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The Official Bug Report Thread Sticky

A topic by Impoqo Games created 11 days ago Views: 138 Replies: 14
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A potion has bitten you? A plant has run away when you water it? Use this section to report it!

hello ! :D ,

i would like to report you a bug with the hitbox of a stairs in the house , When I down this one i fell and i'm blocked enter a stairs and a box next to the furnace .

good days and sorry for the fault i'm french ^^ . :)

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hi it's again me ^^ ,

new bug detected , you can fly if you take seed (or firewood more easier ^^ ) you look down you mount on your seed and you up your camera and advancing at the same time . :D

good days again and sorry for the fault ^^ . 


Hey Pilna!

  • We will check the stairs, we are still modeling the house so there is a lot of things to improve. We'll add your report to our to-do list.
  • Yes, we know  about the bug of flying objects, it is something that we plan to correct in the following versions, but for now we will leave because it is a funny bug!

Thank you for your reports Pilna, that means a lot of us and do not worry about your English, we do not speak well either hahah (we are Spanish).

Au revoir et merci!

You're welcome , It's a pleasure to be able to help you :)

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So, my computer won't run the game.  It says class not registered, any suggestions? Or was i missing something. If it helps, I want to say that i love the quiet nature of the game, and the low-poly visuals.  Keep it up!


Hi theinferno!

First time we know about that. Does it happen on Windows or Mac version?

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it's happening on my Windows desktop computer.  This isn't the first time it's happened though, it seems my computer has trouble reading .rar files


If you want, send us an email to info@impoqogames.com and we will send you a build in .zip format instead of .rar

Deleted post
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So Im not Sure if this is the game or me, But for some reason I become unable to pick things up. While I can still use the watering can and hatchet, I cant make plants or even eat food. Closing and re-opening the game doesnt fix it. However when I make a new game the problem is solved. 

It usually happens after I plant something. (extra info) 


Hi N1gh7R4v3n! We are not aware of this bug.  What version of the game are you playing? 

Was just trying to play and I can plant the flowers but as sooon as I go to water them, they instantly disappear. Yet the particles around the flower stay and still glow. I tried just restarting game, but still happens. :(


Hi Toxic!

When you water the plants they become too small but not disappear, we know this bug and we will fixing it soon. Try to water them even if you do not see them, you will see how they grow ^^

Ahhhhhhhh ok, ty, sorry ^.^;

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So, I tried to burn myself in a cauldron, but I got stuck in a gap behind a table because shelf blocked me off. Left side of a cauldron table is perfect for climbing on it, but a right side is solid, I suppose because of a button.
It's hard to aim watercan at very young flowers, but I guess you know it.
I want to talk about the ladder a little bit more. I see that it's not a finished model and it lacks safety measures.  So I'll just tell it's disadvantages. It's easy to fall from it in 3 sides: to the "stuck" corner, through the gap under the second floor (straight into the box or something like that) and just fall from it in a rush because there is no railing.

(and some suggestions that are not about adding new models)
Have to say that game lacks a tutorial of crafting receipts. Also, game should've tell what water bar means (I didn't know at the start that it is a water container of a flower, so I was annoyed from filling it to the top because I thought it is necessary), that rocks can be mined and a schedule of free stuff boxes.
And I need to delete flowers from the garden, thanks. Those what I planted first bugged me because I did it for test reasons, not for beauty. (Totally love the look from the upper window, but want to rearrange my garden)