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Hi 360!

We have realized that we have made the petals with a small colliders, our bad,  the next update will be fixed.

PD: Petals are useless in this version, they are only decorative.

PD2: You are brautiful too!

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Haha, I didn't check the spelling. I have a really bad computer. Can you make a lower tweakable graphics just so I can run at decent FPS on 720p. My computer run this game at 25 FPS on 800x600 Min setting. Anyways, keep up the brautiful game!

EDIT: I love how we can carry our box to put stuff we got. It is very realistic non like Minecraft or many other games. But when I put the box under the ore/tree. When the stuff falls in, it kinds of bounce away. IDK if it is my graphics card bad? Because it is burning while playing every games

Hey 360!

We will dedicate an update to improve performance soon. I regret that the game does not run smoothly, we are at an early stage of development.

Your graphic card its ok, we have to work a lot on physics, when we fix one bug 2 more wild bugs appear -_-