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yup that was me

this was made in GMS2 :)

Dang - harsh words as the programmer here haha

What bugs did you find? As far as I'm aware there isn't any game breaking bugs unless you're using some funky browser I'm not aware of?

Excellent game! 

Would love to hear how you did the rope physics

The game can be a little frustrating at times, which I think if there was a way to "return" the skull back to you would help. As often I had thrown my skull into a bunch of spikes, and would just need to restart the level

Still, I got through to the end and it kept me on my toes, excellent graphics, and loved the particles for when the rope snapped

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I don't have the code for this game anymore so sadly it's not something I can fix :(

I guess just don't do that - haha

Edit I found the code - This is something I'll address

Is there a downloadable version of this? My computer is ancient and lags like crazy - but what I played looks and feels great!

Collect the souls from the ghosts - if you are having issues, I recommend restarting the game - some people report an error where you can never explore, even after talking to the ghost at the station

I really enjoyed this!

However I think I soft-locked myself - I managed to brute force my way through the RGB fireball knights on the old road using some lucky timing and persistence - then eventually got stuck against a knight with the same RGB fireballs but would throw another and had a shield.

I couldn't beat this guy  so I ended up rewatcing the trailer on this page and realised I was supposed to have throwing knives at this point but couldn't manage to get my way back

Still, really enjoyed myself and it has a super engaging fighting system and has that classic Nintendo hard difficulty

This was made in GameMaker 2 - though it's a paid software, I recommend something like Godot - it's free and equally if not better than GM in a lot of ways



Incredible Work, loved every second of it - felt really polished, especially for a first entry into game making.

Can I just check, is there anything more to the 2 "claws"?

I played through twice and got a different ending, and I assume it was due to the claws but didn't see any mention of it to confirm my suspicions

Can't wait to see what you put out there next, I feel like theres more to this story and would love to see it.

great stuff!

that's odd :/ maybe try the version on Newgrounds 

That or try refreshing the page? It's possible the game just didnt load properly 

Hi Strawbreevee - I still come back here every once in a while, and thank you for your feedback. I forget but I believe I've fixed these bugs in my current version, but this isn't publicly released.

Thank you so much for your feedback though, it's genuinely much appreciated.

There was going to be, but I just didn't have the time to code anything in. There is a little place that you can go to the right of the "squeaky shoes" upgrade if I remember correctly - but it's been so long since I made this I can't remember haha

oh nice catch - just looked into this - the room is going to an old test room, I'll have to update that

Hey Man, thanks for the comment - I totally agree, honestly I just wanted to trash the UI but I loved the idea of seeing the bullets in the chamber -  If I have some more time I'll find a better way to draw it in a less distracting way

Thank you Morgashimer! This was made in about 4 weeks compared to Nothing which was made in 2 days which probably explains the polish in this one haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it I really want to come back to this one someday and finish it off

Just came here from your CPS archive project - I was wondering how you did the fun rotating  particle thing - this clears it up quite a bit. I wish I understood math to the point that I could come up with this stuff by myself, I usually have to ask someone to help me out in the end. Great fun playing with this

FC this was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it, I immediately got invested with the world with the introduction of the switches, the music fit the mood perfectly and your pixel art has gotten so good now!

But most of all it's the intractable things - I spent so much time with the shapes and the train area. You really nailed everything here, personally I find audio in GM a pain to work but even the piano segment at the beginning felt just so right, 

Awesome work as always FC - you're a real inspiration with what you do.

Thanks Mr Kitkat - glad you enjoyed it

ah I just saw your message on the LD page - You can move the camera up and down using the W/S or the up and down arrow keys, that should help with timing the platforms a bit better, I never explained this in game though so you not knowing it is entirely my fault. I'm working on a fix for this now

Thanks sheeproid - Ah that bug is a known issue, I thought I had fixed it before submitting to the Jam but is managed to find its way back in. Yeah sadly the up and down camera view is never explicitly told to the player, however it is unlocked from the start - I need to think of a natural method of giving it to player - or maybe just another upgrade at the platforming segment would fix that

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Thats understandable - sorry the game didn't live up to your expectations. if you'd prefer a normal platformer I've made one of those found here. A lot of the controls in that inspired the systems in my jam game. It offers a more natural Metroidvania style progression, though the humor may not gel well with you the mechanics you describe are exactly what are offered here instead.

Ah! Thank you @foolishfire that explains that then! It would be pretty easy to fix too. Thanks for letting me know I was scratching my head on that one.

Thanks for playing And I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I really appreciate it

Thanks David! Thats an amazing idea and I would love to try that out. Thanks for checking out the game I'm glad you enjoyed it

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it - and totally I struggled a bunch with the earlier parts when I was play testing the game - I think its because we become quite dependant on traditional platform controls like adjusting ourselves mid air to fix a jump. Without it, it's like you have to really think about your next move.

Glad you enjoyed the game, as for the song it can be found here:

AH! FC you really do put the Friendly in friendly cosmonaut. Thanks so much for checking out my game, it genuinely means a lot because I probably wouldn't be anywhere in gamedev without folks like yourself providing tutorials and insight on game development.

It is unfortunate that criticism can come off a little negative from some users, but it's commenters like yourself that make making games a real thrill. Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game.

Thanks for checking it out! Much appreciated. The full version is now released (Sadly not in HTML5) I tried wrestling with that export and it would just constantly throw a bunch of weird game breaking errors at me forcing me to make a windows only version.

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That's unfortunate that you didn't like it. I was pretty rushed for time and put more effort into the art as that's something I'm more comfortable with, opting to keep the game simple and concise instead. 

That being said It's unfortunate a few bugs and other issues sneaked through the cracks.

Outside of the treadmill bug (that sorry I hadn't seen on my previous playthroughs testing it) was there anything else you could offer some feedback on? I'm always looking to improve on my work and every bit of feedback is helpful

Hey Kirby - Thanks for the info. That glitch is a known one and I'm working on fixing it - still not entirely sure what's causing it to trigger though, thanks for letting me know

Thanks rewindrepeatit, It's rare I get such in-depth comments, this is great I can really use a lot of this to help improve the game. Thanks for taking an interest

That's the plan - I'm still toying around with the difficulty, but the first area is supposed to be fairly easy to introduce you to the game - later once you have around 10 health enemies will start doing more damage, be resistant to some attacks and have more difficult attack patterns.

Plus the upgrades at the convenience store will have their cost's adjusted eventually

That's an interesting one I'll look into that

Hey there Maxine - looks like the demo had a bug that was causing that - it should be fixed now sorry for the late reply I only found out about it today 

That’s really bizzarre I’ll look into it today and push out an update sorry about that not sure what’s causing it 

Ah! That's a good catch I hadn't thought about getting stuck in there - It's an easy fix to make though, thanks for letting me know

That's ok thanks for getting back in touch - enjoy the rest of your week

Not in the demo sadly - Thanks for the feedback on the difficulty - I plan on having harder enemies placed in later areas and scaled up enemies that will have more health - It's cool seeing people coming from Scratch to see the stuff I'm working on - glad you enjoyed the game so far

AH! What a positive review - thank you! I'm Glad you enjoyed it - it's been a lot of fun working on it so far and I'm quickly working on the full release :D