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Alchemy Garden

Run your own little alchemy lab and make cool gardens! | Alchemy simulator game · By MadSushi

The Official Bug Report Thread Sticky

A topic by MadSushi created Jun 17, 2017 Views: 1,580 Replies: 100
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Developer (2 edits)

A potion has bitten you? A plant has run away when you water it? Use this section to report it!

Note: For not repeat the info, please before posting a bug, you can check the Known Issues post.

hello ! :D ,

i would like to report you a bug with the hitbox of a stairs in the house , When I down this one i fell and i'm blocked enter a stairs and a box next to the furnace .

good days and sorry for the fault i'm french ^^ . :)

(2 edits)

hi it's again me ^^ ,

new bug detected , you can fly if you take seed (or firewood more easier ^^ ) you look down you mount on your seed and you up your camera and advancing at the same time . :D

good days again and sorry for the fault ^^ . 


Hey Pilna!

  • We will check the stairs, we are still modeling the house so there is a lot of things to improve. We'll add your report to our to-do list.
  • Yes, we know  about the bug of flying objects, it is something that we plan to correct in the following versions, but for now we will leave because it is a funny bug!

Thank you for your reports Pilna, that means a lot of us and do not worry about your English, we do not speak well either hahah (we are Spanish).

Au revoir et merci!

You're welcome , It's a pleasure to be able to help you :)

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So, my computer won't run the game.  It says class not registered, any suggestions? Or was i missing something. If it helps, I want to say that i love the quiet nature of the game, and the low-poly visuals.  Keep it up!


Hi theinferno!

First time we know about that. Does it happen on Windows or Mac version?

(1 edit)

it's happening on my Windows desktop computer.  This isn't the first time it's happened though, it seems my computer has trouble reading .rar files


If you want, send us an email to and we will send you a build in .zip format instead of .rar

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So Im not Sure if this is the game or me, But for some reason I become unable to pick things up. While I can still use the watering can and hatchet, I cant make plants or even eat food. Closing and re-opening the game doesnt fix it. However when I make a new game the problem is solved. 

It usually happens after I plant something. (extra info) 


Hi N1gh7R4v3n! We are not aware of this bug.  What version of the game are you playing? 

I am having the exact same problem, at first i could pick up everything, then all of a sudden i could only pick up the water can and axe. Will play again if this can be fixed. I barely got to play :(


Hey Bad Aches! Are you playing the 0.0.14 version of Alchemy Garden or an older one?

I have 0.0.14 and running on Windows 10 (not sure if that matters), i actually restarted the game and made a new saved game and the problem seems to have fixed itself, hopefully it doesn't happen again. Love the idea of the game.


We hope too :D Thank you for your report!

I also have this problem usually after I pick up the water can I can't pick anything up. I have to start a whole new game.

I'm also dealing with this issue. I just d/led the game for the first time 2 days ago, and am running Windows 7. It's really frustrating because the game is cute and I have to keep restarting.

Was just trying to play and I can plant the flowers but as sooon as I go to water them, they instantly disappear. Yet the particles around the flower stay and still glow. I tried just restarting game, but still happens. :(


Hi Toxic!

When you water the plants they become too small but not disappear, we know this bug and we will fixing it soon. Try to water them even if you do not see them, you will see how they grow ^^

Ahhhhhhhh ok, ty, sorry ^.^;

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So, I tried to burn myself in a cauldron, but I got stuck in a gap behind a table because shelf blocked me off. Left side of a cauldron table is perfect for climbing on it, but a right side is solid, I suppose because of a button.
It's hard to aim watercan at very young flowers, but I guess you know it.
I want to talk about the ladder a little bit more. I see that it's not a finished model and it lacks safety measures.  So I'll just tell it's disadvantages. It's easy to fall from it in 3 sides: to the "stuck" corner, through the gap under the second floor (straight into the box or something like that) and just fall from it in a rush because there is no railing.

(and some suggestions that are not about adding new models)
Have to say that game lacks a tutorial of crafting receipts. Also, game should've tell what water bar means (I didn't know at the start that it is a water container of a flower, so I was annoyed from filling it to the top because I thought it is necessary), that rocks can be mined and a schedule of free stuff boxes.
And I need to delete flowers from the garden, thanks. Those what I planted first bugged me because I did it for test reasons, not for beauty. (Totally love the look from the upper window, but want to rearrange my garden)


Hi miriak!

-We will check the cauldron colliders.

-Yep, watering small flowers is hard because a known bug of the plant size, we will fix it as soon as possible.

-As you say, the ladder (and the all house) is in a modelling stage yet, we are designing the house distribution.

-For the recipes tutorial, we have planned adding books with the recipes distributed in the outdoor area for search and collect them.

-Relating to the elimination of flowers issue, the main idea is, when a flower complete his grow stage, you can collect his petals and use it as components to make new potions. This feature is not included yet but soon we will work on it.

Thank your for you detailed feedbak Miriak, that is exactly what we need for the game development progress.


Thanks for your feedback on my feedback! Your plans are pretty interesting. I love books. This actually reminds me about a game that has unlimited resource of touchable 3D books (Hustle Hobo) but lacks order to them (well, they are destined to be sold, but I didn't want to). About the order, I totally love how neatly potions stay at shelves and that old screenshot when there are a lot of seeds on shelves.  But with 3D physics it's very hard to place stuff accurately if not impossible. There is a way to do this - inventory. That would make seed and planks replacing easier, also that would be very fine to can place an item to the inventory on the shelf or a crate. That is a pretty massive suggestion on your stage of development, but this feature can be very useful (and beautiful).


Hi Miriak! We avoid using a inventory system for the moment because we want to offer you a 100% inmersive experience.

We are working on a weelbarrow for putting a lot of things inside (tools, seeds, potions etc...) and carry them at the same time. What do you think about it? Cheers!

Oh, that's fresh. That's actually a very clever thought even for inventory-based games.

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This is possible. It's a bug X"D


Yep, its a glitch. You will find a lot of these on the game ^^' sorry.

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hello i would like to report a bug whit the game i click on play and it says :

An error occurred while launching Alchemy Garden

Error: spawn UNKNOWN

is this a bug or is it whit my comuter?

this is what it says

[2017-07-14 @ 15:06:40.853] [configure] configuring C:\Users\Felhaszn谩l贸\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Alchemy Garden
[2017-07-14 @ 15:06:41.022] [configure] native-configure yielded execs: [
  "Alchemy Garden.exe"

can you help me please


Hello TheSlothSmile, 

Seems a market software issue. Have you tried to download the game through a web browser?

i will try

tanks for the feed back it would work but ill  cant seem to run it on windows 10 idk thanks werry mutch

When I harvest the plant . The padal dropped under the dirt. Please help. It's a very brautiful game.


Hi 360!

We have realized that we have made the petals with a small colliders, our bad,  the next update will be fixed.

PD: Petals are useless in this version, they are only decorative.

PD2: You are brautiful too!

(2 edits)

Haha, I didn't check the spelling. I have a really bad computer. Can you make a lower tweakable graphics just so I can run at decent FPS on 720p. My computer run this game at 25 FPS on 800x600 Min setting. Anyways, keep up the brautiful game!

EDIT: I love how we can carry our box to put stuff we got. It is very realistic non like Minecraft or many other games. But when I put the box under the ore/tree. When the stuff falls in, it kinds of bounce away. IDK if it is my graphics card bad? Because it is burning while playing every games


Hey 360!

We will dedicate an update to improve performance soon. I regret that the game does not run smoothly, we are at an early stage of development.

Your graphic card its ok, we have to work a lot on physics, when we fix one bug 2 more wild bugs appear -_-


I think there is a bug with the ores. If you hit an ore with a pickaxe ( I dont know once or untill an ore spawns ), You could mine the ore without looking at the ore vein. Basically, the bug allows you to mine inside of your house.


Hi PremiumVex, thanks for your report.

Are you playing the 0.0.15 version?

Deleted post

Hi 360!

Really? We have tested it and we can pick up the box... mmmm... strange thing....

So, you probably notice this because it is apparent when picking up objects, but when I pick up objects and carry them some distance they are propelled in a direction when I let them go. This makes planting seeds where you want very difficult.


Hi Slothadillo!

Yep, we have to work very hard on physics, we know it's uncomfortable to carry and plant the seeds.


Hi again, This isn't really a bug. When I am carrying a box and the item in the box is on the edge of the box. It will touch me and slow me down. The throwing physics is pretty inaccurate, I can't throw items in the box by just hovering above it. Also I can't pick the box up again. it happens when I played the game for about 15 minutes. I tried re-launched it but didn't work. It will happen again when ever I load the old game save that the glicth happened. I posted on the early reply that the game is lagging while playing at 600p, now I just noticed that there is 720x480 resolution and it got decent 35 FPS. Which is really good. 

Thank you :D


Hello 360! How are you?

Yeah, the physics are in a very early stage, we need more time to tweak the scripts and make carrying things more fun.

Glad to see the game running better on 720x480, when we include the graphical options will you have more options to run the game more smooth.

Thank you bro!

(1 edit)

Hi, it's me again. The box glitch happens again. This is the video- 


Thanks for the video 360.

