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Hi devs, streamed your game there. I'm sorry but it is half-baked in narration and gameplay. I "divorced" husband (closed the game) that makes me ride to another town lots while his "friends" live two inches from each other (or he could've just send them letters with money). I am not feeling tired and exhausted from laundry and cooking, also I could've rearrange my cooking plans so it wouldn't be so in a hurry. I would've not even give birth to those whiny children that need a lot of attention and resources. This is a game about stupid people being stupid. It's not what it is trying to be.

Hey Miriak!

Sorry that you didn't have a good time playing our game. I'm unsure of what kind of criticism you're trying to give in regards to the narrative and gameplay, but we are always open to listen to any and all comments that people may have.

 Thank you for linking your video and playing :)