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made a super strong steve and when he hit stage 4 the game froze but by then he was one punching everyone so it got eay fast. fun game if u have  5 to 10 mins to spare

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for some reason i am un able to put wood in the middle slot of the workbench so i cannot make anything at all

certainly an interesting game absolutely needs a tutorial, not sure if there is one and i didnt see it though.

was un able to play it since i had no idea what i was doing. ill mess around with it more i was just checking it out for my channel hopefully it makes it to my channel if not it will in the future. ill give it a full review on my channel once ive sat down and take the time to understand the mechanics of it and all. seems interesting that u can control the min wages and all that. was unable to set the work hours not sure if this is a glitch or not

ive played it. ill feature it in my channel this week and will post the vid here if you want. ive only got a 300 sub count but hopefully at least a few of my subs check it out!!

fun game. as with all physics games its a little glitchy ill tell u some issues i ran into. over all i like the simple concept and i am a fan of games like this

move speed too slow for mouse controls: because i dont know how well it plays with a game pad i cant say weather the move speed is different between the two how ever in my short play through  i found it easy to jump around rather than walk. the mouse sensitifty could use some work as well.

grabbing an item dosent always work: with the days being quite short its important to be able to grab an item and not have it drop from ur hands a hundred times. i found it hard to find the hit boxes. as another note i feel that the days are far too short. working with physics can be hard theres just not enough time to stack things together they flip about and move far too much. might i sujest that when u pick up an item it locks in place then u can rotate it with the arrow keys and or the D pad.

slight bug: i was moving a solar panel above my head and i dropped it on my head.  it stuck me to the ground and i was unable to move until i could maneuver the solar panel off my head. right after i was free from the panel hell bent on holding me to the ground and drowning me i thought i was victorious come to find out having a solar panel on ur head sometimes disables the jump ability when i realized i was unable  to jump i just walked into the see pirates of the Caribbean style

all in all even with the little annoyances here and there its a good game. runs smooth had no lag at all. i hope u continue working on this project. and if u have any others i will check them out. keep up the good work.

that be good but im now back to windows 10 thank god so dont stress over it

nobody born past a certain age no. i once asked a kid if he knew what an mp3 player was he looked at me like i was crazy

very interesting concept ive not yet played it but if it interests me enough ill play it on my channel to help with your exposure

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post ideas

complaint in tittle

is it play able? would i enjoy it if i were high? im really high and my afternoon depends on !!!!!! it lol i put the exlpination marks in the wrong place

it feels like my adventurer is Helen Keller and im her handler lol

"no no helen the sword goes in this hand"

"mer wars rtwgshajmjm s" says helen

are u still working on this game?

test correction 

its reply

i have a nice city a nice forrest and no waste lands soooo.... did i win :)

why would u want to watch that sounds super stupid and dumb 

the controls make no sense fix them and why cant i fly? theres no real tutorial and u have to click to mover ur head wtf? take a lesson from minecraft and fix this pile of horse shit you call a game

im having trouble starting research is this implemented? i have the weed research but when i go over to the research it wont let me select it

oh i see i didnt know this was a 2 man operation. i just would like to see teaser updates more often on the page so i know u havent forgoten about us i really like this game

it may be because ur loading a 32 bit game my laptop may be a 64 bit im not sure

well it just says windows encountered an error and then it closes

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i kinda have an older windows so it may be an issue on my end but its not working

i have windows XP

4 gb ram

unsure about the graphics card or drivers not super tech savy here lol

why cant you do monthly updates? you dont have to do weekly updates i understand that that would slow things down but at the very least you should do monthly or even promise every 3 months this will give u plenty of time for big updates but let us know that this isnt abandon ware cause thats the bottom line your coming across (to me anyways) as incompetent and uncaring of your fans thoughts and opinions 

i actually like mundane games but i still think the devs could have continued working on it in there spare time

in what world do u live in? no one just has links to music that is in mp3 format ur insane what u should do is patner with googlw music or at the very least have a music file so we can put our own music into the file and load it our selfs

thats the price? scammers be dumb put it up for 1 dollar and disable comments thats how u make money off of idiots

i like the concept the execution is kinda lacking i was hoping for more things to do

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liked the pong game built in lol good short time waster but only held my attention for about 10 mins

hey wondering what kinda modern template u used i like rpg maker but id like to have modern templates like this so i can create games set in a modern world

ha lol tons is a matter of opinion tons to one person may be pennies to another

looks like a hella fun game if i cant buy the beta whens the release?

damn dont know if ill freakin make it

dont work man whats the system requirements?

10 outta 10 would industrilize the world over again

so just continue to develop i dont understand game jam ends and you abandon it?

how often do u get purchases just wonder dont get paid till friday dont wanna miss the paid beta

thats just a marketing ploy i do the same thing when im promoting my youtube

looks like dwarf fortress witch sucks cause i hate dwarf fortress and refuse to play

silly game kinda wish it were more serious but otherwise i enjoyed playing

not my kinda game but well put together!!

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i am able to glitch through walls i like this power and all but i figured i should report it. 

im not a fan on the movement controls. just wondering if you could maybe have control options for different play syles

with the fact that u can turn the camera the controls should change dynamically with the camera movement. what i mean is currently when on foot if my character is facing me (the camura) and i press W i keep thinking hes gonna go away from me forward technically. but instead he  comes towards me completely messing things up dont know if that makes any sense :/

killing Z's seems two difficult 4 head (what i could tell were) shots and hes still running after me.

occasionally a zombie ghost will kill me. now this may be a delay in the damage tick (or what ever unit of time ur using) but after killing a Z i stood there for a second then died after the Z was dead. unless i died from my wounds wich i find unlikely.

there doesn't seem to be a knock back. once trapped in a corner by even one Z its kill or be killed. there should be a way to knock em down for a sec so u can run away

additionally if the Z gets too close your bullets wont hit him they just go right thru and not in a good way :/

door to jail cell is regular door LOL i just thought this was funny but being alpha i understand u should work on game control and optimization first. this game does run on my pc 8gb ram 4 when in use.

one more thing everybody loves rain but some people dont. it can lag older or weaker computers an option to remove weather would be cool ive had to stop playing some of my most fav games because they added rain D:

these and more suggestion and bug reports will come to u regularly

i chose the option to buy the game (since its cheap)

that means im here for u. ill make a video on my channel so u can get some more traffic