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hello i would like to report a bug whit the game i click on play and it says :

An error occurred while launching Alchemy Garden

Error: spawn UNKNOWN

is this a bug or is it whit my comuter?

this is what it says

[2017-07-14 @ 15:06:40.853] [configure] configuring C:\Users\Felhasználó\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Alchemy Garden
[2017-07-14 @ 15:06:41.022] [configure] native-configure yielded execs: [
  "Alchemy Garden.exe"

can you help me please

Hello TheSlothSmile, 

Seems a market software issue. Have you tried to download the game through a web browser?

i will try

tanks for the feed back it would work but ill  cant seem to run it on windows 10 idk thanks werry mutch