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cant wait im glad ya been spending free time on this for a bit there it seemed like dev work had fallen off, my friends think im lame for likeing simulations but i love the idea and possibility's with this and the modding opportunity's i can see are enormous

mind u its like one dude so updates may be once or twice a month to one ever couple months ive been watching this game awhile now patience is key 

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a food consumption stat would be a nice quick creature comfort update you could do. there really should be consumption and production stats for all the resources so i can better determine needs other than my confusion as to why me having 50 docs and somehow people are starving still but i cant build more do to matinance cost overage. its  fun game and once ur stable u can walk away and come back to a treasury full of gold and all the goods you need to build an empire lol

they keep dieing im finding it difficult to keep sap production up idk whyi cant seem to keep production up

your just bad at it ive had no issues with getting killed. once u get a feel for the map and how to prioritize speed upgrades you will own half the block in no time. just be sure to have a baby locked in a house some were at all times

u can upgrade ur speed as u age

i found a way to win....any way u might make an update with a feature after winning to just see how long it takes to mine out the rest of the mine

thats odd i had no issues there

is this abbandond? did covid get u?

i find myself unable to get past the first take over seems i need a lawyar to do it and i cant start doing it till i get that lawyer chick

do u know how to use seeds im stumped on what to press

how do i use seeds its not clear about this. i have seeds but what are they doing for m,e

yes but fun as ever i say

im looking forward to full mod support then ill just make the game awsome in my own way lol also i like modding

are you the only dev on this? i noticed you have been active more lately prob cause shut downs and such, but i feel like this game has been in its current state for a thousand years lol will still follow up on it every now and again


the best deselect button layout ive seen is diselect on right click. usually deleting structures has a button or option somewhere on screen. im used to being able to deselect or exit out of something with right click but im not sure if thats just me. i play alot of city management games like this and thats a common feature,

ill deff follow on  but unless your on reddit i dont really do social media so i dont got any accounts on anything lol unless your on youtube

i personally like games that feel like work, but you should add funny outcomes to bad drinks and a "creative mode" to make your own drinks, haven't played yet but those are ideas just from reading the description gonna play and give a final assessment in a day or so

i have no idea who jeff bazo is and i still dont

are you sure you weren't high

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okay here's my review lol

over all its an okay concept there are few things needing smoothed out such as getting rid of the selected item in hand can be finicky often having to press and unpress a button option i dont actually need in order to deselect

doors should auto delete a wall as you place it. this is more of a creature comfort.

but my biggest issue is i dont feel like a lord but more of very busy mayor. a lord has people to do stuff such as build the homes and figure out who has what job or who owns what land there are times when a lord involves himself things do need his seal at times but a lords job really is more administrative. villagers build there own houses lol this is more of a colony building/ logistics game with a royal theme to it. also a lord would never know the name of some simple farmer thats just never happens. why i know the names and faces of my villagers is beyond me, in those times i might glance at you in passing but you would be damned lucky if i decided to do so.

anyways i dont know what your veiw for this game will be but ill check in again in the future see whats what. ill probs stilll continue to play its just not what i would call being a lord of the land would be

looks good but we will see when i play lol

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the 1% can keep there flakey mouths shut about it too the other 99% of us would like to smoke in peace without propaganda poisoning the minds of our children who will end up running the world and deciding whether or not grand dad can have a joint at 70


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how the hell would you know. i know these people personally so....yes you can have hallucinations do to being allergic or i guess technically its a sensitivity to thc im sorry i didnt use the right wording chief. also who in the hell said anything about high doses also what kinda idiot is doing high doses like that...that's called acid and that's i different kinda drug all together but to say that hallucinations are a side effect with no follow up like your words 

