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Hey! Thanks for playing ^^

You can get some fibers gathering plants outside.

Currently I'm working on a BIG update that fixes the issues with duplicated objects.

Thank you for your patiente.

Hi Parcivalplays! Thank you for your post.

Do you have pressed the "E" button on the recipe slot in your workbench?

Hi eToni!

Thank you for your toughts ^^

As you know, the game is currently on a development stage so a lot of new things like these will come on the future.


Hey Goji! Sorry for the delay.

Yeah, its a wild collision bug, free mortars for everyone! I will fix that on the next update.

Thanks for your comment!

Let me see what could happen, thanks for your report! ^^

Hi jwsavage!

What version are you playing?

Thank you very much  𝕁ℝ𝕃¹⁰¹! <3

Hi SpinyNorman!

This feature is not implemented yet, sorry :( 

Thank you Skydjinn!

As you say, this is the foundation, now is time to work very hard on a content updates. Thank you for your video!


Hey itchid!

Thank you for being here from the beggining, this makes me very happy! 

Yep, I put the game free again, the vast majority of the games on this platform are free, so in my case is not worth having 1-3 purchases a day versus 30-80 daily downloads with a free version. I prefer a lot of people playing the game and recieving their feedback and yeah, I want to put the game on Steam at the end of the year, I have payed the publishing fee and I will put this version if I wish, but I prefer work on game improvements and adding new content (this is urgent) before publishing on Steam.

Don't feel guilty for downloading Alchemy Garden for free, I want to make the coolest game possible and prove myself as a game designer.

I wish you the best of luck!


Hi Marlao!

If you press "TAB" you can acces to the full inventory ^^


Hi MediocreMack!

Some times there are problems with the physics and some objects fall down to the void. I'm working very hard to fix this bug.

Thank you for your post and of course thank you for playing Alchemy Garden!


Hey Honey!

What is your PC specs? The game is not optimized yet (a performance update will come soon) and maybe wont run on an old computers.

Hi Spacecat!

I just uploaded the game in .zip format, if you have another problem with the game just say me ^^

And off course, if you are unhappy with the game, I can return back your money without any problem. Just send me an email to 


Hi mejedi023!

Creating a game costs a lot of money (and a lot of time). I would love to leave the game for free If I do not need money to live, but I have to eat and pay bills.

In fact, I'm still losing money, even selling the game at the actual price.

Be patient, I'm going to make a HUGE sale in September.


Hi Fox!

I just sent you an email.


Hi guys!

As you know, i am working on an Unreal Engine version of the game, here is a the new design for the home:

I hope you like it! More news about the game very soon!

Grab, use and put equipped objects in the alchemy table: "E"

Access to the inventory: "TAB"

Use tool: "Left Mouse Button"

Item actions on inventory and physics grabbing: "Right Mouse Button"


-You need to put wood on the bottom of the alchemy table.

-The bar in the bottom left screen space is the stamina, you can recover it sleeping in a bed. 

-You can hold your items putting them on the bottom inventory bar.

P.S; Here is an updated version:

Thanks, man! That's a lot of time playing the game!

Some days I do a gamedev stream in ( so feel free to come in and ask me any question ^^

About the money, I have planned to make a Kickstarter campaign in July, and after putting an early access very cheap version on Steam and I really appreciate ALL your donations and support.

See you!

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To combine seeds and potions you need to put a water bottle on a slot. For example, if you want to make some Lunar seed, the recipe will be:  Moonicite + Water + Seed

I know that the game isn't still intuitive, i'm working to fix that!

By the way you can try, if you wish, the remaked version of the game here, soon i will put on itch, but from now here's a link get the -full of bugs- game:

Thank you and see you soon!

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since the last update of Alchemy Garden was launched, and during this time many things have happened.

First of all, you have to know that the development of the game is still going ahead! But some things have changed:

-Now I'm working alone: Impoqo Games is formed by Oriol d'Armengol, Rodrigo Saulis and me, Rubén Izquierdo.
Oriol and Rodrigo are great programmers and partners! But due to circumstances related to their daily work, they can not devote the necessary time to the project.

So I've asked them if they let me continue the project alone. I see a lot of potential in this game and I will work tirelessly to finish the development of the game. I will always be grateful to them for understanding me and leaving the project to me, thank you guys!

I have quit my full-time job (now it is part-time job) to be able to develop Alchemy Garden in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. I earn less money than ever, but enough to pay bills and work in the game, which is what matters to me.

-Unreal Engine: As you know, Alchemy Garden is a game developed in Unity, but I decided to change to Unreal Engine and remake the whole game starting from 0, this has taken me 4 months of intense work until I have a version similar to Unity version, but I think the change has been worth it!

-MadSushi Games: Impoqo Games is still alive, Oriol, Rodrigo and I will continue participating in jams and having fun, but from now on Alchemy Garden will be developed under the name of MadSushi Games.

-Next update: In the coming weeks I will publish this new version of Alchemy Garden (v developed with Unreal Engine. Some of its novelties is a new inventory system, new house and a new scenario!

Thank you very much everyone for your patience and for supporting Alchemy Garden. I promise to do everything I can!

Hi ToxicSabre!

