thing that should be added.

That the game can always be played at your own pace is a super important part of what makes the games this one's mimicking fun to me, I guess dying because you're playing too fast (often moving and dying while just turning away and shooting would have done the trick, or forgetting to use an healing item or a bomb during a fight) is part of the package ;), it happens to me everytime as well.

Thanks again!

"Fuck you!"

The game took me much more time that I'd like to admit and I could not really say if I enjoyed it or not, I'm not really sure at this point, mostly due to the slow movement (turning is fine) which in this game was a real problem to me. It was always satisfying to finally figure out this one more difference (as it's super likely I already stumbled into it and missed it), in the end I don't know if I had eventually got most of these or if I was just super lucky with this one more second half run, more likely the latter ;) . The game looks good, sound effects are appropriate and the atmosphere, greatly helped by the gameplay loop, is scary and really super oppressive, you really nailed it. The fight at the end is a bit confusing, I did not really know when I hit the enemy, but maybe it was actually a good thing, I guess it kind of fits, it makes it feel much stronger than you and it's probably all the more satisfying to finally defeat it.

At first I would have said I liked the movement. However first as I spent a lot of time on the game I ended up hating getting sticked to a wall for a second when I run into it and having to time my movement super precisely if only to avoid that. Secondly the process of moving like 100 times, and probably half of that due to slow movement as there was no way I would do it twice to doublecheck, around the same small dungeon without instant movement or at least fast movement became uninteresting after a while.

I think this is a quite ambitious game in the context, and with a mechanical implementation of one of the theme on top of that, which is pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

I've escaped!

At some point I read the comments so I spent the first two third of the game just fleeing with no equipment. Then I did the last sequence (after getting the last key, from the respawn point to the exit, getting through the camp) and the boss after equipping what I got (I think I used unknown sword, nice sword, unknown armor, unknown armor, nice armor or something like that). The encounter rate near the end sure is high.

In some way that was fun, the game controls well, plays fast enough and I enjoyed managing to get through it. I do like that you make the art yourself too and it's cool enough.

Thanks for sharing.

"Is this the way out?"

I won with a mage, then won a second time with a warrior to see the difference and killed the minotaur this time and immediately won 3 levels, I like that it's beatable with a strong reward instead of invicible.

The game is super fun, it looks good enough overall although a few higher res elements clash a bit but more important it controls well, movement feels good and the 4 trials are all great and all different. Invisible enemies are always cool. The warrior and mage do play different enough in the context.

I think there's a rare case of a dead enemy leaving an unreachable tile, which the previous comment seems to confirm.

This is a great entry, thanks for sharing.

The spirit thanked me and set me free. Twice as I did a second loop because why not.

I enjoyed the game. The visuals (environments, enemies, UI) are all super cool and engaging, the view is perfect, instant movement is great and the gameplay loop works. The first times I defended I took the damage anyway so it took me some time to try again and realise the command is actually pretty strong, I got some defense potions in the meantime which probably made the difference. One thing I absolutely love is that pressing 'W' activates the first command in menus, I should remember this for when you generally want to use the first command in menus.

This is a cool game, thanks for sharing.

I've escape from the vaults of zinn, scored 518. Also scored 1406 next but died to a Gug this time.

The game is very fun. It looks great, the font is the perfect one and I'm specially fond of the sound effects, the hit one, the upgrade finding one, the different monster death ones, the meow, ..., all feel super appropriate. I love the atmosphere they create. It controls pretty well, movement feels good and bumping into enemies in turn-based mode is my kind of things.  The minimal minimap is pretty appropriate so that you look at the view and not at the minimap, I really like it. Verticality sure is great per usual too, it allows a fairly compact dungeon with multiple connexions between areas and this dungeon is really like that, I like it. A small game with some randomness and a score at the end is very appropriate for a game jam as it feels like a complete game without having to be a huge game. Upgrades and level-ups are cool and finally the difficulty seems pretty adequate, which is a huge plus to me. Oh and there're big cats too.

This is a great entry, thanks for sharing (I need to play Islands of the Caliph at some point).

I touched the Grall and "realised how foolish I had been all the time."

Getting stuck in the door of the house of the village gave me a bad first impression of the game but in the end it's a fun one.

It looks and sounds good. I like the torch slowly extinguishing and the lighting is very good. The game controls alright and the combat system works, also I had just enough life to defeat Arthur while I took care of finishing off all the enemies with the action which grants you faith, so the game is not too easy and I like that. Finally the best part of the game was one I almost missed and were the items which were placed so you should be able to notice them but not highlighted at all and completely integrated into the environment. That's super organic and cool, I loved that, before finding the first key I was just wondering if there was more game than what I had seen and almost quit then I realised I could use free look and take potions, keys and torches.

You're really feeling like you're a knight wearing a full plate armor and dealing heavy hits with your sword, you really nailed it, congratulations. Yet if it's a blessing I think it's also equally a curse as the slow movement and combat are a bit unexciting as a result.

I think the steps are unusually small, they could probably be bigger.

That's a cool game, thanks for sharing.

I did enjoy it.

This is a cool surreal experience, the gfx are very good and the events are fun to follow and sometimes even fun to deal with, I instantly died once near the beginning, was almost dead when I won too and I like the different proposed answers and the overall tone of the game.

Thanks for sharing.

"Ah sweet endless void" That's a cool ending. I restarted thrice and eventually won without not dying.

The game is fun. The environments look good, I like the enemies'animation and the enemies fit alright inside the environments. The music is pretty nice. The game controls well, movement feels good and turn-based bumping into enemies is to my taste, levelling up and choice at level up too. Difficulty is on point, getting back your life when levelling up was a good choice here and the life triangles are just frequent enough. In the context looking for some mcguffins inside a relatively open environment to unlock your path to the end if perfectly fine, the inside of the cathedral and the vortex look super cool and I like the ending.

It sure isn't great that you won't die when you're meant to, I like games testing my nerves but that is rude ;).

This was cool, thanks for sharing.