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thanks jw also when is the next update

Tricity community · Created a new topic Won't Start

when i try to play this game i get a failed to load mono error message please fix as this seems like a fun game and i would like to be able to play

question how do you add mods to the game and where do you find the mods?

hi i have a idea fora new mode so to speak so what if you added a mode where you have  unlimited of every thing and where energy health etc is much higher in blocks so dirt 10 hp/ obsidian 100 etc please consider it and reply thanks

hi how did you do that cheat/hack ?

the "improved demo" version is invalid please fix this

wait till it gets to steam but i dont want to be forced to pay for this game and i also  love this game so making it cost would actualy be quite upsetting for me and probrably many other people

Denki can you please releas a unstable version  perhaps a link where we can install it from google docs?

can you make a  non-vr version please

dheki one question when will you relese this update?

please reply

quick question how do i play the bugged version i dont know how to use or drop can you send me a list of the controlls for pc thanks!

Thank you its realy kind that you would stop working full time in your other[ now part time] job just to make other people happy!

P.s  How do i combine seeds with potions to make diferent plants because i can't work out how.