We have tested the game at all resolutions, and fullscreen/ window mode and the glitch has not been appear. Maybe its a optimization and performance issue. We will still investigating why this glitch appears in some computers.


Hey, will it be easier for you if I send the game log to you?

I'll send it anyways. It is too big for pastebin, so I put it on GoogleDrive. I'm not sure if it is the correct log or not. It is output_log:


Thanks for the log 360, we will check it out.

When you chop  tree the hit box is weird you can go whith the back to the tree and chop it


Hello RedCodeStudio, thanks for your report.

Fixed on the 0.0.17 version.


(1 edit)

Bug in 0.0.21 Version:

I picked up a seed, and even when I released left click, I was still holding it, I could even grab an other item. So I had multiple items stuck in my hand that I could not place anywhere.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks Eloniell!

We'll add your bug to the task list.

I have a pretty regular bug in 0.0.21

I stop being able to pick up things. First happens after crafting a water vial, then while chopping a tree.

Equipping tools is still possible, picking up boxes is not. reloading or restarting the game doesn't help. So far only starting new games seem to fix it.


Thank you for your report Chase22,

We are working on this bug, hope to have it fixed this week.

So, i was pkaying, usual things, untill i made pure water. you may be asking, what? well then the game glitched and i couldnt pick up anything. i could still equip things, just not pick up, also i picked up silver but the silver didnt move (it would drop when i let go, but it stayed still when i holded it, on the ground.)

also why is a older version betetr than the current?

and  this happend with a bucket to. i filled it with water and i droped it, and nothing i could pick up. i couldnt equip and axe, either. but everthing else is normal.


Hello CrystalPandaz,

Please understand that it is a development version. We are only two people developing the game in our free time and we do our best, we know it is not an excuse and we regret these mistakes,  but sometimes we fix one thing and break another two, at the end of the day we are human like you.

If all goes well, today we will upload an update with these bugs fixed.

Thank you.

please help! my windows 10 computer will not run this game. it says it wont run on this device. i used the zip version, should i try the rar?


Hey Honey!

What is your PC specs? The game is not optimized yet (a performance update will come soon) and maybe wont run on an old computers.

All the fiber i collect is just going to nowhere. I believe it is because i got one fiber with a full ""hotbar"" and now, it its getting agroupped with the one in the inventory. Is there a way to access these fibers?


Hi Marlao!

If you press "TAB" you can acces to the full inventory ^^


With the book open, if ESC or TAB or anything else is pressed, the book becomes unable to be closed until TAB is pressed to get the mouse and the X for the book is pressed.

When plant is harvested from "tilled soil" Herbs fall through the "tilled soil" object and become ungrabbable, until tilled soil is removed.

Plants drop nothing to use in alchemy except maybe fibre, seeds, and herb.
Seeds can not be used in anything except cauldron.
Herb doesnt seem to do anything except get turned into herb dust.
Fibre one seems to be used for tools.

"Ocean sound" being projected from specific spot on beach. instead of "from direction" of ocean.

Plants need names with "water" / "growth" bars or Plants need more individually identifying saplings.

Can not apply alchemical liquids to tools.


Thank you very much  饾晛鈩濔潟兟光伆鹿! <3

Plants will not water... 


Hi jwsavage!

What version are you playing?

i downloaded about 2-3 days ago

not sure atm


Let me see what could happen, thanks for your report! ^^

This is a bug I found in the latest version. When I placed the mortar, three more mortar item bags and two pestles flew out of the spot, I assume because they all spawn at once in the same spot. And this wasn't a once off, I tried placing my extra mortars and it happened again.

Anyway, just a quick note. Otherwise, I'm loving the game!


Hey Goji! Sorry for the delay.

Yeah, its a wild collision bug, free mortars for everyone! I will fix that on the next update.

Thanks for your comment!


Hello, the game is interesting, only you should add other things to give it depth.

Why do not you add any problems to the game? Plant flowers? Some birds come to eat the seeds, so you need a scarecrow.

Need a fence door, if you add goats trying to eat flower buds it makes sense to use the fence.

You should add a closet to store items and a bookcase for the book and the construction plans, some lights for the house or wall support for the tourchs.

The game need of a music, (medieval style?).


Wood don't show arrow on workbench.

TAB block the book open

Nice job and good luck!


Hi eToni!

Thank you for your toughts ^^

As you know, the game is currently on a development stage so a lot of new things like these will come on the future.


(1 edit)

a quick fix to the "TAB block the book open" is to press TAB again and click the X on the top right corner of the book

MadSushi plz fix

I'm unable to change the recipe on my workbench


Hi Parcivalplays! Thank you for your post.

