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It would be nice to be able to talk to people walking by to tell them about your shop, maybe you see someone with full armor walking to a tavern and you tell him about your blacksmith shop with armor that is better then the stuff he's wearing. Other than that, progression feels a bit slow and gets boring fast, it would be nice to level up faster. I'm on day eleven with like 3 hours in the game and still on copper, very hard to feel a sense of progression, but you probably already knew  this. Good luck on development of the game, I hope to keep playing it. 

EXCELLENT GAME! I would pay money for this. I played it for a good 9 hours and enjoyed the whole thing. If this had more weapons I could imagine playing this for very large amounts of time.

So, you probably notice this because it is apparent when picking up objects, but when I pick up objects and carry them some distance they are propelled in a direction when I let them go. This makes planting seeds where you want very difficult.

This game is very fun, but here's some thing i'de like to see improved. alchemy seems fun, it would be nice if there were different animations for making different things. I'd like to see plant breeding, maybe different colors of daisies that you could breed to make your own garden. Planting seeds isn't that fun right now. It would be nice to be able to carry seeds with e like some others, then maybe shake them onto the ground. I'de like to see tree planting in the game, maybe different types of trees. Some magic wood to make the smoke from the fire look different or be able to use in alchemy would be cool. Selling I would imagine is already planned, but if it isn't it would be nice to maybe  get some fire essence from your fire plants and make that into a warmth potion to sell in the winter. It would be nice if the fire had a chair next to it, maybe a painting. This is all I can think of for now, I'll keep playing and testing the game, hope to see more updates soon ^^

For the game to look good at all it needs to be on at least medium, but even if the game just looks okay I'm taking heavy hits in frames, and I can run Just Cause 3 on ultra at 60fps. I'm just making sure this will be fixed because without optimisation the recommended hardware for this will be quite high.