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To combine seeds and potions you need to put a water bottle on a slot. For example, if you want to make some Lunar seed, the recipe will be:  Moonicite + Water + Seed

I know that the game isn't still intuitive, i'm working to fix that!

By the way you can try, if you wish, the remaked version of the game here, soon i will put on itch, but from now here's a link get the -full of bugs- game:

Thank you and see you soon!

quick question how do i play the bugged version i dont know how to use or drop can you send me a list of the controlls for pc thanks!

Grab, use and put equipped objects in the alchemy table: "E"

Access to the inventory: "TAB"

Use tool: "Left Mouse Button"

Item actions on inventory and physics grabbing: "Right Mouse Button"


-You need to put wood on the bottom of the alchemy table.

-The bar in the bottom left screen space is the stamina, you can recover it sleeping in a bed. 

-You can hold your items putting them on the bottom inventory bar.

P.S; Here is an updated version: