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ha lol tons is a matter of opinion tons to one person may be pennies to another

looks like a hella fun game if i cant buy the beta whens the release?

damn dont know if ill freakin make it

dont work man whats the system requirements?

10 outta 10 would industrilize the world over again

so just continue to develop i dont understand game jam ends and you abandon it?

how often do u get purchases just wonder dont get paid till friday dont wanna miss the paid beta

thats just a marketing ploy i do the same thing when im promoting my youtube

looks like dwarf fortress witch sucks cause i hate dwarf fortress and refuse to play

silly game kinda wish it were more serious but otherwise i enjoyed playing

not my kinda game but well put together!!

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i am able to glitch through walls i like this power and all but i figured i should report it. 

im not a fan on the movement controls. just wondering if you could maybe have control options for different play syles

with the fact that u can turn the camera the controls should change dynamically with the camera movement. what i mean is currently when on foot if my character is facing me (the camura) and i press W i keep thinking hes gonna go away from me forward technically. but instead he  comes towards me completely messing things up dont know if that makes any sense :/

killing Z's seems two difficult 4 head (what i could tell were) shots and hes still running after me.

occasionally a zombie ghost will kill me. now this may be a delay in the damage tick (or what ever unit of time ur using) but after killing a Z i stood there for a second then died after the Z was dead. unless i died from my wounds wich i find unlikely.

there doesn't seem to be a knock back. once trapped in a corner by even one Z its kill or be killed. there should be a way to knock em down for a sec so u can run away

additionally if the Z gets too close your bullets wont hit him they just go right thru and not in a good way :/

door to jail cell is regular door LOL i just thought this was funny but being alpha i understand u should work on game control and optimization first. this game does run on my pc 8gb ram 4 when in use.

one more thing everybody loves rain but some people dont. it can lag older or weaker computers an option to remove weather would be cool ive had to stop playing some of my most fav games because they added rain D:

these and more suggestion and bug reports will come to u regularly

i chose the option to buy the game (since its cheap)

that means im here for u. ill make a video on my channel so u can get some more traffic

id like to see what other games u have

no it existed :)

any chance u can provide a demo?

i understand i was simply responding to moch

i get every game has its inspirations but this game made me wanna play a different game (rimworld) not good when a game makes u wanna play another game. u generally want a balance of your own ideas and other ideas that are inspired by already existing games this game (in my opinion) is border line clone and needs to pull away from its inspirations so it can be its own game. see every game that is inspired by minecraft and is too close to being a clone is always compared to minecraft. a good game has its inspirations but are not defined by its inspirations and takes those inspirations on its own path to victory instead of trying to take the easy way out and essentially modding together a game that is identical to it predecessors 

how cute yea kids are a handful cant wait for the update whenever u get to it. if u need a tester of some sort cause testing the game is a big part of playing and creating it. i literally do nothing during the day i think releasing slightly buggy work to a group of testers might come in handy for fleshing out different issues. a second pair of eyes always helps. im not too good at coding but would like to help in any other way i can (i probably have more time on my hands than you) anyways just a suggestion and when you become famous ill be happy with a shout out in the credits lol

fun game for the two lvls they give u to play. played for about 40 mins if they ever add more content it could be fun. each level when played over and over again are randomized so even if you have beat the game u can still go back and have a new experience each time

reminds me of the 90's

is this rpg maker?

my bears seem to have antlers

this is cool a kinda make your own life game? there should be an option to become a thug or a honest man like when you get rich start paying people off smuggling drugs that sorta thing and then alternatively you can run an honest business donate money to charities earn good fame/bad fame. is this were your going or am i off the mark? would be cool to have the ability to sell stolen goods become a crime boss hire goons the works! i like playing the bad guy in games. corse you can have good guy aspects give employees a raise give money to the poor stuff like that pick your own profession i guess

weird glitch when u place a chest characters will pick up a fruit and place it in fire pit then pick it up again and put it in the chest the repeat until they die (not sure that they can die but didn't want to wait to see)

update other than the obvious art style difference i see a lot of rim world / prison architect. but as long as the devs dont copy too much and implement there own systems and ideas i see potential. not really playable atm but maybe some day ill check back on this game when there is an update. ideas:

1. characters wander far and wide. should have a way to make sure they stay near to camp. im sure the devs have planed on that

2. more building options the prototype should at least have been included with the ability to build but what ever

all around excited to see were things go :)

just wondering gonna play it anyways just from the video it screams rimworld / prison architect is it a hybrid?

i just killed everyone except farmers and soldiers lol

this is just a rip off of tea party simulator

its a free game stop complaining you shit

ok im going to say first off its a good game and i like it but i have some constructive comments

first off

~people do not starve that fast. starving should be slower as to give time for the player to gather the necessary food

~ game is set on super hard by default meaning i only have 2 guys down on the surface but constantly getting hordes of monsters.

~ i suggest makeing monsters edible maybe they drop a turnup or some meat.

~ all items should be usable at the start of the game i wanted to let my island float cause all the food was gone from the surface but i couldn't

~people eat too fast. its like they eat all the food every day i was on full food and it was gone by the middle of the 3rd day

~ you should add rations low mid and high rations and these affect the people's mood and work ethic maybe they are sluggish on low rations but work extra hard on high rations