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thanks man much appreciated 

Haha this is rad - thanks so much

I don't knoooow coding is hard my dude - but Rumbo is pretty fun 

That's a neat idea, voluntary destroying the town by digging underneath would be a fun Idea to play around with haha, and thanks for checking out the game. The wall jump mechanic is fairly simple, if not a little rushed - I just put the player into a "wall slide state"  if there is a wall to left or right of the player (but not below them), and if the player jumps in this state they are given some horizontal speed added to them

Congratulations well done, a truly deserving game for first place, you really nailed the theme and the game feels incredibly polished well done!

Thanks man, really appreciate the review and glad you enjoyed it :D

thanks man - y’know I never looked at it like that, I guess it really just busy work. Originally I had this idea that mining would drain your health like maybe you needed an oxygen tank or heat resistance to dig further down, I guess by introducing something that would reward the risk could make the game more fun. But like most things I guess it was just a lack of time that got me haha. I mean originally my plan for this game was to find friends for a birthday party and the friends would be used as weapons - butttt it was too complicated to make so I ended up ditching it for this mining idea.

I’m glad you enjoyed it though, thanks for leaving some feedback it really is much appreciated,  and the double back pack is my favorite one I wrote too,  haha good choice

Thanks for the feedback, the hit detection used to be way tighter, but after playing it I felt it was too easy to make tunnels that where hard to get out of, so instead it sorta forces you to make double sized holes - the bag mechanic is part of the scarcity thing, but I understand it being annoying, maybe giving it an initial boost to 15 spaces at the beginning would be better in the long run *shrug* Thanks though I do appreciate the feedback

thanks for checking out the game, I like your idea of adding a run mechanic, that sounds like a good idea and might do that if I come back to this. Luckily you didn’t lose that much progress in the end (the saloon is the second to last mission that I got round to implementing before the time was up) 

I get where you’re coming from on the bag upgrade mechanic - but my reasoning for it is stop people from mining straight down and grabbing precious metals easily. If I was to remove the bag mechanic there would also be one less thing to upgrade, and I wouldn’t know what to replace that with, any ideas? Thanks for the feedback by the way I really appreciate comments that look into the stuff deeper and provide some ideas on improvement 

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the game, yeah controller support would be something I would add if I decide to continue working on this, Sadly I'm not all that musical, so I had help from Landon on the music side of things, but he did provide other music in case people wanted to switch it up a bit, so the music could be changed in the audio menu. Thanks for checking out the game man :D

Man this game is tough - I made it to the top of screen 3 (I think) before running out of oxygen, I couldn't beat it but it was a fun and tense experience, love the climbing animation and particles looks like you guys put a lot of care into the artwork, one thing I would prefer would be the freeze potions freezing the lava even if they don't land directly in it, I made it through the entire first screen without needing them at all, but having to wait for the lava to reach an area you know it will freeze so you can get the oxygen puts yourself in too big of a risk in my opinnion - Still I had a lot of fun even if I couldnt beat it

Now that's some great feedback, and thanks for picking up on those bugs, I was short on time and I guess I didnt check all the options where working as intended - seriously much appreciated that gives me places to focus on.  And thanks for taking the time to review my game

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I really enjoyed this this was great - great mechanics and nice controls - kinda disappointed that you don't get anything special (I think) for getting all the flowers, but it was a lot of fun, maybe increase the difficulty as you get deeper - like the air meters drops faster. But yeah, nice job!

Just did another run through the game, collecting no flowers, if you know what to do you can get to the bottom pretty quickly - still a lot of fun though

This was a neat concept, I liked the idea. But at times I would get supplies and also have bandits steal the supplies I left at base, but I had no supplies at base, just the things carried with me. You mention in other comments about adding a dx version, I think the game could benefit from an upgrade system or something, like selling supplies to get money to buy upgrades to slow down the meters from draining maybe. And it would be nice to know how many in game days I survived for.  But yeah fun idea, good execution could just benefit from a few more things to do

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Dude that looks great, is gonna be a rogue-like? Still really impressed with this by the way, I've spent a good chunk of my day trying to just recreate your system - Managed to get rooms to spawn up and left, or down and right, but not a mix of the two, gonna keep working on it.

