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A member registered Jul 21, 2017

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I'll send it anyways. It is too big for pastebin, so I put it on GoogleDrive. I'm not sure if it is the correct log or not. It is output_log: https://goo.gl/4mWzN8.

Hey, will it be easier for you if I send the game log to you?

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Hi, it's me again. The box glitch happens again. This is the video- 

Hi again, This isn't really a bug. When I am carrying a box and the item in the box is on the edge of the box. It will touch me and slow me down. The throwing physics is pretty inaccurate, I can't throw items in the box by just hovering above it. Also I can't pick the box up again. it happens when I played the game for about 15 minutes. I tried re-launched it but didn't work. It will happen again when ever I load the old game save that the glicth happened. I posted on the early reply that the game is lagging while playing at 600p, now I just noticed that there is 720x480 resolution and it got decent 35 FPS. Which is really good. 

Thank you :D

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So, I have a really bad computer. Every game that uses UE4 doesn't run more than 15 FPS on my computer. Could you add lower settings to the graphics option? You could tell me how to change them manually.

I played on 600p Min setting, 10 FPS.

Spec- Core i3- 2100 3.1 GHZ, RAM 8 GB, GPU: AMD Radeon 5450 (dreadful), Case- Microwave.

I understand that Good games trades with great FPS.

- Thankyou and have a good day! ^^

Created a new topic Suggestions.
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Hi, it's me again. I could really use a tutorial of this game and I would love to be able to jump around while waiting for the fire woods to burn. You could make a suggestion topic so I don't flood your community page.

- Thankyou, have a good day. ^^

Created a new topic Multiplayer

I know that is still on alpha version but it would be cool if we can play with our friends using same LAN network.

Created a new topic Low spec computer.

Can you make a lower tweakable graphics? I got 15 FPS while running this game on Min settings, 600p. It's a very beautiful game.

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Haha, I didn't check the spelling. I have a really bad computer. Can you make a lower tweakable graphics just so I can run at decent FPS on 720p. My computer run this game at 25 FPS on 800x600 Min setting. Anyways, keep up the brautiful game!

EDIT: I love how we can carry our box to put stuff we got. It is very realistic non like Minecraft or many other games. But when I put the box under the ore/tree. When the stuff falls in, it kinds of bounce away. IDK if it is my graphics card bad? Because it is burning while playing every games

When I harvest the plant . The padal dropped under the dirt. Please help. It's a very brautiful game.