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Ahh yes that was a small issue lol.

I was luckily able to fix it by shooting down so it helped as you noticed, but thank you for making so I can enjoy it :)

Short video here: 

I think the art is amazing and it really makes the game feel alive, in this episode alone no part feels lazy and every scene feels good to the moment I am living in. ( for example, the scene where the fell down the slide was very funny and shows a lot of the artist intentions )

I am currently in love with this game at the moment, I must add I laughed more times than I can count at Min-seo and my opinions for it and are very interesting.  I am not trying to spoil anything, but I love the attitudes of the characters and the situations they are in. 

Short video:  

Loved the game, loved how fast paced the game could be and any mistake means death. I believe the farthest I made was about 150-200, I made try for a higher score eventually but I had a lot of fun overall.

Nah its fine your all good, that's what indie games are about you know :) 

The gameplay is awesome though so that's what matters to me glitches are something that can always be fixed. 

And the double jump, yeah I had no idea how I was activating that one LOL

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Short video:

I love the game, it a nice difficult persona + mario and bowsers inside story. 

Timing is super important and you might die, a lot. :P ( unless your not bad like me )

And I also recommend everyone to play it themselves as the story is super funny. Gave me a nice chuckle.

Would love to see the characters in other situations one day. 

Video here:

Great game by the way, really enjoyed it, my only really concern is that enemies are more as "paths" to help you beat the game, rather than obstacles, and another concern is that I was having way too much fun with it and was sad when it ended :( LOL

Also made a video on it with some Ideas at the end to explain the more "Enemies are paths rather than obstacles idea"

Short Video:

So I must say, what a funny game LOL. I loved this idea of being able to unlock everything from the bare basic controls to the music, a good game developer can take this game in so many ways where the player would for example, not have the ability to move, but he can still jump so he would be on this moving platform where he have to collect the the unlock controls and properly play.  

The idea of unlocking things aside from Controls was also a good extra touch, ( no spoiler, but I got a very annoying fairy ;) ) its very funny when your characters get dressed up with blocks you choose, what a fun idea.

Short video:  

Amazing Art if I may add at first, at first I didn't really understand the story but it started to make SOME sense later on as I kept playing but all the details were not connected 100% for me. Otherwise, I loved the point and click adventure, the missions expected me to pay attention to my environment and remember certain patterns which were really cool and I am happy that I didn't miss anything, or else I would have to walk back and search for it LOL.

Maybe one day we can get a little more info on the story ( not trying to spoil a specific detail ) and everything going on in the Library for those who missed it like me. 

Hello, really enjoyed the game ( even though it crashed twice LMAO and I killed off everyone. ). I even made a short video on this game, I plan to play it again because I wasn't happy with my run on it, but I understand it now so I can't wait for a retry! 

Crash 1: Around 10:08

Crash 2: Around 12:06

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Great game dude. I love the work on this game so far and it looks amazing. 

Can't wait to see this game become something of what Stonehearth couldn't be :p Just poking some jabs but none the less, good job.

Few Suggestions: ( If you have not seen them already )

- You should change your to a more forum based format, comments boxes like these are usually only good for Game Jams and stuff, forums are so much cleaner and allows for easier suggestions and topics.

Saving of course :p

A quest list, while I do like remembering the information, I think a quest list would help when I am and doing something and I forget a Villager needs an item ( Turns out the Board has it, pointing it out would be nice, though I am an idiot )

Being able to give an item in my inventory directly. For example: I have a clover in my inventory 2, I talk to Jamu and I have inventory 1 selected, the game can't tell I am trying to give him the item, so I would have select inventory 2 and talk to him which then the game knows I am trying to give him an item. Just making it so when its in my inventory and I can give it to him no matter the slot would be a nice Quality of Life feature, sorry if this sounds weird to understand. 

A villagers list with their feelings towards me and other villagers and if they are tired or not. ( Just to know if I can give them a break yet )

Can't wait for more man.

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Really awesome game that teaches the player about patience. 

Art is really awesome and I love the use of the phone app. And London is my favorite character good personality

A few errors in English for me. I would get someone to read this out loud to you to find places where better words can be used. ( If you need me to point them out, I could )

Another feature would be once the text is ready to go next, add an arrow so the player knows that text is over and they won't miss anything by clicking fast. Just a little quality of life feature. A little fail safe if you would. 

Otherwise, 5 stars from me. :)

Love the project dude and all the work into it. 

Can't wait for a new demo soon on a new Engine. 

I even made a Small Lets Play: 

Enjoy my crazy screaming running from the Plant Babies LOL

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Some tiny suggestions:

The ability to place signs would be nice. I would like to organize my area with the different Flowers I have. 

The ability to place torches around the world would be nice touch to. I make videos for this game and the darkness really makes it hard for viewers to see what is going on within the game world. And holding a torch is not that fun as I usually am doing other things. 

Being able to sleep whenever you want ( or as soon as night hits would be good. ) Sometimes I just want the daylight and not it be so dark, so having to wait until my Sleep meter gets to red is a bit annoying. 

The Potions book should be in the pause menu and should also be able to in your inventory. Just a bit of extra work to look at the book every time I want to do something. 

( Future Release Ideas: Maybe Plants have more animations. I like the particles effects so far and that's great, but maybe make some dance, have a cloud over them ( depressed plants? LOL ), something to give a garden more life. I even have an idea for dangerous plants, Plants that do damage and must be placed in a special garden (or fenced off) away from other plants or else they would eat them LOL. )

So far, that's all for now. Great game and I can't wait for more. 

Great game dude, love the running and it feels good to just move around the game. 

The wall running and wall jumping does need a little bit of work, it just doesn't feel good to me, Ill try to explain why if you need me to, but it just doesn't have that weight or something. 

Coins that have more value should also have more than just a Blue outline. 

Maybe make bronze coins the regular ones and gold coins have more value? idk, all up to you. 

Imagine making an account just to comment on how bad a game is, even though it was made in 2 days, yikes man.

Super fun game dude, I really enjoyed running from the endless waves of evil plant parents spawning plant babies LOL! The game was super fun again and I hope you take this idea one day and make it into something really cool because its a great product that you and your team can sell for some good money and update it for time to come (Although, that is all up to you ) . :) 

And for my first run, I think I did pretty good. ( Took about 20 minutes )


DanTDM just played your game.

And this Story may or may not happen to you one day, just keep searching and do what makes you happy if you ever feel bad. MMmmmbbrrgglll ( Translation: Make another game and show your feelings to the world )

This is a really cool game. I like how it's easier to tell a lie then the truth XD That is so true on SO many levels.

I hope you doing well also, life can be hard, but you got to keep going, if you don't then well, games like this would not be possible.