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made me hard

i was black...........bought a gun.......stupid 6 year old shot me.

10/10 would be murdered by my daughter again


ui is empty when trying to hire folks theres no label as to what position im hireing in.

i do like that you can make them pregnant. before trying the game i had hoped u could do that lol

Project Lust community · Created a new topic my report

this just made me laugh my ass off....yes i was hard but everything else omg just made me giggle. you got some work to do on this one but it looks promising. the way the characters just slam themselves onto the floor is priceless 

the cum seems to be black? i think home boi needs to visit his doc XD and no idea how the girl gets any pleasure from the strap on but she sound happy. the butt when the guy or girl kneels down to suck the other off is way flat and misshapen maybe a texture issue

what in the world gave you the idea for the starting controls not being wasd? seems like the first thing one would add

lol five out of seven is a good score too XD

good rts i like it! challenging enough but not too hard. time between waves should be a bit longer 

not hard to figure out though an actual tutorial would be nice. ither than that i liked it. 

new video! plus tutorial / review

once ive got money on my card ill get it 


i understand i was simply inquiring as to the direction of the game and what is planed. deciding if i want to support u by using my you tube and recommending the game and or tech demo as it probably falls into that category 

i also understand what its like to be a young dev and how its easy to get distracted with other projects the fleeting intrests of a young teen and all 

i was also wondering if this was gonna be a game id be into in the future. seems it may be actually havent tried it my first test was to see how active u are on as i only review games from here. (dont get me wrong im a 0 sub count yt just restarted my channel as i didnt like the direction my last channel was going) i plan to build a net work for many small game devs and 1 man teams as well as the games that dont get as much coverage. its the only way to get noticed on yt these days and while others may use itch game from time to time ill be focusing the whole of the channel to 

ok so little tangent there but anyhow im only gonna highly recommend devs that are active. in the futer this may steer other gamers to your game as they visit the channel and see other games with there links and all. so yaaaa srry been a long night when i get alone i have all these ideas in my head and i kinda unload on the first person i can i.e you XD if u havent already been like "this guy is nuts" and you have made it this far in reading i thank u and hope to see what this becomes

arnt keys just digital? its not a physical copy so it cant be "sold out" simply because its digital so u can always make more say no if u mean no

hello dev im probs gonna buy the game however wondering something. do u end up launching rockets to other planets or is it just kinda an econ / real world type game?

i like the idea how ddes the guy below win?

add a consumption number somewere so i know why resouces are going down and this game will be perfect i like it already other than that

needs a cursor other than that fun game

there seems to be a cursor in the begining but it disapears once u pick something up may be a bug. played it twice

entertaining while stoned

i thought this would be more visual than text but its a good game. if you need erotica writers for more steamy and diverse encounters. just message me i can do some writing for you if u plan to develop the game further if not it still made me pretty hard so i guess its a great game!!!

this is a very interesting take on tetris. i like it

what on earth is the grey goo for? it seems to spend money but thats all i can tell that it does

very intertaining reminds me of the ftl games

lol fun lil there stainless steal? how do i tell what stainless and not

simple little game love the art style gg

looks fun ill try it out!!

interesting concept ill try it and if i like it ill promote it on my channel. ill also give a detailed review and bug report after playing

might there be a way to get a steam key since i already own it here?

made a super strong steve and when he hit stage 4 the game froze but by then he was one punching everyone so it got eay fast. fun game if u have  5 to 10 mins to spare

(1 edit)

for some reason i am un able to put wood in the middle slot of the workbench so i cannot make anything at all

certainly an interesting game absolutely needs a tutorial, not sure if there is one and i didnt see it though.

was un able to play it since i had no idea what i was doing. ill mess around with it more i was just checking it out for my channel hopefully it makes it to my channel if not it will in the future. ill give it a full review on my channel once ive sat down and take the time to understand the mechanics of it and all. seems interesting that u can control the min wages and all that. was unable to set the work hours not sure if this is a glitch or not

ive played it. ill feature it in my channel this week and will post the vid here if you want. ive only got a 300 sub count but hopefully at least a few of my subs check it out!!

fun game. as with all physics games its a little glitchy ill tell u some issues i ran into. over all i like the simple concept and i am a fan of games like this

move speed too slow for mouse controls: because i dont know how well it plays with a game pad i cant say weather the move speed is different between the two how ever in my short play through  i found it easy to jump around rather than walk. the mouse sensitifty could use some work as well.

grabbing an item dosent always work: with the days being quite short its important to be able to grab an item and not have it drop from ur hands a hundred times. i found it hard to find the hit boxes. as another note i feel that the days are far too short. working with physics can be hard theres just not enough time to stack things together they flip about and move far too much. might i sujest that when u pick up an item it locks in place then u can rotate it with the arrow keys and or the D pad.

slight bug: i was moving a solar panel above my head and i dropped it on my head.  it stuck me to the ground and i was unable to move until i could maneuver the solar panel off my head. right after i was free from the panel hell bent on holding me to the ground and drowning me i thought i was victorious come to find out having a solar panel on ur head sometimes disables the jump ability when i realized i was unable  to jump i just walked into the see pirates of the Caribbean style

all in all even with the little annoyances here and there its a good game. runs smooth had no lag at all. i hope u continue working on this project. and if u have any others i will check them out. keep up the good work.

that be good but im now back to windows 10 thank god so dont stress over it

nobody born past a certain age no. i once asked a kid if he knew what an mp3 player was he looked at me like i was crazy

very interesting concept ive not yet played it but if it interests me enough ill play it on my channel to help with your exposure

PureLand community · Created a new topic idea \suggestions

post ideas

complaint in tittle

is it play able? would i enjoy it if i were high? im really high and my afternoon depends on !!!!!! it lol i put the exlpination marks in the wrong place