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since you cant seem to speak english the moment you were born


good luck with that over half the usa has legalized it

could you transport this to widows?

ill take a look when that update comes out. another thing kinda of an eye sore is the water texture when i look at it i think eww

not alot of people use rar and the standard file is usually zip


oh for some reason i thought there was one. wondering about strength how do i get that up, also will you be adding some sortta map? too easy to get super lost lol.

what is the discord?

the price of a computer hardly means anything mines cheeper and this runs fine its about the hardware

can someone tell me were the dang pawn shop is. be great if i could find it

its a slide show of lag with the web version

ha lol the last desperate attempt of a thoughtless mans response this has indicated my win and your loss lol as if you could insult me with your unintelligent grunting

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i was hopeing the crafting system has a plan for rework. the black gui makes it difficult to see what your output item is i mean i know im making a pick but i cant see the pick that well with a black background also when crafting having to put the blocks in specific positions on the grid makes it harder for crafting

the items will need a better look as well. and the movement of the tools the way they look in ur hands is kinda weird too i dont feel like im swinging an axe feels like im tapping blocks lightly and they are breaking somehow

also there should be a way to make sure you dont spawn in water, my first spawn was in the middle of the ocean. also there isnt much idication that your underwater i couldnt figure out why i was dieing at first then i realized i was underwater

and your deff gonna have to tweak the food bar it depletes far too fast ive got no time to even find food it seems like its a good game but unfortunately its unplayable in its currents state

Migblock community · Created a new topic keep dieing

i keep dieing of hunger were can i get food ive not seen any animals

im gay its fun to suck uncircumcised D

that's interesting ill give the game a look at some point then. i always kinda was annoyed by mc building limits and the whole biom idea rather than dynamic weather;. deff will check out the discord too once i get a chance. its sad but the mind goes to mc clone when i see stuff like this and if i wanted to play minecraft i would lol im lucky to have purchased it when it was in a beta state and 10 bucks its like 30 now and i would never have paid that much for mc

oh cool, yea well .zip is easier to unzip . rar files require you to download a seperate program. anyone with windows has zip extracting built in so it tends to be the most preferred type of file

i dont have a rar unzipper and you have to pay for that so...also you sound suspect as fuck using rar

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lol i find real cam girls boring

edit: this is worse than real cam girls feels like a crappy flash game

this is stupid all you have to do is put a card up that says are you 18 yes or no and thats erases any liability kids these days have no issue using there parents credit cards so clearly this is a scammy money grab for you

im confused did i miss a buncha news or something ive never heard of this protest

you. apparently because you cant even use proper grammar. "who do you call stupid " is not a proper sentence "who are you calling stupid" is more acceptable. since you didn't use the ladder ive only got two conclusions, english isnt your first language or your stupid imma go for the ladder rather than the former 

yea um doesnt start just shows the controls indefinitely 

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okay after finishing the extremely annoying first objectives ive decided i really like this game. im not so much focusing on the missions after it but im enjoying just making a garden of my choosing i rather focus on breeding cute lil plants than trying to make specific types imma make a nice garden worth exploring. it be nice to have building blocks for decorative structures like flower shops and such but that's prob not gonna be a thing for a while id like to see dynamic sortta quests in the future such as a request for a flower like its  a lil generated request from a virtual customer. 


"i heard that you breed flowers i was hoping for a red flower with a green stem and green leaves of any kind ill give you 55 if you can breed it for me"

or something to that effect so it seems you are delivering requests to a customer rather to the games objectives.

also i dont agree with the pricing scheme i find matching colors to be ugly and not worth buying a all yellow flower looks gross to me but if say you tweaked it so that mor unique flowers are favord that would make more sense to me at the very least

all in all good game good potentail and i hope you decide to still work on this ive seen the lack of reviews and hope my first reviews do not discourage your creativity this could become a buyble game of at least 5 bucks thats alot if 100 people were to buy it just do the math lol

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edit: restarting seems to have fixed it? the objectives are broken cant get past 10. it acts like i completed it then once i finish 11 it jumps back to 10 and wont let me progress. maybe you can have an option to skip the tutorial the game is so simple a totorial is useless to folks that play these type of games on the regular. otherwise i love the game super interesting concept. the complexity of the objectives bugs me you use flower terms that no body would know unless they took a class on it which i did. and id rather just play the game without making it complicated i didnt start playing to get stressed out i wanted a relaxing experience 

have a way to remove the objectives and this would be a great game but the complexity of the later quests ruins the whole game for me

im very confused i remember playing a fully playable sandboxie type version of this way back now its seem to have been stripped of those features is that cause you weren't getting enough buys of the full game?

the dimensions should be unlimited but im not sure if bigger places are might glitch the game or not so if you can please do make the dimensions unlimited if the user so chooses

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yea gonna need more info bud

why a rar file i dont have a rar unzipper

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cool concept but you never explained windows. also it seems from the start each block i look at is highlighted and the highlight seems to remain as i look around kinda distracting if ya ask me

im sorry but what makes your game not a minecraft clone

why would you think about it save function is a no brainer

the team is no longer working on this game cause they suck at focusing

lol what did you not test ur game before posting lol the bull dozer is a supercar that if it flips upside down gains the ability to fly lol

is this still a thing cause it looks fun

how do you manage to mistakenly delete your files twice? i think you need to be more aware of your backups maybe save them to a cloud server or something

oh dont know if this is a bug or not but when changeing her body type to the smallest settings (i like tiny girls) she can no longer deepthroat and the dick just glitches out. i made her tiny and flat chested these are the settings i had. i reloaded it at the games starter settings and she deepthroats just fine