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Yes, that is what I saw. And after I closed the door and opened it again it was fixed.

And as for the traps, some stay active while some do actually reactivate. Well, reset in a way.

"CUBE" Unreal community · Created a new topic A Bug Report

While I was playing, I was going to head into another room. Suddenly I find the door on the other side is closed but my side is open. Before I had heard some rooms move before. So I guess the room changed while the door was opening. 

Another thing that happened which I don't have an explanation for. I was opening a door and suddenly it closed quickly then reappeared open but another door was directly behind it closed. No tunnel between them. After opening and closing it again I did get that door away and moved on.

One last one, when I was peeking into the empty area where I could see all the rooms. I saw a room that I had already triggered, the fire traps sticking out with no room there.

Also, a question I have, some rooms traps don't reactivate while some do, is this supposed to happen? And is there gonna be that third coordinate cause like the room we start in is 72, 72, under (Undefined).

And maybe you could make a topic for all the Bug Reports

Now to give the complements. This is an absolutely beautiful game! I loved the cube series and this makes it so much better! I can't wait to see all the new traps and cubes and "gamemodes"? Everything sounds so great! Keep up the good work!!

I have a bit of a suggestion but I'm sure your gonna do it sometime in the future. Anyway, I was thinking maybe more flowers and combinations to create a bit more fun potions. Like one that makes you float a bit or one that makes you faster, just something we can do to get something more memorable out of it. I love the game so far, can't wait for more updates!

I have yet another bug.

I was going to use my hook when it did the throw animation while I was still charging the shot. It was there for a moment as I tried getting a screenshot of it. It fixed itself, I found it kinda strange but, since it was gone that quick I don't consider it that much of a problem.


Another add on:

It works anywhere on the raft...Certain directions allow for your hand to disappear. I havent seen any reason why that happens but, it is a strange occurance.

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There is a small bug where your hands disappear when holding the spear on top of the cooking station. Its around when your looking toward the horizon, at least how it works for me. Just a minor thing, nothing game breaking.

Version is 1.4