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So, I tried to burn myself in a cauldron, but I got stuck in a gap behind a table because shelf blocked me off. Left side of a cauldron table is perfect for climbing on it, but a right side is solid, I suppose because of a button.
It's hard to aim watercan at very young flowers, but I guess you know it.
I want to talk about the ladder a little bit more. I see that it's not a finished model and it lacks safety measures.  So I'll just tell it's disadvantages. It's easy to fall from it in 3 sides: to the "stuck" corner, through the gap under the second floor (straight into the box or something like that) and just fall from it in a rush because there is no railing.

(and some suggestions that are not about adding new models)
Have to say that game lacks a tutorial of crafting receipts. Also, game should've tell what water bar means (I didn't know at the start that it is a water container of a flower, so I was annoyed from filling it to the top because I thought it is necessary), that rocks can be mined and a schedule of free stuff boxes.
And I need to delete flowers from the garden, thanks. Those what I planted first bugged me because I did it for test reasons, not for beauty. (Totally love the look from the upper window, but want to rearrange my garden)

Hi miriak!

-We will check the cauldron colliders.

-Yep, watering small flowers is hard because a known bug of the plant size, we will fix it as soon as possible.

-As you say, the ladder (and the all house) is in a modelling stage yet, we are designing the house distribution.

-For the recipes tutorial, we have planned adding books with the recipes distributed in the outdoor area for search and collect them.

-Relating to the elimination of flowers issue, the main idea is, when a flower complete his grow stage, you can collect his petals and use it as components to make new potions. This feature is not included yet but soon we will work on it.

Thank your for you detailed feedbak Miriak, that is exactly what we need for the game development progress.


Thanks for your feedback on my feedback! Your plans are pretty interesting. I love books. This actually reminds me about a game that has unlimited resource of touchable 3D books (Hustle Hobo) but lacks order to them (well, they are destined to be sold, but I didn't want to). About the order, I totally love how neatly potions stay at shelves and that old screenshot when there are a lot of seeds on shelves.  But with 3D physics it's very hard to place stuff accurately if not impossible. There is a way to do this - inventory. That would make seed and planks replacing easier, also that would be very fine to can place an item to the inventory on the shelf or a crate. That is a pretty massive suggestion on your stage of development, but this feature can be very useful (and beautiful).

Hi Miriak! We avoid using a inventory system for the moment because we want to offer you a 100% inmersive experience.

We are working on a weelbarrow for putting a lot of things inside (tools, seeds, potions etc...) and carry them at the same time. What do you think about it? Cheers!

Oh, that's fresh. That's actually a very clever thought even for inventory-based games.