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Same somethings not working.

Hmm I figured out how to fly the ship. but still not sure what im doing. Interesting way of flying. Is something meant to happen when you crash into earth? my game freezes and restarts with heavy lag.

Ah! recovered, weird it didnt add it  when i brought it for $3 I was wondering where the hell i got it from if not here.

Ah! that sounds like something i would have brought.


When can i get a copy of it?

Was this game free at some point? Or a demo or something, because i have a memory of actually playing this game.

i cant find this game on the store, and the APK refuses to download.

When i start the game its blank, with just the three buttons down the bottom and little particals coming from the bottom of the screen, and a pause button up top. There is no puzzle to solve.

Any idea how to force keyboard controls?

No Keyboard controls for "Forward" no fullscreen.

No resolution options except "scale"