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18 second speed run 

How long is the play time?

I installed a walk through mod that I had on 0.8.2 and it worked. The vanilla game can't load modded saves. I can give you my save but you'll need to get the walk through mod.

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Thanks for 0.9.2. I have a problem when loading 0.8.2 save on 0.9.2.


Loading it from 0.8.2 gave an error too. It was working before :(

If anyone has a complete 0.8.2 save, please share. Thank you

More side girls would be amazing. The main girls get boring sometimes.

The gameplay is awesome! Will the graphics change after the alpha version or is this the Art style of the game?

Keep getting stuck on the desks

Is there a graphic setting? My potato can't handle this game at the default setting

What mods and model do you use on Honey Select? I'm not planning to make a game. I just wanna play lol

I can't find them. Can you help me?

Every things are comparable. Arcade games are more exciting than simulator for most people. 

This is like a better version of Ace Combat. The controll feels really good. The sound is realistic unlike Ace Combat which you can hear only music. Ace Combat's bot pilots talk like some middle school teenagers on the radio. While this game have some chatter on the radio, they keep it to the minimum just enough to tell the story. Make this a full game with campaign mode and it will be so much better than Ace Combat

Great potential! You should introduce this to a big company so they could fund your game for better assets

OFF GRID community · Created a new topic Some suggestions

Looks very underated and should be on Steam when it's beta. An in-game video option would be nice. Loads a little too long. Need v-sync because the frames stutters around 15-100 FPS. The camera control for mouse + key board is goofy af (unplayable) I'm pretty sure the devs just used only game pads for play testing. Tutorial is pretty boring and I forgot a lot of things that it showed (should have make it so that people could try the feature out in the tutorial). Now the game is unplayable for me. Ratings: Potential: 10/10, Game mechanics: 10/10, Graphics 8/10 (Only works well with high end PC) (Love the details), Controls: Fat 0 but it doesn't matter because it's still alpha. Would recommend for people that likes Ubisoft's Watchdogs game but wants a more complex version.

Should be an android/IOS game.

Where's the link?

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Such a GREAT game! I really want more of this. This game is like watchdogs 2but without that fancy fake hacking stuff. I didn't say that the devs copied Watchdogs2 I'm saying that this game has a lot of things that it needs. [SPOILER]--> It's a real challenge trying to find all the codes and guiding the drones with security cameras. All the other hacking sim I played is just 100% code or 100% shooting. This game has the perfect balance. I really need part 2 maybe with more commands and machines. I finished the game using the conference room's window because couldn't find the code for the maintenance door. I really want to know how to get it.

How about the models? Do they use renply too?

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What is whith the weird flaoting thing that have some knid of logo on it?

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I have a 10 MBPS internet connection. I get a stable 1.5 Mb/s steam download speed but when it comes it Itch client the speed is always below 20 Kb/s it takes half an hour to download a small game. No other programs are running at the same time.

How about the game engine? thankyou

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What game engine did you use? Oh and what's the password of the "protected folder"?

So, I have a really bad computer. Every game that uses UE4 doesn't run more than 15 FPS on my computer. Could you add lower settings to the graphics option? You could tell me how to change them manually.

I played on 600p Min setting, 10 FPS.

Spec- Core i3- 2100 3.1 GHZ, RAM 8 GB, GPU: AMD Radeon 5450 (dreadful), Case- Microwave.

I understand that Good games trades with great FPS.

- Thankyou and have a good day! ^^

Can you make a lower tweakable graphics? I got 15 FPS while running this game on Min settings, 600p. It's a very beautiful game.