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I do like this game. I achieved everything I can besides playing multiplayer. This game should develop further! I like how originally this layout of "separate islands" was done and it was kind of fitting to find a secret path. Cause this game is so small I'll try to cover everything useful I can.
1. Game needs "turn down the music" key.
2. Saves please.
3. Normal opening maybe?
4. Of cource buyables need tooltips. Name, time of growing, if produces once or more.
5. More clear exploring. People think that they can't go anywhere besides roads. Tutorial page on the start would help to explain everything without the gif also.
6. When you hold a pathway tile you should know exaclty where you gonna place it, the place should be highlighted.
7. There are holes that are not holes. For a example, one of them lead to the secret pathway. It looks like you are walking on the sky.
8. I agree with previous reviewer. Fences should be buildable and removable. A hammer should do. Also crops (especially bushes!) and pathways. And trees (an axe), also growing them.
9. An easter egg is dissappointing. Findable item there should be more expensive. Or even a sprite that is unique and not movable. Better if both. This would create a positive connection with those items and a sprite.
10. More crops. I mean more expensive. For more goals and therefore length of the game.
11. I think rain and snow won't fit. They do not serve any purpose and make all of the colours too much different.
12. Bird feeders won't work too because they do not serve any purpose either besides giving trees a purpose.

Thank  you, we're  glad you enjoyed the game! And thanks a lot for the feedback, you bring up some great points, much appreciated!