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not sure you understand game development but save function should be first thing you add even if new versions kills old saves that doenst stop people from playing the game we understand a save feture would kill old saves but from what i see u dont update that often so it really does not matter

just wondering if ur still developing this game reminds me games like the guild 1 2 &3 as well as mount and blade, would like to see more from it such as a save feature but it seems u updated not so regularly 

just found if u dont worry about clutter and you jump alot u can make it to level 9

how far u get tho? i got to round 4 b4 things got bad.

very good!! took hours and originally was gonna be a 4 leg table but things went bad and now it has 3  also made a one leg table my first time playing not very good. we need ways to measure as well as a way to make circles.

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i disagree that it would be used by so few honestly i think your selling things short here you do realize adding the export could double your audience? its not a matter of weather or not current users will use the feature but rather a matter of future users using this feature not to mention the thousands of content creators that know how to use blender i think you are thinking too small here. i know how to use blender but would rather use flowscape and i think you will find a huge percent of the blender and other software users of the same type start using your software in tandem with there current software's 

whats your reason for developing in excel seems like a sure fire way to piss people off pisses me off my first thought was "what kinda retard devs in excel?" and im still thinking that

the in game vids are a great idea but basic controls are not obvious. ive no idea how to build anything. inventory button should be the E key or tab key. im unsure if this is just a placement control that all devs use at first but one would think that a dev has played any game at all in their lives. you should know people hate the ' i ' key for inventory. its counter intuitive 

10 out of 10 would burn all the wood over and over again

just noticed theirs no link?

stupid bitch

did someone miss there nap?

do you have a road map for this game you can post? how often will there be updates do you think

i love the concept haven't played yet but i expect i will enjoy ill give you a full review in a couple hours and if i enjoy ill also feature you in one of my top 10 favs on my channel

good game but not everyone reads fast so maybe make the bubble updates last longer? i onnly am able to read the first half of an update them poof and ive no idea what the rest says

10/10 would make a rainbow disco and sit and watch it for an hour again

ive tried it good concept. alot of different sites try this sortta thing but charge crazy money so as long as this stays free ya got me hooked.

im just getting a black screen

woq 3d people it!

made me hard

i was black...........bought a gun.......stupid 6 year old shot me.

10/10 would be murdered by my daughter again


ui is empty when trying to hire folks theres no label as to what position im hireing in.

i do like that you can make them pregnant. before trying the game i had hoped u could do that lol

Project Lust community · Created a new topic my report

this just made me laugh my ass off....yes i was hard but everything else omg just made me giggle. you got some work to do on this one but it looks promising. the way the characters just slam themselves onto the floor is priceless 

the cum seems to be black? i think home boi needs to visit his doc XD and no idea how the girl gets any pleasure from the strap on but she sound happy. the butt when the guy or girl kneels down to suck the other off is way flat and misshapen maybe a texture issue

what in the world gave you the idea for the starting controls not being wasd? seems like the first thing one would add

lol five out of seven is a good score too XD

good rts i like it! challenging enough but not too hard. time between waves should be a bit longer 

not hard to figure out though an actual tutorial would be nice. ither than that i liked it. 

new video! plus tutorial / review


arnt keys just digital? its not a physical copy so it cant be "sold out" simply because its digital so u can always make more say no if u mean no

i like the idea how ddes the guy below win?

add a consumption number somewere so i know why resouces are going down and this game will be perfect i like it already other than that

needs a cursor other than that fun game

there seems to be a cursor in the begining but it disapears once u pick something up may be a bug. played it twice

entertaining while stoned