Yes, the game is still in development. Soon there will be more news, but for now you have to know that:

- I have left my daily job to make this game, i see a lot of potential in Alchemy Garden and i will do everything i can to finish it and put it on the market.

- I have rebuilt the entire game with Unreal Engine with new mechanics including a brand new inventory and crafting system.

- You can follow the development on Twitch:

Hey TheMoozilla! 

Thanks for your beautiful words, really. We are very proud of the work we are doing on the game, and also of the small community that is being created around the game, you are the best guys!

We know that we have not updated the game for a while, but we are developing Alchemy Garden in our free time and we do what we can.

Messages like yours motivates us a lot and encourages us to continue with the development of the game.

We hope to bring you the best game we can.

With more happiness,

The ImpoqoGames team.

Hi Booper!

At the moment there are no more potions yet, we are working on a big update that will add more content. 


Hello ChrisRyan!

Some Potions:

Aquavitae: Pure water + any flower petal + Coal

Flamicite: Aquavitae + Sulfur + Coal

Moonicite: Aquavitae + Silver + Coal

These two weeks we have not updated the game and we will explain why.

The game has gone from prototype to pre-alpha phase and we are very happy with the results because we see how the community enjoys the game. We have been updating Alchemy Garden every week, listening to all your opinions, correcting errors and adding functions and improvements, since April 2 when we published the prototype we have brought to light 22 versions of the game. Not bad, right?

As many of you will know, the development of Alchemy Garden is led by two people, Oriol d'Armengol and Rubén Izquierdo. We work in the game in our spare time as other developers in, we have our daily job to put food on the table and pay the bills. So at the moment (and until we find a publisher or investor) this is only our hobby.

All that you have seen and played is only 10% of everything we have planned to do with the game, we really want to make an incredible game, but to achieve this we need to focus on development and set aside the weekly updates at the moment (you can still download the game) .

Now it's time to plan all the features that we are going to include in the game and those that are left out of it, it's time to concentrate, manage our time and continue working hard with the same affection that until now.

We want to return and bring you the best version of Alchemy Garden, until then,  we send you a heartfelt embrace.

The Impoqo Games Team

Hello CrystalPandaz,

Please understand that it is a development version. We are only two people developing the game in our free time and we do our best, we know it is not an excuse and we regret these mistakes,  but sometimes we fix one thing and break another two, at the end of the day we are human like you.

If all goes well, today we will upload an update with these bugs fixed.

Thank you.

Thank you for your report Chase22,

We are working on this bug, hope to have it fixed this week.

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Thanks Eloniell!

We'll add your bug to the task list.

Hello harryboos5, we have planned to put a bed to spend the night period quickly. Be patient.

Hello RedCodeStudio, thanks for your report.

Fixed on the 0.0.17 version.


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Hello alchemists!

Before posting on "The Official Bug Report" thread, here you can check the known bugs of the game. 

  • Sometimes the grabbed objects get stuck on the player.
  • Some users can not pick the box pressing "E" button. Fixed in 0.0.18 version
  • Some times you can stay trapped inside the box while you carrying it, this make a lower walk speed. Fixed in 0.0.21 version.
  • Physics for picking stuff like seeds or potions are imprecise. Fixed in 0.0.20 version.
  • If you look up when you're mining, you'll get material even if you do not hit the stone. Fixed in 0.0.17 version
  • Some wild plants are "floating" under trees. Fixed in 0.0.20 version.
  • The petals fall on the ground and disappear. Fixed in 0.0.17 version.
  • If you walk on top of a firewood when you grab it, you can fly around the map. (It's a fun bug, we recommend you to try it) Fixed in 0.0.19 version.

Thanks for the log 360, we will check it out.

Thanks for the video 360.

We have tested the game at all resolutions, and fullscreen/ window mode and the glitch has not been appear. Maybe its a optimization and performance issue. We will still investigating why this glitch appears in some computers.


Hi Nevula!

Yep, there is a lot of potions, flowers and their perks planned for including in the game, but now our priority is make the game "feels good "at playable level.

Thank you!!

Hello Slothadillo!

Yeah, different animations for different mixes are planned.

We have planned to add more plant types and include a plant rarity feature. From now you can plant 7 different seeds plus our Moonicite and Flamicite variations, so 21 types of plants are currently available. You can find 4 types of them on the forest (Daisy, Lilium, Rose and Lotus) and you can get 3 more seeds on the alchemy table mixing the seeds with aquavitae (Dailium, Daitus and Rosy) but yeah, we have planned to include a lot of variety on plants.

We implemented fruit trees in the first versions of the game, but we removed them because they gave problems. Later we will fix it and put it back.

We would like to create a shop system, but we want to move away from games like "my little *** shop" concept, we want to create something unique and special.

Nice idea about the chair on the fireplace! 

Thank you very much Slothadillo! We really appreciate your suggestions.

Hello 360! How are you?

Yeah, the physics are in a very early stage, we need more time to tweak the scripts and make carrying things more fun.

Glad to see the game running better on 720x480, when we include the graphical options will you have more options to run the game more smooth.

Thank you bro!

Hi Slothadillo!

Yep, we have to work very hard on physics, we know it's uncomfortable to carry and plant the seeds.