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HAHAHAHA this game is so short and so cute i love it. By the way, when messing about I found i could drop books in the bedroom and they stuck to the wall during the "activity" which was funny. but if i did it in the bathroom they actually glitched through to the kitchen and went back to the area of the "activity". didn't ruin the experience or anything but I thought you should know.

I just updated to the newest version after not playing a while and WOW, you have done amazing things! The first game i started did glitch to where they wouldn't build even though i had enough wood, but i hit restart and it's GREAT! I will keep playing and let you know if anything glitches. I do wonder what the red little bar is on the left though, and sometimes when i click on certain things a box comes up like it should say something but it doesn't have text. It also doens't show me anything about my people, like if they are hungry or tired when i click on them. I played on easy so i haven't had the pleasure of seeing if Bruce the shark is gonna get stuck in my raft again :D

So, the square i highlighted had a storage box on it, ole bruce chomped on it, and unfortunately Lucy didn't get there in time to beat him up as i didn't notice he was chomping till too late. My lemons were just floating there and it still said i had 15 lemons, I hit the build button and was going to rebuild the raft under it but accidently right clicked canceling the build. The raft that is outlined in red is not technically there and i can't build in that place at all. On top of that Larry almost died because even though the game recognizes i have 15 lemons, they aren't really there and Larry almost starved until i made him cut a tree and he ate all three of the lemons, lol. I have noticed that If larry is sitting around, doing nothing, but i have Lucy fishing, if ole Bruce comes up and chomps and i click him, then Lucy will drop the pole to beat him up, even from across the raft, when Larry is just idle. It might be nice to have a mechanic like holding "Q" when clicking assigns the task to Larry and holding "E" while clicking assigns it to Lucy, or something. I wish i could code, I would love to help, as I'm sure this isn't your only project and probs not top priority. But, unless you tell me to shove off, I will give regular input.

I forgot to add that the kabobs started glitching too, a few things happened. A few times one would put  afish in and then go to grab a lemon and the other would take the fish out and put it back in storage. That happened a few times, then i would click for them to make a kabob and they would grab one ingredient, take it to the fire, and then glitch out like they were having a seizure, i found clicking a few times made them get the other ingredient, but after that the kabob stopped showing on the fire so i would have to click to get them to get ingredient one, then click a few times to trigger ingredient 2, then they would stand on the fire seizing and then poof a kabob was in their hands lol. Forgot to add this earlier. I'm still working right now lol.

Thank you, I think i tried putting it in his hands which now that i think about it seems kinda silly :/

Well, the prioritizing is definitely better. It seems as though the farther along you get the more little glitches happen. The Kabob making was going well for the first few minutes, then LifeRaftLucy started nomming on my kabobs, which is fine, she was hungry. But then ole Bruce decided he wanted to take a nap again. Screen shot below. It seems if LifeRaftLucy or LifeRaftLarry try to beat ole Bruce when the raft is about to break, in some cases they fall in but in other cases they are standing on what appears to be a part of the raft that needs repairs.... but in fact the game has stopped recognizing the broken raft piece altogether, so i can't repair it, or hit Bruce because it doesn't register that they are there at all. And i can actually build over the broken raft and ole Bruce there as you see in the picture. Also I don't know how many items should be held in the storage but as you can see i have 8 storages and 34 items that should be stored but i have two piles of lemons still out on the raft. i didn't get to play much yet to see if anything else happens as i have to work but will def keep on if you still want feedback. LOL LemonLifeRaftLarry and Lucy, I have a weird sense of humor. Toodles!

lol ok thanks

there is a lot posted here. And my question may already be answered, but here goes. I just want to know if it's normal for a GIANT blue zomb to spawn? I have had one per herd since herd 21, and the last one actually spawned inside my fences already in the process of attacking my base. My trusty Cujo was there to nom his face but still that could have been a disaster if i had not have been close with Cujo.

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And i have now named the shark Bruce...

Well, my people don't like to do things sometimes, they will run back and forth in one area when i try and get them to cook on the campfire. They never actually put anything on the fire. the fish is just put in storage.  

I can't scroll out to view the map at all. 

The shark actually glitched and was trapped under a new piece of raft i built(made it easier to progress LOL but that makes a neat idead to make shark traps so the player can have a little peace now and again)

There are certain raft parts that i can't get them to repair (one is the one the shark was attacking when he got stuck) and they don't demolish things or repair things (in fact the longer you play the less they want to do the things you tell them to). They are spending more time rearranging th ewood and food.

I saw in the video posted in this forum that the gamer had babies being born, but i haven't had any.

and my people never eat past 3 hearts.

I dont' know if these are glitches or just parts being disabled while you update things. But here it is lol.


thanks I will try that in a few, I am taking a break from it LOL I have a few saves, trying different layouts to find what's efficient. Been playing for hours. I really like this game though, even half finished it has more potential and is updated more often than half the Steam Alpha and Beta's.

silly question, but how did you get the hat on the bot? I have tried a few things but they didn't seem to work.

i have not really used the "untill storage is full" command, i'm a little lost on how to link the command with the proper storage, so I have a huge mess of wood everywhere :(

seems pretty helpful for newbies that might be confused.

or to upgrade the little huts....

FYI a few youtubers have already uploaded videos and they are still up after months so i'm sure they don't mind. Also, you requested a lot of things, it's going to take a while for them to implement small changes, much less the large ones, so patience is key here. Rome wasn't built in a day.

using stone and wood to build bridges and/or boats to get to the parts of the map we can't reach would be nice. Or maybe being able to upgrade the little huts using stone and then later metal. I have waaaay too much stone and tree seeds, maybe even a recipe with tree seeds for food for the little guys would help.