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Alchemy Garden

Run your own little alchemy lab and make cool gardens! | Alchemy simulator game · By MadSushi

Suggestions Sticky

A topic by 360 created Jul 24, 2017 Views: 586 Replies: 10
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Hi, it's me again. I could really use a tutorial of this game and I would love to be able to jump around while waiting for the fire woods to burn. You could make a suggestion topic so I don't flood your community page.

- Thankyou, have a good day. ^^


Then your post will be the official post of suggestions!

Post sticked.

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This game is very fun, but here's some thing i'de like to see improved. alchemy seems fun, it would be nice if there were different animations for making different things. I'd like to see plant breeding, maybe different colors of daisies that you could breed to make your own garden. Planting seeds isn't that fun right now. It would be nice to be able to carry seeds with e like some others, then maybe shake them onto the ground. I'de like to see tree planting in the game, maybe different types of trees. Some magic wood to make the smoke from the fire look different or be able to use in alchemy would be cool. Selling I would imagine is already planned, but if it isn't it would be nice to maybe  get some fire essence from your fire plants and make that into a warmth potion to sell in the winter. It would be nice if the fire had a chair next to it, maybe a painting. This is all I can think of for now, I'll keep playing and testing the game, hope to see more updates soon ^^


Hello Slothadillo!

Yeah, different animations for different mixes are planned.

We have planned to add more plant types and include a plant rarity feature. From now you can plant 7 different seeds plus our Moonicite and Flamicite variations, so 21 types of plants are currently available. You can find 4 types of them on the forest (Daisy, Lilium, Rose and Lotus) and you can get 3 more seeds on the alchemy table mixing the seeds with aquavitae (Dailium, Daitus and Rosy) but yeah, we have planned to include a lot of variety on plants.

We implemented fruit trees in the first versions of the game, but we removed them because they gave problems. Later we will fix it and put it back.

We would like to create a shop system, but we want to move away from games like "my little *** shop" concept, we want to create something unique and special.

Nice idea about the chair on the fireplace! 

Thank you very much Slothadillo! We really appreciate your suggestions.


I have a bit of a suggestion but I'm sure your gonna do it sometime in the future. Anyway, I was thinking maybe more flowers and combinations to create a bit more fun potions. Like one that makes you float a bit or one that makes you faster, just something we can do to get something more memorable out of it. I love the game so far, can't wait for more updates!


Hi Nevula!

Yep, there is a lot of potions, flowers and their perks planned for including in the game, but now our priority is make the game "feels good "at playable level.

Thank you!!


This is just my personal opinion, but could you try turning up the mouse sensitivity, or perhaps add an options panel with the option to? Just asking, thank you!


Could you plz try to make a recipe book with starter recipes and unlocked/ found recipes?

This isnt exactly a sugustion, but A: there shuld be a tutorial other than that sign,  and B: how do you make moonicite and flameacite flowers in the latest update?


So I know that there are currently only silver, sulfur and coal in the game as far as ores. I kept seeing in the gameplay that people were mistaking the sulfur for gold. Someone also made the great point that gold is a pretty important part of alchemy. It would be awesome if you could actually add in gold. I think having solid gold plants would look pretty interesting as far as a potential new alchemical plant combination as well.

Maybe add succulents?