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That's the plan - I'm still toying around with the difficulty, but the first area is supposed to be fairly easy to introduce you to the game - later once you have around 10 health enemies will start doing more damage, be resistant to some attacks and have more difficult attack patterns.

Plus the upgrades at the convenience store will have their cost's adjusted eventually

That's an interesting one I'll look into that

Hey there Maxine - looks like the demo had a bug that was causing that - it should be fixed now sorry for the late reply I only found out about it today 

That’s really bizzarre I’ll look into it today and push out an update sorry about that not sure what’s causing it 

Ah! That's a good catch I hadn't thought about getting stuck in there - It's an easy fix to make though, thanks for letting me know

That's ok thanks for getting back in touch - enjoy the rest of your week

Not in the demo sadly - Thanks for the feedback on the difficulty - I plan on having harder enemies placed in later areas and scaled up enemies that will have more health - It's cool seeing people coming from Scratch to see the stuff I'm working on - glad you enjoyed the game so far

AH! What a positive review - thank you! I'm Glad you enjoyed it - it's been a lot of fun working on it so far and I'm quickly working on the full release :D

That's pretty much the end of the demo - Theres some places you can go to for example going right, outside of the post office area you'll find an angel statue that gives access to the test rooms 

Thanks Batmobilly - The game is planned for an eventual release, so far I've implemented 2 of the main bosses with another 2 to go and 2 more mini bosses on top of that - once those are finished I can start working on the areas they'll be found - its a lot of work but I hope to finish it this within the year

I've only recently been a part of the Gamedev scene and the community has been incredibly welcoming - It's a shame I can't make it to GDC so I'm sadly #notGDC.   However I'm currently working on a re-imagining of my first project now called Candy Coven ( I released the demo this Friday and so far the response has been really positive. 

This was a blast - really enjoyed the underwater levels and that final one nice work guys

Thanks for the playthrough - It's fun watching someone play your game for the first time, glad you enjoyed it

Glad you got it in in the end

I hadn't considered escape for opening the menu - I should add that thank you for the feedback and I'll on that fixing the test rooms

AH! Ok that's unfortunate I'll fix that asap I must have left out a line of code somewhere my bad

Thank you for your reply - some excellent feedback here and exactly what I'm looking for

Sorry that the bus stops weren't working they should be - did you buy the bus pass from the convenience store? If not I'll run a few more tests

Thanks Crabby it always means a lot coming from you 

Not right now - but the response has been so positive on this that I'd love to continue the story or work on something similar eventually

It has cute graphics and it's a nice idea. Though the books I'm looking for are just kinda awkward and hard to find - I would keep repeating something like "clock, scary-face, time" and shifting through draws until I found it - which kinda killed the fun. It's an interesting idea though and I could certainly see it as a mini game in something larger. Nice job none the less and congrats on finishing something


The mouldy pizza is all dried out and needs watering - then the ghost in the flower shop will like to see if it - if you got the ending though you probably already saw that haha

Thanks for hosting 5targuy

It's awesome that I'm being compared to Earthbound - Eartbound was one of the main influences of this game. I hadn't noticed the salty water text box messing up - I'll have to look into that one, thanks for letting me know. And haha yeah I like that the ghost are all bad at what they do too 

I do I plan on expanding this game - It's just whether or not I ever actually do haha - Thanks for checking it out

Thanks! Yeah I plan to add decision boxes to certain objects like the vending machines - if I can get that working in a convenient way I’ll probably add some other actions to other objects tok

Oh dude that’s a really neat idea I’ll have to see about incorporating that in - I was talking to a friend and they had the idea of continuing it to other areas of the after life too I feel like there’s a lot I can do with the concept

As for the error I’ll look right into that thanks for bringing it up 👍

That’s a fair point. Thanks for the feedback KENAMICK

I’ve planned for the vending machines to have an update to them in the future that will let you read the contents inside before buying them 

Currently the various vending machines explain what’s inside them when you don’t have any money - and the descriptions are designed to help you with that quest line 

Thanks ItzCole Yeah I had noticed that too - I’m gonna go back and link the events with the quest tracker which should fix this issue in the future

And the ending is super rushed - It’s definitely a place I wanna improve and add onto 

Thanks for the feedback 

thanks man much appreciated 

Haha this is rad - thanks so much

I don't knoooow coding is hard my dude - but Rumbo is pretty fun 

That's a neat idea, voluntary destroying the town by digging underneath would be a fun Idea to play around with haha, and thanks for checking out the game. The wall jump mechanic is fairly simple, if not a little rushed - I just put the player into a "wall slide state"  if there is a wall to left or right of the player (but not below them), and if the player jumps in this state they are given some horizontal speed added to them

Congratulations well done, a truly deserving game for first place, you really nailed the theme and the game feels incredibly polished well done!

Thanks man, really appreciate the review and glad you enjoyed it :D

thanks man - y’know I never looked at it like that, I guess it really just busy work. Originally I had this idea that mining would drain your health like maybe you needed an oxygen tank or heat resistance to dig further down, I guess by introducing something that would reward the risk could make the game more fun. But like most things I guess it was just a lack of time that got me haha. I mean originally my plan for this game was to find friends for a birthday party and the friends would be used as weapons - butttt it was too complicated to make so I ended up ditching it for this mining idea.

I’m glad you enjoyed it though, thanks for leaving some feedback it really is much appreciated,  and the double back pack is my favorite one I wrote too,  haha good choice

Thanks for the feedback, the hit detection used to be way tighter, but after playing it I felt it was too easy to make tunnels that where hard to get out of, so instead it sorta forces you to make double sized holes - the bag mechanic is part of the scarcity thing, but I understand it being annoying, maybe giving it an initial boost to 15 spaces at the beginning would be better in the long run *shrug* Thanks though I do appreciate the feedback

thanks for checking out the game, I like your idea of adding a run mechanic, that sounds like a good idea and might do that if I come back to this. Luckily you didn’t lose that much progress in the end (the saloon is the second to last mission that I got round to implementing before the time was up) 

I get where you’re coming from on the bag upgrade mechanic - but my reasoning for it is stop people from mining straight down and grabbing precious metals easily. If I was to remove the bag mechanic there would also be one less thing to upgrade, and I wouldn’t know what to replace that with, any ideas? Thanks for the feedback by the way I really appreciate comments that look into the stuff deeper and provide some ideas on improvement 

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the game, yeah controller support would be something I would add if I decide to continue working on this, Sadly I'm not all that musical, so I had help from Landon on the music side of things, but he did provide other music in case people wanted to switch it up a bit, so the music could be changed in the audio menu. Thanks for checking out the game man :D

Man this game is tough - I made it to the top of screen 3 (I think) before running out of oxygen, I couldn't beat it but it was a fun and tense experience, love the climbing animation and particles looks like you guys put a lot of care into the artwork, one thing I would prefer would be the freeze potions freezing the lava even if they don't land directly in it, I made it through the entire first screen without needing them at all, but having to wait for the lava to reach an area you know it will freeze so you can get the oxygen puts yourself in too big of a risk in my opinnion - Still I had a lot of fun even if I couldnt beat it

Now that's some great feedback, and thanks for picking up on those bugs, I was short on time and I guess I didnt check all the options where working as intended - seriously much appreciated that gives me places to focus on.  And thanks for taking the time to review my game