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It would be great if we could have a radial menu for the shield rims. It is such a pain to try to get all the way to the tower shield rim when you have to go through 5 or 6 rims before that to get to it, and even worse when the rims dont stay on the anvil.

It would also be cool to have a wooden staff weapon. Maybe the polearm grip could be the base and then you just put a crystal on the the end.

Really loving the game though. Thanks for making a great game!

So I know that there are currently only silver, sulfur and coal in the game as far as ores. I kept seeing in the gameplay that people were mistaking the sulfur for gold. Someone also made the great point that gold is a pretty important part of alchemy. It would be awesome if you could actually add in gold. I think having solid gold plants would look pretty interesting as far as a potential new alchemical plant combination as well.

Hey there, I just discovered this game from watching a couple different YouTubers' videos of it. From being able to look back and see several versions the game is making great progress! Although I haven't seen any videos or comments in the last month or two. Just wanted to let the developers know that this game is still being discovered and enjoyed so I hope development continues!