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I finally got round to trying this out - thanks for the help.

 I ended up messing with the create_dialogue script you made and added some extra variables to everything (object, object_x and object_y)  to add some more flexibility, like being able to choose what object to spawn on the fly and where abouts it would appear - I  was thinking of adding some extra variables for object names or descriptions, but I'm not sure if I'm inadvertently breaking anything in the switch statement you have in that script.

To be honest I'm kinda lost on what that switch statement does - why does it only change variables based on how many arguments are added when it looks like every argument is added each time the script it used anyway? 

Looks great I'll try it out tonight thanks again

of course - quick question, do you think the best way of adding new events to this system would be by modifying the “type” variable, with 0 currently being normal and 1 being dialogue options, could I add a type 2 for a personal function like spawning a new object in the room for example?

Thanks for making this - works really well

Thank you that's really neat :D glad you enjoyed it

The burger is actually just a fun easter egg of sorts - I'm almost certain you can't get it without breaking the game at least haha - as for the star pot I'm fairly certain that would be the watering can one of the NPC's asks for - you can grab this once you have the boost gem and following the path around

Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it :D

Hmm well if thats the case I'll look into fixing it as soon as possible - thanks for your reply :D

What a sweet comment :D

I just watched your lets play - it's the first one I've seen of something I made myself - that's really neat - It was fun watching you play through it, though yeah I noticed quite the slow down - I'm curious if its because of the recording equipment being used but I'll have to poke around and see if its a common problem - thanks again for checking out my game :D

Hmm interesting I'll have to look and see if I can reduce that problem in any future games I might use this effect on - thanks for letting me know :D

Thank you so much this is some really good feedback - I like the idea of maybe adding a different weapon, the arcing weapon does make things a little difficult - maybe if I make a sequel I'll think about adding variations on that. Thanks for checking out my game much appreciated :D

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I built it with Game Maker studio 1.4 and a lot of encouragement from my girlfriend :D

Also I'll try and upload a Mac version this weekend when I get chance

thanks man! 

Hey a familiar face - thanks for checking it out it means a lot 👍

Thank you! :D

Maybe - I had fun playing with the idea - and if given more time and some more experience I think I could flesh it out further - thank you for your kind words and checking out the project

Fun! Love the graphical effects and intense beeping - really loved that after day 17 or 18 the rocket gains crazy speeds - really fun, clever idea

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Awesome! What a clever idea - you  took the classic asteroids and the topic and made something really unique and fun!