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O  _0  So guess a word till you give a hint?

I really enjoyed it, bit confused at how i was meant to figure out coordinates, mainly because i didn't know where 0,0,0 was in reference to anything. I got the ship ending but couldn't find the other.

I've been trying to find a work around, but i cant.

Im at the generators, but i cant get past them because they require me to click UI buttons to enter a number.

The problem is, 0=0 9=0 8=9 7=7, EIGHT is just non existent so im stuck at generator3 door 68. Just because there's no way to type the numbers. and the buttons are broken.

I thought it was a gimic and i have to find a solution, but theres nothing.

Same somethings not working.

Hmm I figured out how to fly the ship. but still not sure what im doing. Interesting way of flying. Is something meant to happen when you crash into earth? my game freezes and restarts with heavy lag.

Ah! recovered, weird it didnt add it  when i brought it for $3 I was wondering where the hell i got it from if not here.

Ah! that sounds like something i would have brought.


When can i get a copy of it?

Was this game free at some point? Or a demo or something, because i have a memory of actually playing this game.

Can not apply alchemical liquids to tools.

Plants need names with "water" / "growth" bars or Plants need more individually identifying saplings.

"Ocean sound" being projected from specific spot on beach. instead of "from direction" of ocean.

Plants drop nothing to use in alchemy except maybe fibre, seeds, and herb.
Seeds can not be used in anything except cauldron.
Herb doesnt seem to do anything except get turned into herb dust.
Fibre one seems to be used for tools.

When plant is harvested from "tilled soil" Herbs fall through the "tilled soil" object and become ungrabbable, until tilled soil is removed.

With the book open, if ESC or TAB or anything else is pressed, the book becomes unable to be closed until TAB is pressed to get the mouse and the X for the book is pressed.

Im confused, how do i "experiment" if there are no other combinations or recipes?
For example how am i meant to get more benches or upgraded tools?

i cant find this game on the store, and the APK refuses to download.

When i start the game its blank, with just the three buttons down the bottom and little particals coming from the bottom of the screen, and a pause button up top. There is no puzzle to solve.

Any idea how to force keyboard controls?

No Keyboard controls for "Forward" no fullscreen.

No resolution options except "scale"