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Some suggestions

A topic by 360 created Oct 11, 2018 Views: 222
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Looks very underated and should be on Steam when it's beta. An in-game video option would be nice. Loads a little too long. Need v-sync because the frames stutters around 15-100 FPS. The camera control for mouse + key board is goofy af (unplayable) I'm pretty sure the devs just used only game pads for play testing. Tutorial is pretty boring and I forgot a lot of things that it showed (should have make it so that people could try the feature out in the tutorial). Now the game is unplayable for me. Ratings: Potential: 10/10, Game mechanics: 10/10, Graphics 8/10 (Only works well with high end PC) (Love the details), Controls: Fat 0 but it doesn't matter because it's still alpha. Would recommend for people that likes Ubisoft's Watchdogs game but wants a more complex version.