"if you take high doses of thc and especially if you are a frequent psychedelic user"

then the statement becomes false, its not teaching you about drugs this game only scares the uniformed into thinking all drugs are bad and weed will make you do reefer madness and kill your family as you wig out....its a game made with out dated 90's facts propagated by the government to brainwash the public into thinking weed is absolutely and always harmful and thats just not the case, anything in high doses becomes dangerous sugar in high doses can kill you that does not mean that sugar will absolutely kill you

high doses of thc maybe not a good idea. dont like being high? there's cbd for pain small traces of thc but no getting high just no more pain. dont wanna smoke get an cbd edible for pain  . stuff like this game cuts out the benefits of some drugs even the harder stuff if used right isn't gonna fuck you up absolutely small doses of acid can help open your mind when meditating. stay away from the weird crap but not all drugs are bad and this game is a clear misinformed slam piece with no effort to actually teach, this game shouldn't have factoids if they are gonna be so inaccurate

8gb is fine if you turn down the resolution and dont wanna make too complicated scenes. ive used this on an 8gb ram pc before and am useing it on this one soon so it should work fine in my experiences that is dont take my word AS law i might be wrong

mute button....

so confused. maybe give us some more to go on no idea how this works


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i was wondering the same thing as that soup guy lol ill check the game out again, i honostly dont remember makeing this thread lol. has the development stopped  do to covid 19 or is it just slowed down?

got this game awhile ago. i get there are life things to do but literally no development for a year is crazy ants is we abbandoned yet or not?

dude no sweat take your time dont rush or feel you are stressed out and have to get this done no matter what. in a week or so we all will probs be quarantined by government mandate so you may find more time to work on this than you thought you would have lol. love what you got already keep up the good work

is that not a simple fix? i mean i understatnd ur not working on this but just take an hour or so more makeing not random and there ya go...

wtf is this covid 19 crap and how do i disable this stupidity

loved it as a free game but deff gonna set aside money for it when its a steam game. if im lucky i can get the free beta or be a beta tester or however you choose to go about that. ive always wanted more substance to the game like docking and hireing crews from that and like sectors you can fly to as well as mining and a money system. not sure if you plan on any of that but that be cool, you should also include classic mode or sandbox mode. for people that wanna go back to the bounty hunter basics. sure you have thought of all this but i got ideas maybe angles you aint seen yet.

deff features for a campain.

open world- not sure what your intent is for the story, but sometimes i might wanna go be a pirate bounty hunter, or a salesman buy my own station or be a hobo traveling between stars in a small ship.

goals - obviously there must be an end goal but it should be just outta reach so that its not easy to get to lotsa distractions are good for increasing play time so this kinda go's back to the open world idea..

trade- whats a space port without trade and commerce

factions- not every bad guy needs to be after the same thing

planets- its space there will be big rock bois out there...its just frustrating when they are a static image.

boarding parties?- not sure how this would work in a 2d world but every space game ive played leaves out the fact i can just get a huge crew and attack yo crew and jack yo ride also your station if you got it

bountys- sometimes ya mess up and you go from being the hunter to the hunted-basically if ya mess with a faction that faction can put a hit on ya. you can either pay your bounty or fight off the bounty hunters.

scavenging- ones mans trash is another mans treasure, this should also make modules more of a resource than something you can just spawn in and i never liked how the ships go for total annihilation cause thats just not realistic no body waists space junk. they collect space junk

even if the world is finite it be cool to be able to go to different sectors with different stuff to do other than bounty hunt. good luck on your journey ill be following and deff gonna buy when its on steam. remember peeps like me might have the rye expectations but this is your world and you are its god do what you gonna do i already like the game so as long as i can always play the old version ill be happy, im sure the campaign will be interesting regardless of what you do with it. 

um es mejor que no esperes uno bastante seguro de que este es solo un juego único, sin actualizaciones ni nuevas versiones. usando el traductor de Google, lo siento por la ortografía, no tengo idea de cuán preciso es esto

found it

00okay im playing online d0oes that effect me? i think maybe the online one does not have the nursery cause i checked

i really need to find my glasses