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I even made a Small Lets Play: 

Enjoy my crazy screaming running from the Plant Babies LOL

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Some tiny suggestions:

The ability to place signs would be nice. I would like to organize my area with the different Flowers I have. 

The ability to place torches around the world would be nice touch to. I make videos for this game and the darkness really makes it hard for viewers to see what is going on within the game world. And holding a torch is not that fun as I usually am doing other things. 

Being able to sleep whenever you want ( or as soon as night hits would be good. ) Sometimes I just want the daylight and not it be so dark, so having to wait until my Sleep meter gets to red is a bit annoying. 

The Potions book should be in the pause menu and should also be able to in your inventory. Just a bit of extra work to look at the book every time I want to do something. 

( Future Release Ideas: Maybe Plants have more animations. I like the particles effects so far and that's great, but maybe make some dance, have a cloud over them ( depressed plants? LOL ), something to give a garden more life. I even have an idea for dangerous plants, Plants that do damage and must be placed in a special garden (or fenced off) away from other plants or else they would eat them LOL. )

So far, that's all for now. Great game and I can't wait for more. 

Great game dude, love the running and it feels good to just move around the game. 

The wall running and wall jumping does need a little bit of work, it just doesn't feel good to me, Ill try to explain why if you need me to, but it just doesn't have that weight or something. 

Coins that have more value should also have more than just a Blue outline. 

Maybe make bronze coins the regular ones and gold coins have more value? idk, all up to you. 

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Great game I like it.

Few things imo:

There should be a boundary on the left side of the map when I start the game, kinda weird to run off the game screen. 

Enemies should face you when you attack them. 

Apples should either do more or less damage ( depends on you ) because they are a ranged attack and don't have much of them. 

Also the control scheme is weird, WAD to move and ZXC to attack also? Did you test that?? ( I would just let players set their own controls and use Up,Down,Left and ZXC as basics )

Also a bit of screen flickering. 

Otherwise everything else is really good, I would love to see a story on why this guy uses Apples to attack LOL! Can't wait for more updates dude, keep it up! 

Imagine making an account just to comment on how bad a game is, even though it was made in 2 days, yikes man.

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Amazing game dude, I loved the art style and the spirits representing one person in general. The story took its time and explained things quite well without going too personal and I really loved it. 

The platforming and attack animations are not too crazy but they add a fun little feeling to the game. Awesome game. :)

Super fun game dude, I really enjoyed running from the endless waves of evil plant parents spawning plant babies LOL! The game was super fun again and I hope you take this idea one day and make it into something really cool because its a great product that you and your team can sell for some good money and update it for time to come (Although, that is all up to you ) . :) 

And for my first run, I think I did pretty good. ( Took about 20 minutes )


DanTDM just played your game.

And this Story may or may not happen to you one day, just keep searching and do what makes you happy if you ever feel bad. MMmmmbbrrgglll ( Translation: Make another game and show your feelings to the world )

This is a really cool game. I like how it's easier to tell a lie then the truth XD That is so true on SO many levels.

I hope you doing well also, life can be hard, but you got to keep going, if you don't then well, games like this would not be possible.