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Alchemy Garden

Run your own little alchemy lab and make cool gardens! | Alchemy simulator game · By MadSushi


A topic by MediocreMack created Aug 30, 2018 Views: 192 Replies: 3
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I can't for the life of me figure out where the workbench is or how to get one. Without it I can't do much of anything. 

Nevermind... My game didn't give me one. I started a new game and I got one. My bad. <3


Hi MediocreMack!

Some times there are problems with the physics and some objects fall down to the void. I'm working very hard to fix this bug.

Thank you for your post and of course thank you for playing Alchemy Garden!


Im confused, how do i "experiment" if there are no other combinations or recipes?
For example how am i meant to get more benches or upgraded tools?