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Thanks for your feedback on my feedback! Your plans are pretty interesting. I love books. This actually reminds me about a game that has unlimited resource of touchable 3D books (Hustle Hobo) but lacks order to them (well, they are destined to be sold, but I didn't want to). About the order, I totally love how neatly potions stay at shelves and that old screenshot when there are a lot of seeds on shelves.  But with 3D physics it's very hard to place stuff accurately if not impossible. There is a way to do this - inventory. That would make seed and planks replacing easier, also that would be very fine to can place an item to the inventory on the shelf or a crate. That is a pretty massive suggestion on your stage of development, but this feature can be very useful (and beautiful).

Hi Miriak! We avoid using a inventory system for the moment because we want to offer you a 100% inmersive experience.

We are working on a weelbarrow for putting a lot of things inside (tools, seeds, potions etc...) and carry them at the same time. What do you think about it? Cheers!

Oh, that's fresh. That's actually a very clever thought even for inventory-based games.