Do you have pressed the "E" button on the recipe slot in your workbench?

ill give it a shot as the on screen prompt tells me to press LMB.

this video contain lot of bug. i cant tell you a lot but watching this give dev some image 

You can put Fiber on a Mortar but when you try to mince it, you can't

you can farm ilimited Mortars [(by breaking the Mortar with an axe*)and Pestles) and you can't drop pestles (you can fill your inventory with pestles making the game unplayable)

* = maybe, i used an axe to break it look at the color of the dust on the hotbar and the one on the hand

A few things you could improve on:
Allow only one item in a mortar at a time. Might also look into how to handle the pestle better, having it in your inventory is kind of weird, you can't just put it back either.

Using the cliffs from the coal/sulfur mining site you can go past the invisible walls/rocks at the lake and furtheron jump off the island and fall forever (until everything turns grey.)

Could turn out to be petty interesting, if you add some more content :D

I'm not sure if this counts as a bug per se, but I have no idea how to sleep. I go up to the bed and press e and nothing's happening.

wait till the energy bar turns red and i think it has to be night but im not sure of that part

Oh, and also, for some reason, I can't put anything on the middle plate of the workbench?

hey i dont think that is a bug but i put a potion in the pot and then wanted to change it but i've tried everything and i cant get rid of it - maybe you could make (glass) bottles a think so you can put the potions back in their bottles

(1 edit)

for some reason i am un able to put wood in the middle slot of the workbench so i cannot make anything at all

Hey there. I was super excited about this game however, I cannot figure out how to get the fibers/hay? to make any of the tools so I am stuck with just wandering around and doing nothing in the game. Is there something I am missing to create the tools necessary to play the game or is this a new bug? Also if I load a game or play a new game, sometimes the mortar doubles itself or I get two tables and am missing either the alchemy set or the water barrel and have to restart the game multiple times before I stop getting doubles and missing items.


Hey! Thanks for playing ^^

You can get some fibers gathering plants outside.

Currently I'm working on a BIG update that fixes the issues with duplicated objects.

Thank you for your patiente.

Hi so I have a game breaking bug. I can only craft 1 item then the middle crafting slot won't allow anymore items to be placed there. Also the bed doesn't work. I click e on it as prompted and nothing happens.


Thank you for tour report!  I will check it out. 

So, i started playing and when i was going to create something at the cauldron, it just didn't want to work at all, also my keyboard isn't broken


Hey Sokrazydude! Thank you for your report. Have you tried putting wood on the bottom of the Cauldron?  

Hello MadSushi! I saw GrayStillPlays video of your game and was excited to give it a go. It's beautiful I must say. Though a funny thing happened when i tried to set my pestle and morter down for the first time. I had assumed it would be set on a table since it's so small, alas when i tried to place it, it popped up like popcorn and when i went to pick it up I had two! Thinking it was just a glitch, I tried a second time and BOOM now i have 4, lol. This doesn't seem to be an issue if you set it up on the floor. But the problem is my game will not allow me to drop the other pestles, so now i have 4 slots taken by undroppable pestles.  

Thank you so much for spending time on what seems to be a great game in the making. Are you still running updates on it?


Hi Sniperess!

Thank you very much for playing Alchemy Garden ^^, Yes! It is a somewhat funny bug, the tables are made of boards, so if you put an object in the space between boards, the game interprets that there is no table and therefore spawn a new item.

This spawn is because if you remove the table with things on it (alchemy table or mortar) with the hatechet, the objects become items so you do not lose them.

Regarding the updates, yes, I am working on a VERY big update that includes many graphics improvements, remodeled alchemy mechanics, a small town and the possibility of managing your own potions store to sell them to NPC.

I wish I could develop faster, but at the moment I can only work in Alchemy Garden for 3 or 4 hours a day. I have to continue in my boring office job to be able to pay the bills hehe. If you want to support me with the project, please add the game to your wishlist on Steam!


I know all about boring jobs :) thank you for the quick reply. I read your recent post and greatly thank you for the work you are doing. I don't know anything about game development, but I know working alone means things will take time. Keep up the good work! 

(1 edit)

Texture/Colors don't seem to be working correctly the water is white and so are the fences

Also there might be  a slight bug for the wood and the crafting table

it use to display a arrow to place but it no longer does that and also there was a moment when it wouldn't allow you to place the wood in the center slot no matter where you clicked


Hi Nocturn! Thanks for your report and sorry for the delay.

I'm aware of the white water bug, this has been fixed for the upcoming version.

I'm working on a new crafting system because the current has a lots of bugs -_-