You must be magic or something - looking at this something just clicked and now I got the fundamentals working, thanks again for all the links you sent me much appreciated

Love the humor in this one, I really enjoyed it nice job

Glad you enjoyed it, yeah I really love the music too, check out Landon's stuff he does a really good job with it. 

aw man thanks So much. Landon did a great job with the music.

Strange that your game glitches out though I’ll have to look into that it’s the first I’ve heard it happen - thanks for checking out the game and leaving your feedback 

Thanks man! I really appreciate it, and thanks for checking out the game 

Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it 

that’s quite the compliment thank you so much - and yeah I agree with the submitting ores all together, if I decide to add on to this I think I’ll add like a supply box you fill up with required items maybe. Thanks for checking out the game much appreciated 

ah I think I understand it a bit better now - thanks for the help. And totally this is a great idea, would love to see it expanded further 

thanks I’ll check it out - I was curious because most examples online use hall ways to connect rooms, but yours generates each room side by side making it feel more like a building than a some sort of cave system - it’s a really neat effect. Thanks again for the link 

I would love to learn more about how dungeons are generated like this - is there anywhere you can point me in the right direction to learn more about it? 

Nice work, really impressed with the lighting effect - it was a little trial and error in places, and I felt the spells didn't help as much as I had liked, but it worked really well. I like how you had a story and neat intro sequence in the beginning too, nice one

Ah that's unfortunate - I'll probably add keybindings if I ever decide to update this - thanks for the feedback my dude :D

I really got into this, was wondering what would happen if I filled out the entire screen, but the first time I played I used up all my pixels and was unable to get anymore so I had to restart, I agree with the commenter below as well that it would benefit from letting you hold down the buttons to buy and mine - but nice work overall I liked it

This fits the theme perfectly, I could really feel the effects of having so few moves, even more so when the queen is poisoned or killed off. It's a cool concept I really liked it

Took me a while to understand the controls, but a really neat concept with some genuinely tough puzzles nice work, though I think it could benefit from some sounds and music - nice job

I came back to this after not really understanding how it worked, but once I got the hang of buying specific creatures to complement others It made sense and it's a good concept, though I felt like I was standing around waiting for most of it. It's got a interesting story and I liked the visuals, but I never felt the need to buy monsters other than the one that produces steaks and the blob - I didn't get chance to try all the monsters though, because I saved up for the final one and ended the game a bit abruptly. Nice work though, I had fun with it.

Not bad, other commenters have already mentioned the tight jumping being difficult to get the used to, but I still had fun playing it, you did well with the artwork, and I had fun getting to devil himself - nice job. And some great music by Landon in here too

Really enjoyed this, you really nailed the Wario Ware thing, after playing it 3 times I ended up seeing games I hadn't originally - you really packed this full of content nice job

Pretty fun idea - I think it would help if your money was shown on all the pages though, you'd buy things and then not realize you didn't have enough money for anything else

You really managed to cram in a bunch of content in the short amount of time, plenty of weapons and I liked the style of it all, and looking into the source code really emphasizes how much effort was put into the level generator nice work man

I really liked this - would love to hear how you did the movement on the overworld, always been curious about node movement. Nice music, and game play, it felt very kingquest-y in a good way

Haha thanks so much, and hey you played it up to the end, I really wanted to give the mayor a hat that would get bigger after every mission to really show case their double triple mayor status - I ended up using a bunch of stuff I learnt from your tutorial videos too. Thanks for checking out the game FC :D

Yeah windows defender does that to me on a lot of Game Maker games - not sure why that is. But glad you enjoyed the game in the end, thanks for checking it out :D

Yeah man thanks to the advice you gave me a while back - thanks for checking out the game

Loved this, thought it was great, not sure what the connection to scarcity was - last pretendo maybe? But loved the great sense of humor it had, took me a while to find the keys but glad I did, the driving section was probably my favorite part, really goofy