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Hello Slothadillo!

Yeah, different animations for different mixes are planned.

We have planned to add more plant types and include a plant rarity feature. From now you can plant 7 different seeds plus our Moonicite and Flamicite variations, so 21 types of plants are currently available. You can find 4 types of them on the forest (Daisy, Lilium, Rose and Lotus) and you can get 3 more seeds on the alchemy table mixing the seeds with aquavitae (Dailium, Daitus and Rosy) but yeah, we have planned to include a lot of variety on plants.

We implemented fruit trees in the first versions of the game, but we removed them because they gave problems. Later we will fix it and put it back.

We would like to create a shop system, but we want to move away from games like "my little *** shop" concept, we want to create something unique and special.

Nice idea about the chair on the fireplace! 

Thank you very much Slothadillo! We really appreciate your suggestions.