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Maybe add succulents?

You have to admit, the pun will not needed.

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To be honest, I have a feeling that this will be a great game. But right now, it is in it's early stages and may take some time to eventually evolve into a game of greatness. I can basically almost see the future of this game. There was many other games that are as good as this, but this game will be a great game and I wish that it makes it's way onto the front page. A lot of work will be out into this game and will mostly likely pay off for all the work that is put into this game. A few people that play this game are making suggestions, and thus those suggestions are taken, thus making the game better. Well anyways, that is all I got to say about this game and this game will eventually become great. ImpogoGames, I believe in you that you will make this game a great one. (Oh jeez imagine how many "great" I have said in this topic) Anyways, before I leave, here's a suggestion:

When playing the game, I see this orange tree that is inside the garden, I was wondering that maybe you can doing the same things with the current plants we have now, and do that to the trees. Or maybe different types of trees. Also, maybe you can add a water area to grow aquatic plants. On the water or below, they are still plants. 

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Plant puns are unbeLEAFable.