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Parcival Plays

A member registered Sep 20, 2018

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Not sure what I did but I appear to have some bugged skiers - I suspect they maybe were heading to a slope which I destroyed and now the AI doesn't know what to do, they all stop right where the junction had been.

Hey, I've only been playing a few minutes but I love the audio and visual styles, really stood out when browing the games from the jam.

I've found a minor text bug quite early.  If you try to walk off screen to the right when the car is broken down it says "What did I tell you about being out of my site" which should read "..out of my sight" Just a minor and very very picky thing from my side.  I'll be sure to rate once I've played a bit more

ill give it a shot as the on screen prompt tells me to press LMB.

I'm unable to change the recipe on my workbench

You can open your inventory with Tab