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Sorry, it's hard to play a game about selfish one-sided chick that wants to make a chat-bot her ideal love. As a fan of AI I was dissapointed right from the start. Even in Stardew Valley it was a comedic cliche sub-plot and creator wanted to make a bot that helps people, not just "loves" an owner. That robot flew away because no conscious creature deserves to be a slave.

I'm not really into "credits" stuff x) For me is more gamey to have an option to go into a gallery and watch everything there, calmly and fully in control of arts I am lookin' at.

'Course you can put it. The name is Lira Miriak, the site is better be youtube channel, because I don't use publically anything else in english community. For now I don't have enough subs so I could've change a link to something adorable and not just, so it'll have to wait or we have to be creative. I won't change a name of the channel Miriak / Мирьяк, because I am determined to be a bilingual channel.

I don't know, we will see. Tell me if you'll do something.

I am very happy that you are still working on this game! I do understand a difficulty with changing engines (I was watching how Yandere Dev was doing, he was explaining problems with engine limitations). I will totally stream more of the game if it'll get updated (I hope there will be no oh-my-god-i-don't-care-about-those-priests moment). I don't really know if I will check those updates in time, but I am still inspired about an idea.
What are those two projects? I'll add them to my "to stream" list.

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Also that exists now. Universe should be proud.

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I also did a stream of myself drawing and bragging about my decision to name main heroine Not-Niuri. I answered somewhere there to the top 5 questions.

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Since I'm going to play it completely, would you like an "in-depth review" when I'd be done? I have a somewhat skill at writing complete nonsense that somehow makes good points about games. It's just an opinion everytime though. And I guess you kind of signed up for this kind of stuff with your questionnaire.

I have no opportunity to make all the points via playthrough because there is no time for me to just sit and brag about stuff over and over again. Also it's harder for me to say stuff then write it. 

Are you just by yourself? O.o This game looks decent enough for a team of workers.

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Then not anymore! Silly russian accented girl for an unwanted rescue.

I do like the game enough to punish myself through it fully. Punish - because it's heavy on lags and crashes for me, and I am impatient.

There were no streams/reviews on the demo, right? 

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Hi devs, streamed your game there. I'm sorry but it is half-baked in narration and gameplay. I "divorced" husband (closed the game) that makes me ride to another town lots while his "friends" live two inches from each other (or he could've just send them letters with money). I am not feeling tired and exhausted from laundry and cooking, also I could've rearrange my cooking plans so it wouldn't be so in a hurry. I would've not even give birth to those whiny children that need a lot of attention and resources. This is a game about stupid people being stupid. It's not what it is trying to be.

That's a second vidja, and it's a lot of pain

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Hi devs! I streamed your game! Sorry for bad quality. It was an enjoyable piece with it's artwork, music design and world, but there are some mistakes in game design (and maybe in my PC, it's a tough fella). Would be a shame if you stopped developing this! I don't know if you did stop.

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Nope, not saving. Maybe because I don't save any characters. I didn't know that this is possible until I realised that there is button "save and quit" and I should back up more. I was so angry to lose every character so I rage quit before xD

Too much horror, can't understand what the girl is babbling about, same gameplay.
Though interesting style.

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Downloaded, made a video

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It's impossible in this game to hire a samurai  grab a box, rich important people can hire a samurai grab a box, poor people... I'm done with this joke. There is a very huge delay in pressing E button an actually grabing the box, so it makes that you don't grab it for a minute or so when you dropped it. 
But great job with randomising and a pickaxe.

I am totally waiting! :)

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I do like this game. I achieved everything I can besides playing multiplayer. This game should develop further! I like how originally this layout of "separate islands" was done and it was kind of fitting to find a secret path. Cause this game is so small I'll try to cover everything useful I can.
1. Game needs "turn down the music" key.
2. Saves please.
3. Normal opening maybe?
4. Of cource buyables need tooltips. Name, time of growing, if produces once or more.
5. More clear exploring. People think that they can't go anywhere besides roads. Tutorial page on the start would help to explain everything without the gif also.
6. When you hold a pathway tile you should know exaclty where you gonna place it, the place should be highlighted.
7. There are holes that are not holes. For a example, one of them lead to the secret pathway. It looks like you are walking on the sky.
8. I agree with previous reviewer. Fences should be buildable and removable. A hammer should do. Also crops (especially bushes!) and pathways. And trees (an axe), also growing them.
9. An easter egg is dissappointing. Findable item there should be more expensive. Or even a sprite that is unique and not movable. Better if both. This would create a positive connection with those items and a sprite.
10. More crops. I mean more expensive. For more goals and therefore length of the game.
11. I think rain and snow won't fit. They do not serve any purpose and make all of the colours too much different.
12. Bird feeders won't work too because they do not serve any purpose either besides giving trees a purpose.

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These are neat little tweaks, great job!
Though I was so enchanted by birds so I thought that door opening sound was too loud until I lessened my settings.
I especially love moonicite bottle.

Oh, that's fresh. That's actually a very clever thought even for inventory-based games.

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This is possible. It's a bug X"D

Thanks for your feedback on my feedback! Your plans are pretty interesting. I love books. This actually reminds me about a game that has unlimited resource of touchable 3D books (Hustle Hobo) but lacks order to them (well, they are destined to be sold, but I didn't want to). About the order, I totally love how neatly potions stay at shelves and that old screenshot when there are a lot of seeds on shelves.  But with 3D physics it's very hard to place stuff accurately if not impossible. There is a way to do this - inventory. That would make seed and planks replacing easier, also that would be very fine to can place an item to the inventory on the shelf or a crate. That is a pretty massive suggestion on your stage of development, but this feature can be very useful (and beautiful).

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So, I tried to burn myself in a cauldron, but I got stuck in a gap behind a table because shelf blocked me off. Left side of a cauldron table is perfect for climbing on it, but a right side is solid, I suppose because of a button.
It's hard to aim watercan at very young flowers, but I guess you know it.
I want to talk about the ladder a little bit more. I see that it's not a finished model and it lacks safety measures.  So I'll just tell it's disadvantages. It's easy to fall from it in 3 sides: to the "stuck" corner, through the gap under the second floor (straight into the box or something like that) and just fall from it in a rush because there is no railing.

(and some suggestions that are not about adding new models)
Have to say that game lacks a tutorial of crafting receipts. Also, game should've tell what water bar means (I didn't know at the start that it is a water container of a flower, so I was annoyed from filling it to the top because I thought it is necessary), that rocks can be mined and a schedule of free stuff boxes.
And I need to delete flowers from the garden, thanks. Those what I planted first bugged me because I did it for test reasons, not for beauty. (Totally love the look from the upper window, but want to rearrange my garden)